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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Cheats for GC
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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire GC Cheats

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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

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Baby Pokemon 100%
Get a ditto and put the pokemon you want in the daycare and after an hour you will get an egg. Hatch the egg and you will get the pokemon you put in the daycare with ditto.

ex. Pikachu + Ditto = Pichu
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Glitch: Battle without link cable 100%
Use a link cable, go into a Pokemon Center, and mix records. Come
out and disconnect the link cable. Go to the person's Secret Hideout
and they will be there. Chat to them, and you will battle them.
Information in this section was contributed by j.sherbaflanagan.
Glitch: Mix records in the Pokemon Center:
Disconnect the link and go to the Battle Tower and battle. You might
see a person that has the same name and Pokemon as your "Mixing
Record" buddy.
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Glitch: Changing glitch block (Japanese version) 100%
Go to the fifth city and Surf on the route that has a sign on the
water. Next to it is a glitched block. Swim back and forth and it
will change.
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Delete saved game data 100%
Hold Select + Up + B. Now, answer "Yes" to the prompt to "Clear all
game data areas?".
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In-game reset 100%
Hold Select + Start + A + B during game play.
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Glitch: Jump sideways on the Acro bike 98%
Go into the building to the bike path. Get on your bike and go
opposite from the door. Press B to do a wheelie and go back through
the door. While the game is loading, hold Left or Right while still
holding B. When you exit the door, you should jump left or right
without turning.
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Get a pokemon that knows surf or dive. You also need a wailord and relicanth. Also have a pokemon that knows dig. Go to pacifidlog and surf west until you see a dark patch of water(this bit is hard). Dive and go in front of the dots. Then use dive in front of the dots. You should be in the seald chamber. Go to the far end and use dig in front of the long dots. Then go through the door made. Then put wailord in back and relicanth in front and talk to the dots. There should be an earthquake and some clicks. The chambers are now unlocked. Regirock is in the big rock in the desert on route 111. Regice is on route 105. Registeel is near lilycove. I can't remember how to unlock the inner chamber of regirock. Read the dots in regices chamber and wait 2 mins to unlock inner chamber. To unlock registeels inner chamber use fly in the middle of the outer chamber.
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Find corpish 63%
Go into mauville city then go left on the main road part until you find a little girl who is running says "the air is tasty here" those two ponds by her are filled with corpish up to level 40! but you need a super rod.(you can get it from a fisher man in mossdeep just say yes to what he says and there you go!) NOW GO GET A CORPISH!
By: pieme333(10)
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The battle tower 61%
The battle tower is a big place witch you battle over trainers in its all just a big place to fight in.u can play against lvl 100s or 50s if you do fiftys you have to use pokemon @50 or under
By: demike(176)
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How to level pokemon to 100 overnight! 48%
First step=put two pokemon in the daycare near Mauvile(spelling?)
second=go north of Mauvile until you see the sandstorm place.
third=go thorugh the sandstorm until you see the spot where you run into it but you fall evertime you step on it (its on the wall and is colored differintly)
forth=run into the wall spot
fith=find something heavy-ish to hold down the up botton (that would make you run into the wall spot over and over
forth=put your spds on the charger and go to bed

when you wake the two pokemon in the daycare should be at lv100 or very close to it!

hope this helps!
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Kyoger/rayqasa/groundom ruby and saffire for rayqasa 48%
To get kyoger you have awaken it in some place and team aqua are there.when your able to catch it is when you meat it in the cave of origen you nedd about 30ultra balls and have it paralised.(this cheat is only for catch groundon on ruby use the same teqnecie as above when catching kyoge on saffire.(groundon is in ruby kyoger is in saffire) to get rayqasa you have to go to the top of da sky pilla and use the same teqnecie as above.
By: demike(176)
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Beat da league 43%
To beat the league is a privalige to have but it dosent stop here there are 4 trainers in the league then theres the champ steven.the first person have mutipl typed pokemon ,the 2nd one have ice typed pokemon and the 3rd has gost typed pokemon(i may have mixed up the tyeps of pokemon in number 2 and 3 trainers.the fourth is drake he has dragon pokemon these are some of his pokes=salamnce,kindra,flygon and atrila he also has shelgon I dont no the last pokemon though co"s I forgot.the champ steven has some dragon and watere type pokes like milotic and beat him you need a super strong sceptil or swampert and maby some over strong pokemon I won with my last pokemon,agron.after this you got to the battle tower..........................................................
By: demike(176)
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How to find corpish 29%
Go to the pond in petalburg city.Use a rod in it or use surf.
By: pokemon234(304)
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