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Myst Revelation PC Cheats for PC
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Myst Revelation PC PC Cheats

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Myst Revelation PC

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Tomahna: Bug cage 100%
While in Tomahna at the beginning of the game, do not
open the glass cage containing the bugs unless you want
Yeesha to get angry with you for ruining her experiment.
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Backup Power Box that Yeesha points out 100%
Make sure you have shut off everything in the Waterfall
room before pushing the buttons at the Power Box. Click
combinations until both symbols for the Waterfall are
green. Now, go back and open the floodgate. Watch your
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Fireplace-puzzle in parents' bedroom 100%
There is an incomplete "chessboard" in the
fireplace-elevator, which takes you down to the 2
books. Number the fields on the incomplete "chessboard",
begining at the bottom far left corner, going left to
right: 1 to 8. Then for the next row: 9 to 16, and
continue the pattern with 48 in the top far right
corner. *** Try pressing: 9-34-6-16-30-19-20.
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