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Pokemon: Fire Red Cheats for GBA
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Pokemon: Fire Red GBA Cheats

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Pokemon: Fire Red

Rating: 3.2/5 VOTE

Old Moves Available 90%
Some of the old moves are available to teach to your Pokémon. Here are a few of them and their locations they will be taught by characters around these areas:

Mega Kick/Mega Punch: Obtained outside of Mt. Moon, Cerulean Exit, by 2 men.

Seismic Toss: Obtained through the back entrance of Pewter Museum from a scientist.

Rock Slide: Obtained near the end of Rock Tunnel from a boy.

Softboiled: Obtained by a man across the pond in Celadon City.

Mimic: Obtained in Mimic Girl's house in Saffron City after you have given her a Pokédoll.

Thunder Wave: Obtained by a woman on the 2nd floor of the Sliph Co. building.

Counter: Obtained from a man located in Celadon's City Department Store 3rd floor.

Subtitute: Obtained from a man located infront of the Kangaskhan pen in Fuschia City.

Dream Eater: Obtained from a man across a pond in Viridian City.

Metronome: Obtained from a scientist in the 2nd room of the Cinnibar Laboratory in Cinnibar Island.

Double-Edge: Obtained from a guy near the end of Victory Road.

Explosion: Obtained from a Hiker on the Northern area of Rainbow Island 1.

Elemental Attacks (Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, and Hydro Cannon): Obtained from a move tutor in Rainbow Island 2. However, he will only teach your stater Pokémon one of these attacks according to its type.

Body Slam: Obtained from a tutor on Rainbow Island 4.

Swords Dance: Obtained from a man located on the pier of Rainbow Island 7.

*** Some of these moves can be taught multiple times, others only once. So choose wisely.
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Bonus Moonstone! 90%
There are actually two moonstones in Mt.Moon.
When you reach the super nerd who will fight you for the 'helix fossil' or the 'dome fossil', walk back to the entrance of that small cave area.
Walk to the right and theres a small area that you can fit into. (not that you should still be able to see the scientist/nerd, if you can't you've gone too far). There will be a rock at the end. Press 'A' and it'll say, 'You have found a Moonstone!'.
This is the final one neccesary to evolve every moonstone evoloution in the game.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Dual-Type Pokemon Battle Chart Guide 90%
This guide was created in mind originally for Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green however, due to the types staying similar, if not the same for the Pokemon in many of the games, this guide can be used for any Pokemon game in which you are seeking to find information on the dual-type Pokemon.

