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TOCA Race Driver 2 Cheats for Xbox
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TOCA Race Driver 2 Xbox Cheats

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TOCA Race Driver 2 Cheats

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TOCA Race Driver 2

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Code notes 100%
The game's codes are matched to the bonus code of each game, which
will vary. The following codes will only work with discs that have
the same bonus code.
All cars and default championships:
Enter AFRDKGIT (bonus code 0798).
Enter NXJGYAMQ (bonus code 1171).
Enter LRCHMRVV (bonus code 1335).
Enter HZOLQCKO (bonus code 1802).
Enter IHYGFPXE (bonus code 3687).
Enter FRKBPWYY (bonus code 3803).
Enter RZUDKZJQ (bonus code 4494).
Enter KTQMDZYI (bonus code 4707).
Enter VTFLCBEN (bonus code 6068).
Enter TNXEPYHV (bonus code 6266).
Enter REGOYRSP (bonus code 6626).

Enter TSCNJDRS (bonus code 7018).
Enter NYOOTWCF (bonus code 8426).
Enter LRCHBQJ (bonus code 9535).
All cars and bonus championships:
Enter EJEUBCQP (bonus code 0798).

Enter TKDSGHLB (bonus code 1171).
Enter GXZCYULV (bonus code 1335).
Enter FRKBMNAN (bonus code 1802).
Enter LEWAHNZR (bonus code 3687).

Enter HZOLAQEZ (bonus code 3803).
Enter RZQXXYMT (bonus code 4494).
Enter VRWZWIIE (bonus code 4707).
Enter OTNUUYYY (bonus code 6068).
Enter CJYXVUOI (bonus code 6266).
Enter UDFCGFCM (bonus code 7018).
Enter NYOOTWCF (bonus code 8426).

Enter GXZCDRMQ (bonus code 9535).
Double engine power for all cars:
Enter CWVFUETA (bonus code 0798).
Enter OTNUNSYX (bonus code 1171).

Enter LBHXHAUV (bonus code 1335).
Enter VJMECNYO (bonus code 1802).
Enter KVYNPWYY (bonus code 3687).
Enter NYSGFPXE (bonus code 3803).
Enter BYHYWIIE (bonus code 4494).
Enter NYLLXYMT (bonus code 4707).
Enter TKDSPYHV (bonus code 6068).
Enter AMYKCBEN (bonus code 6266).
Enter LLNWPZNW (bonus code 6626).

Enter NULPUXTH (bonus code 7018).
Enter LLNWUGXT (bonus code 8426).
Enter LBHXBAAA (bonus code 9535).
Front wheel drive becomes rear wheel drive:
Enter MNEYYXVK (bonus code 0798).
Enter VTFLVUDH (bonus code 1171).
Enter DEPEUBUX (bonus code 1335).
Enter NYSGKJKW (bonus code 1802).
Enter HQOLAQEZ (bonus code 3687).

Enter VJMEHNZR (bonus code 3803).
Enter HSNADZYI (bonus code 4494).
Enter OYKAKZJQ (bonus code 4707).
Enter NXJGVUOI (bonus code 6068).
Enter KRCQUYYY (bonus code 6266).

Enter ZRIGBHBY (bonus code 7018).
Enter DBXLYJUU (bonus code 8426).
Enter DEPEXGAA (bonus code 9535).
No damage:
Enter EZXYFQWV (bonus code 0798).
Enter CJYXHAUV (bonus code 1171).

Enter ILKGNSYX (bonus code 1335).
Enter VRWZULGR (bonus code 1802).
Enter FQLNGHGS (bonus code 3687).

Enter KTQMNLEY (bonus code 3803).
Enter VWXUQPNS (bonus code 4494).
Enter FRKBNMUE (bonus code 4707).
Enter AMYKURRW (bonus code 6068).
Enter TKDSCSHC (bonus code 6266).

Enter GFNPJDRS (bonus code 6626).
Enter XGAAYRSP (bonus code 7018).
Enter GFNPIDBY (bonus code 8426).
Enter ILKGJIGV (bonus code 9535).
All FMV sequences:
Enter TNXEUBUX (bonus code 1171).

Enter RQPJVUDH (bonus code 1335).
Enter KTQMSHYI (bonus code 1802).
Enter CUWALIEL (bonus code 3687).
Enter VRWZMNGW (bonus code 3803).
Enter IVMJKYMO (bonus code 4494).
Enter HZOLMXZN (bonus code 4707).
Enter KRCQTBPU (bonus code 6068).
Enter NXJGMLMX (bonus code 6266).

Enter BAAAQEPU (bonus code 7018).
Enter WVUMRQMJ (bonus code 8426).

Enter RQPJZZOU (bonus code 9535).
Glitch: Drive any car on any track on Xbox Live:
Create an Xbox Live session. Enter the "Settings" menu then choose
the series with the car you wish to drive. Press A to select the
series, then select "Continue". Re-enter the "Settings" menu. Now,
choose the series with the tracks you wish to drive. Press A to
select the series. However, instead of selecting "Continue", return
to the series selection screen. Choose the 1st series that you
selected, then press A. Select "Continue", go to "Track", then press
X at the "Reset Championship" option. Go to the "Track" option, then
choose the desired track.
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Choosing your own bonus code 100%
Use the following trick to change your bonus code. For example, if
you want to use the cheats for "9535" but your number is different.
Delete your game file from your hard drive, then reload the game.
You will have a new bonus code. Repeat this process until you get
the desired number.
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