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Pokemon: Leaf Green Cheats for GC
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Pokemon: Leaf Green GC Cheats


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Pokemon: Leaf Green

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Get all starters 100%
To get all the starters (Bulbasaur,Charmander, and Squirtle), you will need 2 Game Boy Advances and another Pokemon GBA game. Start with Bulbasaur, then trade it to your other Pokemon game. After that, start a new game. Start with Charmander and trade it. Now, start another new game and start with Squirtle. Keep Squirtle and catch 2 Pokemon that you do not want. Trade them for the other 2 starters you traded to your other Pokemon game. You will now have all 3 starters.
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Jirachi 100%
To get Jirachi, use the Pokemon Colosseum bonus disc and transfer it, just as you would to Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.
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Dual-Type Pokemon Battle Chart Guide 98%
This guide was created in mind originally for Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green however, due to the types staying similar, if not the same for the Pokemon in many of the games, this guide can be used for any Pokemon game in which you are seeking to find information on the dual-type Pokemon.

Read the Guide --> Dual-Type Pokemon Battle Chart[Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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National Dex 98%
Have over sixty Pokemon in your Pokedex and defeat the Elite Four. Return to Pallet Town and see the professor. He will give the National Dex to Gary and yourself. You can use it to see the data for all 386 Pokemon.
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Deoxys 98%
It is possible to get Deoxys at an island in which you solve a simple puzzle.
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Mewtwo 56%
To get mewtwo, cross nugget bridge after helping celio complete the network machine and instead of turning right to go to bill's house, turn left and surf down and come to where you see a cave entrence . Go in and explore the cave for awhile. Bring a lot of ultra balls because some really strong and useful pokemon live in this cave such as level 67 kadabras and level 64 electrodes. After you are done catching and exploring, start looking for mewtwo. He is level 70 and knows recover, swift, safegaurd, and pshycic. If you still have your masterball, some consideration should be done.
By: carney123(95)
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Master ball 55%
There is a way to make any poke ball a master ball you prees right on the moving pad and b evry time the pokeball bounces this has 95% chance to work
By: jakobkill332(50)
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Easier way to catch Mewtwo 50%
An easier way to catch Mewtwo is to lower down its HP (The best would be to lower it to red HP) and make it asleep. That will make it easier to catch Mewtwo. Also before you battle Mewtwo you should save the game, so when you accedently beat Mewtwo or lose to Mewtwo, just turn the power off. Then when you play again, you'll have another chance to catch Mewtwo (You can keep repeating this cheat). If Mewtwo uses recover, you'll have to lower its HP down again.
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Find Legendary dogs straight away 50%
After beating the Elite Four and Getting the gems go to Route 7. Go to the little grass patch between Celadon and Saffron. Put a lvl 49 pokemon at the front of your party. Use a max repel in the grass and run around for a while. If it does not work straight away go into the little house and come out again and do the same thing until you catch it. Easy.

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Ditto the egg pokemon. 48%
Have you seen a Ditto?Well if you want a Magmar and get one,but you want another then go to a day care,put in a ditto with your magmar,and leave for at least 3 days.Then go back and the'll give you your pokemon and say this came when you were gone and give you an egg of magmar!!!You can do this to any pokemon but rare ones.It may work or not if it doesnt it means you did something wrong or you cant use or multiply that pokemon.
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[s Leaf Green Master s]
You may not have seen this but on the seventh island by the ruins where you catch the unowns surf for about 10 min. and you should run into a mantine.I was surfing and i ran into one and i got excited i used false swipe then threw an utra ball and it got out so its really hard to cath. it used talke down and knocked out.I wanted to run into it again and it took me about 10 min.Hope u liked this information! Hope you like your mantine!
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How to catch Jirachi 44%
If you want to catch Jirachi in pokemon leafgreen or fire red,give it up.It is only on the moon.In Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald, theres a space center in Mossdeep city.Theres a guy standing by a window in the space center.There he says "another rocket has been launched".Once he says rocket 100 has been launched,hop abourd and go to the moon. Bring ultra balls and you might go back to Mossdeep with a ledgendary pokemon.
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Cath over 60 differrent kinds of pokemon then go
2 prof oak he will say blablablathen go 2 bill
he had an infortant favor say yes
then go 2 mt ember battle team rocket
then ther you have it just find da ruby
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How do catch a mewtwo 35%
First you go to cerrelean cave then get to mewtwo make him have barely any life then put him to sleep the use a great ball.
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Train up to 9 pokemon at a time 33%
Put 2 pokemon in the day care on 4 island 1 in the day care nere misty and bring 6 pokemon with you train them and after a little while look at the pokemon in the day care they shold have grown some levels and look at your pokemon with you and they shuld have grown some levels to.
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How to catch Moltres 31%
GO to the Top of Mt. Ember Find the big red bird there,,(AKA-Moltres)
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Glitch city 21%
First off, you have to go to the Safari Zone. Walk around for a little, whatever. After you have about 70 steps left, walk out of the Safari Zone. After the man asks if you want to leave, say no. Now, once again, leave the Safari Zone, and, once again, say no. Now save and turn off. Turn the game back on and continue. Now, leave the safari zone. Now one will talk to you.
So, keep walking down until he talks to you.
Say no. Now walk out, and fly to Cinnabar Island. Go to the right and surf up and down the coast.
Keep surfing intil a thig pops up that says," PA: Ding Dong, you games over," or whatever.
Now you should be back at the Safari Zone building.
Go down and leave that building, and you will be in Glitch City.

Use fly get out.
You can also make it act like your on cycling road. Instead of going to cinnabar and surfing, go onto Cycling Road until it calls you.
You can also do it by spinning. Go to Viridian and into the gym, and start spinning on the arrows. If the thing pops up saying times up when you are spinning, it works. You will come out of the Viridian Gym, but you will be spinnging. If you go on the bike and jump off a ledge, it looks like your doing a trick. If you hold start while walking to a water area, and use surf when the start menu comes up, you will be prof. oak for about a second.
By: girlygirl13579(50)
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Birth & Navel 20%
[M]Must Be On

Warp to Location :
Birth Island

Navel Rock:

When the codes are activated... Hold L while entering / exiting a building
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