Read the Guide --> Dual-Type Pokemon Battle Chart[Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Get the sapphire 89%
First you must have a Rainbow pass then go to 6 island go to the dotted hole the one in ruin valley use cut it will open: then go in and fall into the hole you will end up in a place with 3 more holes go to the top one then you will end up in a room that looks like the same but its not then go to the left hole the one with 1 rock near it the same looking like room then go to the right one with a look like paw print on top of it and then go to the bottom one you are facing.A professer will come to sell the sapphire to team rocket get out of there and go to 5 island pass 5 isle meadow go to team rockets ware house figure out a way to get passed then battle the guy who took the sapphire. And if you want more cheats contact me in runescape Xioa Quioa.
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Nuggets 89%
Go to the last person (Team Rocket member) on Nugget Bridge. Lose to that person after you get the Nugget. Repeat this until you have the desired number of Nuggets. *** If you save the your game after defeating him, you will no longer be able to do this.
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How to go rainbow islands 3 4 5 6 & 7 89%
First you must go to the Pokemon center in island 1.Chat to the man standing in front of a machine (Nicichi)he will tell you that he needs a stone.After that go to light mountain, there you will see 2 team rockets,beat them in battle,then they will disappear after you defeat them,there you will see a cave go inside and get the ruby stone.Go back to the pokemon center and give the stone to Nicichi then he will give you the Pass which enables you to go to the said islands.
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Unlock the National Dex in Ruby and Sapphire 89%
Trade a Pokémon between Fire Red and Ruby/Sapphire (after you have unlocked the National Pokédex in Fire Red) to unlock the National Pokédex on Ruby/Sapphire.
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Berries on the ground 89%
Need berries? well, other than using the itemfinder all the time, you can check it yourself! JUst look at the ground closely, and you will see darker patches of grass in certain places. stand beside facing these dark patches and press A. you will have yourself a berry!
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Powerful Fire, Water, And Grass Moves 89%
If you want to have a really strong team to prepare for the Elite Four, and you have all 3 starter pokemon, you should have venusaur learn Frenzy Plant and SolarBeam, Charizard learn Blast Burn and Fire Blast, and Blastoise learn Hydro Cannon and Hydro Pump. Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and Frenzy Plant are like the fire, water, and grass versions of Hyper Beam and cause as much damage as Hyper Beam (not counting weaknesses and strengths).
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Aerodactyl 89%
To get the ancient Pokemon Aerodactyl, go to the house to the right of the Museum in Pewter City. *** You must have Cut. Chat to the scientist and he will give you the Old Amber. Take it to the Lab on Cinnabar Island and let the scientist bring it back to life. It will be at level 5.
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Secret Japanese Time Glitch Fix 89%
In order to do this, you will need Ruby or Sapphire, 2 GBA's, and a link cable. When the game gets to the start up menu, press select and B. Then press A on the next screen. Next, put the link cable in. Make sure the purple tong is in the GBA with FR/LG, and the grey one is in the GBA with R/S. Press A to do the transfer. When you start up the 2nd GBA, with R/S in it, press Select and Start on the Gameboys default screen to fix the time glitch in R/S.
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Get the National Dex (JP Version) 89%
Once you have beaten the Elite 4 and have more then 60 pokemon in the pokedex, go to Pallet Town and see the Professor. He gives you and Gary the National Dex, which allows you to view the entries of all 386 pokemon.
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National Dex 89%
Have over sixty Pokemon in your Pokedex and defeat the Elite Four. Return to Pallet Town and see the professor. He will give the National Dex to Gary and yourself. You can use it to see the data for all 386 Pokemon.
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Determining Pokemon's feelings towards you 89%
When you use an item on one of your Pokemon outside of a battle, such as a Potion, the Pokemon will either move closer or away from you in the short intermission sequence. How far the Pokemon moves depends on how much it likes you. If it does not move at all, it feels neutral.
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Gain xp really fast for a pokemon 89%
Put a pokemon in day care and for every step you take= one ex point so ride your bike on the bicycle road to gain fast xp
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Articuno 89%
Surf south from Fuschia until you hit a barrier. Now, Surf west to the Seafoam Islands. When you see boulders, push them into the pits to reach the legendary bird Articuno.
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Deoxys 89%
To obtain Deoxys, you must travel to Island 9. To do this, you need to obtain the Aurora Pass, which has yet to be released in the U.S., but should be circulated via a Nintendo event. The same goes for obtaining Lugia, Ho-Oh (both on Island 8, requiring Mystery Pass); and Celebi and Mew (details unknown). *** Ho-Oh can also be obtained via a link to Pokemon Coliseum.

*** In the Pokemon Fire Red, you will get the attack version of Deoxys.
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More time in the Safari Zone 89%
In the safari zone , stand in any grassy area. Instead of moving left and right, just tap left or tap right so that your character turns but you dont move. By doing this, you will still run into random encounters but your time in the safari zone will not decrease.
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Navigate through the lost cave on Island 5 89%
Move right, up, down, down, right, left, down, right, up and you will arrive at your destination. *** You can go different ways, but you will end up either finding an item or going back to the start.
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Unlock the 1st 3 Rainbow islands 89%
To get the 1st 3 Rainbow Islands,first win the Cinabarn Gym and when u get out, Bill will give you a pass to go on a boat in Vermillion City at where the S.SAnne was,and you can go to the 1st 3 Rainbow Islands.
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Hint: Get to Island 1:
To Get to Island 1, defeat the Cinnabar Island Gym Leader, Blaine. When you come out, Bill will take you to Island 1 and give you the Tri-Pass. This will allow you to return at any time by taking the Pass to the boat dock in Vermilion City.
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How to catch legendaries easily 88%
If you wanna catch legendaries easily without using master ball, ultra balls or great balls, but alot of timer balls on 2 island. It gets better the longer the battle is , so stall and when the lengendaries' hp is a bit low, and it is been along time, try it. If it doesn't work, then, try again. You do not have to waste you master ball on the dogs(cats?), just get a pokemon that knows mean look (preferably crobat, haunter/gengar) or a wobbofet.wynaut because it is abillity is Shadow Tag, which prevents escape.
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Legendary Pokémon 88%
Entei, Suicune, and/or Raikou will appear in the wild on the lands of Kanto after you have beaten the Elite Four and become Champion. However, only one will appear according to your starter:

Squirtle - Raikou
Bulbasaur - Entei
Charmander - Suicune
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Johto Pokémon 88%
Some Johto Pokémon are available on the Rainbow Islands. However, they are not available until you have beaten the Elite Four and become champion, and received the National Pokédex.
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All the HMs in Fire red!! 88%
This instructions will tell you where to find all the HMs in Fire red

