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Digimon World 4 Cheats for PS2
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Digimon World 4 PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE
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Digimon World 4

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE

Unlockable: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode 90%
Complete the final side-quest, Worm Hole Dungeon, in V. Hard Mode with any
of the Digimon.
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Unlock Hard Mode 89%
Finish Normal Mode Once.
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The 279 mission 88%
Why i do this mission i hit the mummy monster only hit 239 and other 40 in where
this 239 is +( NOTE some walls are fake)here monster
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Unlockables: Ultimate and Mega level digimon in Normal Mode 87%
Clavisangemon: Complete Undead Yard with Veemon
Clavisangemon: Complete Item Road with Dorumon
Herculeskabuterimon: Complete Undead Yard with Guilmon
Herculeskabuterimon: Complete Item Road with Agumon
Wargreymon: Complete Undead Yard with Agumon
Wargreymon: Complete Item Road with Guilmon
Weregarurumon: Complete Undead Yard with Dorumon
Weregarurumon: Complete Item Road with Veemon
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Unlimited bits and items 87%
First p1 gift all bits to p2
p2 save at the save keeper and then p1 and p2 back to game
this time p2 gift all bits to p1.
p2 quit the game without saving
p1back to the game
p1 go to call keeper
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Unlockable: Digivolutions 83%
Agumon: Guilmon reach level 16
Dorumon: Agumon reach level 16
Guilmon: Veemon reach level 16
Veemon: Dorumon reach level 16
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Unlock 4th MP Move 80%
Increase Your Blast Technique to 1000.
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Wormhole dungeon normal mode 79%
Finish undead yard by killing 279 enemies
finish barbarian cave until you get an item
finish booster pack sidequest
finish seal the souls
finish item road
finish item retrieve by bringing beam magnum a
finish item trade hall by bringing crusher y
you must get all the items like blue crusher y etc.
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Easy quik exp 78%
Go to dry land and go to your right and keep going intil you see small things and a black tower DON'T DESTROY IT! now go back behind the rock withe sand on it now use shot blast skill and they won't hit you! Also the dungeons of gekomons and those little fishes are usefull per 75 to 81 or 82 digimon killed!
By: Warcommander(170)
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Unlockable digivolution 76%
reach level 16 with guilmon
reach level 16 with agumon
reach level 16 with veemon
reach level 16 with dorumon
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Item retrieve 76%
Normal beam magnum a
hard sword cannon q
v hard blaster gun y
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Finish the game in normal mode. Save it then end it. this time you will be able to select normal mode or HM:hard mode select normal and go to machine pit and go look for item road after you go staight intil you fall then left and TADAAAAAAAAAAA! item road inlockd
By: Warcommander(170)
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Many bits for no brother or sister/NO 2P 71%
Easy easy easy first bring your strongest bit board with you because sometimes you do not like bit board, you eqipped other boards.Now go to item road hard or very hard mode and when you see many bits now equipped your brought board/bit board and tada you have many lots of bits somple for everyone.
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Digimon World 4 Pink / Violet Color Weapon Level 999 71%
I see it on youtube here i'll give you a proof.
created by: gamerdw2
my idol! See the video: Cheat Video
Digimon World 4 cheat video Cheat Video
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Item trade hall 69%
Normal crusher y etc
hard photon edge a etc
v hard resist board y etc
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Cheat 67%
If you want to know how to digivolve into other forms you have to reach level 16 with any digimon,then go to Digi-Lab and hit digivolve digimon and before all this she will informe you that you learned a new technique,then transforme into his close friend!EASY!
By: Warcommander(170)
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Yellow,blue,pink and white weapon color 67%
The colors that you find means each color increase the normal stragiti of the normal one with the white weapon color
By: Warcommander(170)
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Unlockable: gallantmon 66%
Get a blaster gun y it can be found on vemon jungle hard mode
then talk to other mission and say yes and do not do that mission
talk to the treasure maniac and say yes and finish the mission not
the one you talk the one that the treasure maniac says^_^
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Many x data 66%
Itm rode v. hard mode
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X data tip 65%
Itm rode v hard mode
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Easy Experiance 61%
When you get the two I.D.'s and open the door in death valley keep fighting all the goblin digimon in there to get easy experiance. Note :Each digimon gives you 32 experiance points.
By: iorwen(340)
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X data 61%
Item road very hard mode
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Easy Force, Shot, and Blast Tech 57%
To gain easy force, shot, and/or blast Tech all you have to do is go to the first scropion tower ( once you start in DryLand go right until you see these strange scorpion digimon) and DON'T DESTROY IT! Now break the rocks and let them come to you. Now jump back on the platform and go behind the rock. Make sure they all go over to you and now use force, blast, or shot against them and they can't hit you!
By: iorwen(340)
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Reset combination 57%

By: iorwen(340)
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Quick exp 56%
Go to goblin fortress and defeat the digimon to get 32 exp per each digimon and keep doing this intell you are level 20
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Secret how to give a thing without losing it? 55%
Two player Get the thing or BITS that you will give to 1 player then two player will save it at the save keeper then after saving two player, 2 player will give the thing or BITS that 1 player want then 2 player go again to save keeper then choose do not save then end game then yes, quit without saving then 1 player will go to call keeper and call two player and that how to give to 1 player a thing or BITS without losing it.
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Get off the Boat In NumeNume River 54%
You know numenume river and how irratating it is to get all those digelfs? Well there is an easier way! You have to get off the boat and to do that is a little tricky. Stand in one of the top corners and keep using your charge attack. Hopefully you will get off you boat and be able to run around. It might take a couple tries to do this. TIP: try this where there is a big gap of extra water because it seems to work better. Oh yeah don't get too close to the boat once you are off or yu will get back on and you have to do it over again
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Unlockable: Alphamon 53%
Agumon: Complete Booster Pack Collection Sidequest with 1 HP left on hard mode.

Veemon or Dorumon: Complete Item Retrieve Sidequest and bring back a Sword Cannon Delta on hard Mode.

Guilmon: Clear Item Road after beating the game.
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Cheats 52%
While playing the game:
level 999 cheat
hold r1+ r2, press square, triangle, square, triangle, release r1 + r2
hold l1 + l2, press right, up, right, up, release l1 + l2
press l3 + r3 you will here a sound like you just attack an enemy with an bolt power medal

infinite health cheat
x, o, x, o, triangle, square, triangle, square, down, right, down, right, up, left, up, left
you will here just like a regular attack
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Omnimon 51%
Wargreymon level65 + metalgarurumon level65=omnimon
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The time of loading 49%
The time of loading everywhere is 24/29/14/15 seconds
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Ch, s 43%
Level up press:r1,x ,o,l1,r1,l2
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Have all items 39%
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Super Quick Level Up 38%
RFVC - Y44E - W08FG
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Straight Level Change 38%
In the PS2, press up, down, left, right, then the writing of the level and other categories will appear. You just need to change the numbers.
By: Dominic Flavio(27)
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Mega 35%
Jhdx hfdg hgfdss
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