CUT: to get cut you need to cure the captian of the luxary ship of his seasickness.
flY: to get fly you need to chat to that girl above the bikers road.
SURF: to get surf you need to get to the end of Safari Zone. A man will give you the prize.
STRENGTH: to get strength you need to return the warren's fake teeth that are in safari Zone.
FLASH: Prefessor Oak's aides will give it to you in that house before the viridian forest. you will need above 20 pokemon.
ROCK SMASH: to get rock smash you need to chat to that old man in that spa place on the 1st rainbow island. Thats where you can get Moltres.
WATERFALL: to get waterfall you need to pass the icefall cave on the forth rainbow island. It will be in a pokeball. you will need it to save loriel of the elite four.
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Rare Pokemon/Area 88%
Unown A-!Tanoby Ruins
ArticunoSeaform Islands
ZapdosPower Plant
MoltresMT. Ember
MewtwoCerulean Cave
Suicune,Enti,Raiku(depending on your starter)wild in Kanto
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Keep your pokemon awake in battle 88%
If you have already obtained the poke flute, than you can use it anytime you want in battle. no joke, use the poke flute during battle and your pokemon will awake. (but it will also awaken the foe's pokemon if it is sleeping) but this is awesome, use this hint anytime you want.
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Metal Coat and Up-Grade 88%
Metal Coat and Up-Grade are really fun to use on your Pokemon. Metal Coat can only be used on Onix and Scyther. If you have an Onix or Scyther hold the Metal Coat and trade them over to a Ruby/Saphire game they will evole into Steelix (Onix), or Scizor (Scyther). If you do the same thing only with the Up-Grade with a Porygon it will turn into Porygon2. You can find the both of them on Island Five. The Metal Coat is near the Onix Memorial, and the Up-Grade is in the Rocket Warehouse.
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Capture Lugia, Ho-oh, and Mewtwo in just ultra balls 88%
Allright. Are you saving in front of Lugia, Ho-oh, and Mewtwo but you just can't capture them. Well here's the hint. Step one. Get a pokemon that knows false swipes and a pokemon that knows sing. Step two. Buy 20 ultra balls to capture metwo. 35 ultra ultra balls for Ho-oh and buy 45-50 ultra balls for Lugia. Step three go to Cerulean City to capture Mewtwo. Then go to Cerulean cave. Hint. "you can enter Cerulean cave after you get the ruby and sapphire." It's a maze in there. Capture pokemon to help you capture Mewtwo. I caught a Wobbuffet L.V.58 in there. Now when you find Mewtwo send out the pokemon that knows false swipes. Use false swipes. mewtwo should be on 1 H.P. next send out the pokemon that knows sing. Make Mewtwo fall asleep. then keep throwing ultra balls until you capture it. Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you save in front of Mewtwo. After you capture Mewtwo use an escape rope. Step four first make sure you have enough ultra balls. Now. Go to Navel Rock. Look for Lugia and Ho-oh. Do the same thing you did to capture Mewtwo. Another thing I forgot to tell you. If Mewtwo Ho-oh or Lugia wakes up while your trying to capture them use sing on them again. You should capture a L.V. 70 Mewtwo a L.V.70 Ho-oh and a L.V.70 Lugia. I hope you raise them well! I have a L.V. 100 Mewtwo a L.V.100 Ho-oh and a L.V. 100 Lugia in my Fire Red. I'm unstopable now. Have a great time raising Mewtwo Ho-oh and Lugia 30 levels. I hope your unstopable just like me! I hope this hint helped you a lot. Go to the pokemon leage and train them. That's how my Mewtwo Ho-oh and Lugia grew to L.V. 100.I hope your Mewtwo Ho-oh and Lugia grow to L.V. 100 just the way my Mewtwo Ho-oh and Lugia grew to L.V. 100. Again. I hope this was a great hint By pokemommys
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Activate 88%
At any time during the game, go in to a PokeMart and check the note on the desk. This will bring up a 4 word entry screen. Enter the phrase "Link Together With All." When finished, the cashire will mention that the Mystery Gift option will be available from the MAIN MENU after you save your game and toggle system power.
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More than one attempt when catching a Legendary Pokemon 88%
When you are close to a Legendary Pokemon and want to catch it, save the game just before you battle it. If you accidentally make it faint, Just reset the game and try again.
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Hint: Moltres:
To get Moltres you need HM4 Strength, HM6 Rock Smash, and HM3 Surf. Go to Island 1, and all the way to the right until you reach water. Surf to the north and you will see land. Continue to go north until you hit water again. Now, Surf north again until you reach land. Go up and move the boulders. Continue to go up and you will enter Mt. Ember. Pass the mountain and you will see more boulders up ahead. Move them and you will encounter Moltres, the Legendary Fire Bird Pokemon.
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Zapdos 88%
To catch a Zapdos, go to the Pokemon Center beside the Rock Cave. From the Pokemon Center, go up until you reach water. Surf to the Power Plant and go inside. Find your way around, and at the end you will find Zapdos, the Thunder type Legendary Bird.
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Secret Trainer Card Stickers 88%
Go to Island Two and go to the lowest house and chat to the man inside and do the following things:

Effect - Code

Hall of Fame Sticker #1 - Beat The Elite Four One Time
Hall of Fame Sticker #2 - Beat The Elite Four Fourty Times
Hall of Fame Sticker #3 - Beat The Elite Four One Hundred Times
Hall of Fame Sticker #4 - Beat The Elite Four Two Hundred Times
Egg Hatching Sticker #1 - Hatch One Egg
Egg Hatching Sticker #2 - Hatch One Hundred Eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker #3 - Hatch Two Hundred Eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker #4 - Hatch Three Hundred Eggs
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #1 - Win One Link Battle
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #2 - Win Twenty Link Battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #3 - Win Fifty Link Battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #4 - Win One Hundred Link Battles
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New moves 88%
There are 4 new moves not found in earlier Pokemon games:
Blast Burn (Fire): Power: 120, Accuracy: 100, leaves the user immobile the next turn.
Hydro Cannon (Water): Power: 120, Accuracy: 100, leaves the user immobile the next turn.
Frenzy Plant (Grass): Power: 120, Accuracy: 100, leaves the user immobile the next turn.
Volt Tackle (Thunder): Power: 120, Accuracy:100, slightly hurts the user.
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Quick Level Up Pokemon for the Elite Four 88%
When you have started the game and you are at Cerulean City, go to the day care! Give one of your Pokemon to the Daycare Guy. Make sure that that pokemon has a decent level (25 and above). Leave the pokemon in the daycare until you are almost at the Elite Four. Pick up the pokemon and the pokemon is ready for the Elite Four!
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Baby pokemon! 88%
To get smoochum: trade the guy in cerulean city the pokemon he asked for to get a jynx. You unlock island 4-7, then go to the island 4 daycare. put a ditto with the jynx. when the egg hatches, it will be smoochum.
to get pichu: catch a pikachu. unlock island 4-7. go to the 4 island daycare center. put in a ditto and the pikachu. when the egg hatches, you will have a pichu.
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Deoxys 88%
It is possible to get Deoxys at an island in which you solve a simple puzzle. To get Deoxys, go to Island 9 and push the triangle forward. Deoxys will appear.
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Network Machine 88%
This allows you to trade to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Fix the Network Machine on Island 1. To do this, get the Sapphire and Ruby items and take them to the machine.
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Get all starters 88%
To get all the starters (Bulbasaur,Charmander, and Squirtle), you will need 2 Game Boy Advances and another Pokemon GBA game. Start with Bulbasaur, then trade it to your other Pokemon game. After that, start a new game. Start with Charmander and trade it. Now, start another new game and start with Squirtle. Keep Squirtle and catch 2 Pokemon that you do not want. Trade them for the other 2 starters you traded to your other Pokemon game. You will now have all 3 starters.
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Navigate through the lost cave on island 5 88%
First, from the beginning,
Go in then go > ^ v v > < v > ^
If that is too confusing, think of it as a clock. > = right, v= down, < = left, and ^ = up.
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Unowns (Tanoby Ruins) 88%
Monean-? A
Liptoo-C D H O U
Weepth-E I N S
Dilford-J L P Q R
Scufib-F G K T Y
Rixy-B M V W X
Viapois-! Z

P.S. Unown ! ? and K are HARD to FIND
By: shinyboy258(179)
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Legendary Dogs 88%
The legendary dog that you get in the game depends on your starter.
Charmander: Suicune (Water)
Squirtle: Raikou (Thunder)
Bulbasaur: Entei (Fire)
To get all 3 Legendary Dogs, get together with 2 friends before any of you start the game. Have one player get Charmander,another get Squirtle, and the other get Bulbasaur. Each of you will get one of the legendary dogs: Charmander, Suicune; Squirtle, Raikou; and Bulbasaur, Entei. Once each of you has their own dog, trade one dog for another. For example, player one's Suicune for player two's Entei; player three's Raikou for player one's Entei; and Player three's Raikou for player two's Suicune.
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Completing the Pokédex 88%
Trade with Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, Pokémon Colosseum, and Leaf Green to complete the Pokédex.
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How to get Aurora Ticket 88%
To get Aurora ticket:

1) Go to any poké-mart
2) On the desk, there should be a small square "memo"
3) Press the "A" button near the memo, and a questionnaire will pop up
4) Enter the words "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL"
5) The counter person will react - and tell you that you will receive Mistery gifts!
6) Save your game, and turn of your gameboy advance(SP)
7) Turn on your game and Mistery gift should appear below the "new game" slot
8) When selecting Mistery gift you will see "wonder gift" and "wonder news" select "wonder gift"
9) Now you can receive the "aurora ticket" from the authorized Aurora Ticket Station (Pokémon Rocks America, or retail stores to be determinated)

Try to catch DEOXYS (at Lv. 30):

1) Go to the 2nd floor of any pokémon center
2) Chat to the man in green hat above the stairs
3) After speaking him, your aurora ticket will be in "key items pocket"
4) Save your game, then turn of you gameboy Advance(SP)
5) Go to the port of "Vermilion city"
6) When you speak to the sailor at the dock "BIRTH ISLAND" is your destination
7) Travel to BIRTH ISLAND
9) You will see a large patch of ground shaped like a triangle - a smaller triangle rests in the middle
10) Approach the mysterious triangle from below and press the "A" button
11) Press "5 times LEFT" then press "A"
12) Press "5 times RIGHT" then press "5 times UP" the press "A"
13) Press "5 times RIGHT" then press "5 times DOWN" then press "A"
14) Press "3 times UP" then press "7 times LEFT" then press "A"
15) Press "5 times RIGHT" then press "A"
16) Press "3 times LEFT" then press "2 times DOWN" then press "A"
17) Press "1 time DOWN" then press "4 times LEFT" then press "A"
18) Press "7 times RIGHT" then press "A"
19) Press "4 times LEFT" then press "1 time DOWN" then press "A"
20) Press "4 times UP" then press "A"
21) Make ready to battle DEOXYS and to catch him (master ball is the best choice)
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Running Shoes 88%
Follow through Viridian Forest, go to Brock (the 1st gym leader), and defeat him. Brock has 3 Pokemon: Geodude level12, Onix level 14, and Geodude level 11. Now, go to the path that leads to Mount Moon's base. Try to go past the man standing slightly past the entrance. He should stop you. He is Professor Oak's assistant. After talking to him, he will give you the Running Shoes. Information in this section was contributed by BoomerangBen. Your aide will give you the Running Shoes after the 1st gym.
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In-game reset 88%
Press A + B + Start + Select during game play.
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Repel and Super Repel 88%
Repel and Super Repel will keep all wild Pokemon of a lower level than the 1st Pokemon in your party from attacking. However, if the wild Pokemon is of the same level or higher, it will attack. Due to the decreased amount of Pokemon to fight, you will have less random encounters. To exploit the use of this, go to a cave with high level Pokemon such as at Victory Road or Union Cave. Use the Repel once inside. Find a boxed-in type of corner and tap the D-pad gently towards a wall. If done correctly, you will not hear a bumping sound. Doing this should not reduce the number of steps remaining on you Repel counter, because the Repel only counts movement that causes the character to take a step not turning. Just turn into a wall to make it easier for beginners. This trick is useful because you are always facing a Pokemon that is of equal or greater level, allowing you to get levels much faster than usual.
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Elite Four battling tip 88%
Here's a tip if your battling the Elite Four. If the Elite four's pokemon is on red HP, the elite 4 person will use full restore (most likely) on the pokemon. So use your moves wisely.
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Mystery Gift option 88%
Enter a Pokemon Center. Go to the clipboard near the shop keeper and enter "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". Save the game and reload it. The "Mystery Gift" option will appear below "New Game" at the main menu.
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Master Ball 87%
To get a Master Ball you have to have gotten the Tea from the Old Lady in Pokemon Mansion(first floor front entrance). After you get to Saffron City, train your Pokemon until they are around Level 30-35 so when you face your Rival they will be all around level 40. After you get the card key, go down to the 2nd floor and go to a room all the way on the left. Step on one of the teleport tiles and it will take you to a small room with a man who will give you Lapras and your Rival. AFter you fight your rival and get the Lapras go into the teleportation tile and it will take you to the eleventh floor where you will fight Giovanni(Team Rocket Boss) and a Rocket Grunt. YOu should be able to wipe out Giovanni if you have a really powerfull water or grass pokemon (Blastoise or Venusaur). After defeating Giovanni go chat to the President and he will give you the Master Ball. Master Ball will catch any Pokemon without fail and no matter what the HP. Also, you should save the Master Ball until you get to either the THree Legendary Dogs or Mewtwo.
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Extra items 87%
I believe i'm the only one who knows this. Did you know that all the places that Team rocket ever was has many stolen, expensive items. You can find them Silph co. that other one at celdon and at the Warehouse. They left alot (I mean alot!!!) of stuff. things you might( will) find is: Elixers, pokeballs, Rivies, rare candies, Hp up, iron, calcium, pp up and max potions. I do not mean the stuff in pokeballs, but the stuff is in thoose mini trees you see and in dark couners. Use an item finder to locate the stuff. When tou meet the item press A to collect it. If you do not want the stuff you can sell it, especially the calcium, Hp and PP ups( they worth alot). Trust me

P.S. to get the item finder you receive it from Prefessor Oak's aides. Good luck!!
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Catch Deoxys 87%
To catch deoxys go to one of the rainbow islands find a tree with a triangle pointing to it a press A on it and it will start spinning do not touch the corners now if the triangle is pointing to the tree the island will start moving then the tree will turn into deoxys.
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More Treasure On Treasure Beach, Everyday: 87%
Use your itemfinder, since these items are not visible otherwise. Every day, go to Treasure Beach and search around.

The items you will find are:
1. Ultra Ball, very common.
2. Star Piece, common
3. Stardust, common
4. Pearl, common / rare
5. Big Pearl, rare.
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Easy leveling up with hardly any physical effort from you 87%
I found an easy way to get the day care to grow up all of you pokemon. put the ones you want to be grown up in the day care and to either the underground passage thing by lavander or to giovanni's gym in viridian. for the underground passage go into it by way of the steps ( you will notice u hold the "left" button to go down them) now you need like a piece of tape or soemthing to hold the button down and the charger for the gba and leave it on over night or jus for along time. you will go back and and forth in the tunnel. this does seem pointelss but you are really gaining steps. and for each step you take, your pokemon in the daycare gaine 1 exp point. this is similiar to gio's gym when you walk in you know theres those spinny things. go to the one where theres a yellow platform like 2 steps in front of it. now you need to hold the button down again( but this time its the "up" button that needs to be pressed) and you will juss go back and forth once again gaining steps. i did this and all my pokemon that i tried it on leveled up but more than others according to the levels i put them in the day care to begin with.
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TM List 87%
TM01 Focus Punch
TM02 Dragon Claw
TM03 Water Pulse
TM04 Calm Mind
TM05 Roar
TM06 Toxic
TM07 Hail
TM08 Bulk up
TM09 Bullet Seed
TM10 Hidden Power
TM11 Sunny Day
TM12 Taunt
TM13 Ice Beam
TM14 Blizzard
TM15 Hyper Beam
TM16 Light Screen
TM17 Protect
TM18 Rain Dance
TM19 Giga Drain
TM20 Safeguard
TM21 Frustration
TM22 Solarbeam
TM23 Iron Tail
TM24 Thunderbolt
TM25 Thunder
TM26 Earthquake
TM27 Return
TM28 Dig
TM29 Psychic
TM30 Shadow Ball
TM31 Brick Brake
TM32 Double Team
TM33 Reflect
TM34 Shock Wave
TM35 Flamethrower
TM36 Sludge Bomb
TM37 Sandstorm
TM38 Fire Blast
TM39 Rock Tomb
TM40 Aerial Ace
TM41 Tormant
TM42 Facade
TM43 Secret Power
TM44 Rest
TM45 Attract
TM46 Thief
TM47 Steel Wing
TM48 Skill Swap
TM49 Snatch
TM50 Overheat
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A good team 87%
Before entering the Elite Four get Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres.
Train all of them to around level 60-70.
Also try to get Squirtle as a starter.
It can also come out very handy if you have a Ditto around level 60 because he has the move transform and he will be able to change in the opponent's 1st pokemon, but be careful, he has only 5pp of each move!
Also get a fire-type pokemon (only if you have chosen squirtle as a starter)for the champions Venusaur.

Then you will get:
Fire-type pokemon

Also beware that the 2nd time you challenge the Elite Four and the Champion there pokemon are superstrong because they have grown by like 12 levels each!
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How to get really good atacks 87%
First go to island 2 and go up the hill. Go in to the house up there. Before you chat to the old lady, put your starter pokemon in front. Chat to the lady, she will ask if you are willing to change your pokemon's atack.
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Moltres 87%
The real place to find Moltres is to get to First Island(after u beat Blaine Bill will take you there),go to the island with M.Ember, and keep going through each part until u see a giant red bird(A.K.A. Moltres).
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Get to Saffron earlier 87%
This trick requires 2 Game Boy Advances, a link cable, a Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire game with a "Fresh Water" in the pack, and a Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green game that is completed and able to trade with Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. Also, you will need another Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green cartridge. Give a Pokemon a Fresh Water. Trade the Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire to the completed Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green game. Take the Fresh Water and attach it to a Pokemon not from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. Trade it to the other Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green game. Give the Fresh Water to the guard. You can now access Saffron City easier. You can also do the same thing without the Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire cartrigde. Also, it works better when you have the completed cartridge and your friend has the unfinished game.
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Mystery Gift 87%
Go into any Pokemon Center and go to the Clipboard by the Shop Owner. Go to it and you can put in 4 words. Put in the words "Link Together With All." The Shopkeeper will notice this and give you access to the Mystery Gift system. Now save your game and reset and when you go to re-load it will be right below "New Game."
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Johto Pokemon 87%
To get your 1st Pokemon from the Johto Region, defeat the Elite Four. Go to Island 3, then go in the tunnel. Chat to the man and he will give you a Nugget. Go out the door, and there will be a small patch of grass. Walk around in it, and you will find your 1st Johto Pokemon.
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Delete Saved Game Data 87%
To delete your saved game data hold select, Up, and B befor you press start to begin the game.
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Quick Level Up 86%
If you have a weak pokemon put him at the 1st position in your squad. Start a battle and the pokemon will come out. Switch him with a strong pokemon 1st thing and then when you kill the pokemon you are fighting against, the strong guy and the weak guy will get Exp. Points!
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Rare candy pickup 86%
Okay 1st you get a whole team of meowths and walk around and since it has pickup it will find items so keep wallking around and your chances of finding a rare candy are 35% but rare candy makes your pokemon weaker I did this for 3 days straight and found over 2 hundred rare candys :) pokecheatguy
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How to get your legendary dog Pokemon 86%
The way to find Rayku, Entei, or Suicune you must catch all the Unowns, A-Z and ! and ?. After you cought all 28 Unowns, you will find Rayku, Entei, or Suicune roaming around Kento. You could catch it with many tries with the Ultra Ball, but if you haven't already foolishly used your Master Ball, it would be wise to catch your legendary dog Pokemon with the Master Ball. It depends what your starter Pokemon what legendary dog Pokemon you will find.
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Need help hacthing those eggs?
Well fly down to Celadon city and head west till you see the bike riding path. Through there are a bunch of bikers. Go down from there and all you have to do is stear your bike on down intil you find that your at the end of the path then just use fly and go right backdown the bike path from the top. Try It!
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Unlimited way to stop Sleeping 86%
After get the Pokéflute. Use it in battle when a Pokémon from your side is asleep. It will awake so you doesn't need "Awakening" anymore. You can use it as much as you can!
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To get smoochum 86%
The way to get smoochum is you get a jynx of of the man in the house next to the pokemon centre in cerulean city and then go to island 4 and put a jynx and a ditto in the pokemon day care centre and the man will give you an egg when you hatch it, it will be another jynx.
put your 2 jynxs into the daycare centre and the man will give you another egg and when you hatch it , it will be a smoochum.
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In-Game Reset 86%
During game play hold Start, Select, A, and B to rest the game instead of turning it on and off.
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Unlimited rare candies + master balls 85%
Do you want to get unlimited master balls and rare candies? Well get a male and a female equipe them with a master ball each. Then put them in the daycare and soon there will be a baby with a master ball. Do the same with a rare candy.
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Pick up 84%
Have at least 5 pokemon that have pick up. Walk around defeting wild pokemon. Then check if any of them picked up an item. I did this in one day and I got 15 rare candys, 14 nuggets, 8 pp up, and 7 proteins.
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Catch togepi 84%
This is really easy to do. All you have to do is go the waterlabyrith in five island. There are two ways to go through so you have to find the way on the left. When you find that, you will come up to an island with a trainer and an old man. Talk to the old man and if you have a pokemon that likes you in front, he will give you an egg(you need to have an empty space in your party to get the egg)

when I hatches you should get a togepi!
By: ckjkj(1291)
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If you want clones of master balls or rare candies you must have ( a master ball, rare candie, and a rainbow pass to go to island 4,5,6, and 7 ). you also need a special pokemon ( ditto ). let the pokemon hold the item that you want to clone. go to the day-care people on island 4. put ditto and any othewr pokemon you want in the day-care. then the old man gives you an egg in about 5-10 minutes. then take the egg from the old man. walk around to hatch the egg. it will take about 10-15 minutes to hatch the egg. When you hatch the egg take the item back from the egg that you catched.
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Scizor 83%
To get a scizor you will need
-A scyther
-A metal coat (at the memorial pillar at island 5)
-two gameboys and games (both must have natinal pokedex)
-a link cable to trade
Have the syther hold the metal coat then trade it. Then it will evolve.
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Blastoise lv up moves 83%
Blastoise's level up moves

Tackle - Lv1
Tail Whip - Lv4
Bubble - Lv7
Withdraw - Lv10
Water Gun - Lv13
Bite - Lv19
Rapid Spin - Lv25
Protect - Lv31
Skull Bash - Lv55
Hydro Pump - Lv68
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Type Tips 83%
This is a few of attack types are good against other types..

Fire has a high effect on Grass
Fire has a low effect on water

Water has a high effect on Fire
Water has a high effect on Ground
Water has a high effect on Rock
Water has a low effect on Ice

Grass has a high effect on Rock
Grass has a high effect on Water
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Best Zapdos Skills 82%
ThunderBolt-Game corner in Celadon City
Hyper Beam-Celadon City
Thunder-When Zapdos Turn In Level 80 or Higher
Thunderwave-At Team Rocket Hide Out

By: annemarie12(15)
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The best team to beat the elite four (second time round) 82%
Your team should consist of

Blastoise, with Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Waterfall
Pidgeot, with Return, Aerial Ace, Fly, Steel Wing
Raichu, with Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, Iron Tail, Brick Break
Arcanine, with Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Bite, Extremespeed
Dragonite, with Dragon Claw, Wing Attack, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam
Tyranitar, with Earthquake, Crunch, Slash, Rock Slide

For Lorelei, use Raichu or Dragonite's Thunderbolt.
For Bruno, use Blastoise.
For Agatha, use any strong attack.
For Lance, use Dragonite or Blastoise's Ice Beam
For Gary, use all your team and kick ass!
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Beating Elite 4 first time for Fire red version ONLY 81%
All of your pokemon should range from levels 50 - 60+ and be sure to heal, restore PP, etc. after every battle with the Elite 4

If you chose Charmander:
Vaporeon or Lapras
Articuno or Hitmonlee/Machamp (only if you are using Lapras)

If you chose Squirtle:
Articuno or Lapras
Rhydon or Hitmonlee/Machamp

If you chose Bulbasaur:
(It is actually better if you did not pick Bulbasaur for a starter, because it is not very useful in the Elite 4, and most types in the Elite 4 have an advantage over Grass/Poison)


Use Raichu and/or Machamp or Hitmonlee to defeat them. You cannot, however, use a fighting-type against Jynx. Teach your Alakazam TM 30 (Shadow Ball) to beat Jynx and even Slowbro (although Raichu could defeat Slobrow). DO NOT USE FIRE TYPES!

Use your Vaporeon/Lapras/Blastoise/Venusaur to take care of the two Onix. Use Alakazam on the Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Machamp.
WARNING: The 2nd Onix will most likely attack first with Earthquake, so be ready

Use Alakazam on all of them. Kill them all in one hit. Watch out for Arbok's sludge bomb attack.
WARNING: Agatha's pokemon will keep your pokemon immobile with status conditions like poison and confusion, then attack them. Make sure that they don't get a chance to attack your pokemon.

Use Raichu on the Gyarados, take it out in 1 hit. As for the Dragonairs and Dragonite, use Articuno's/Lapras's Ice Beam attack. Aerodactyl is fast and hits hard, so take it out with ice, water, or electric type moves.
WARNING: Lance's pokemon use Hyper Beam, a devastating attack, so if you are hit, then use the next turn (when they have to recharge) to heal or attack.

Rival: This will be divided into 2 parts. It will also state the pokemon you need to use then separated by a semicolon, the move it should use.

Part 1: Everyone faces...
Pidgeot - take out with Raichu
Alakazam - use your Alakazam's Shadow Ball attack
Rhydon - Use Vaporeon/Lapras/Blastoise/Venusaur to take out in 1 hit

Part 2: If you started with...
Exeggutor - take out with Charizard Blast burn/Flamethrower
Arcanine - take out with Vaporeon/Lapras or Rhydon Hydro Pump/Hydro Pump/Earthquake
Blastoise - take out with Raichu Thunderbolt
Exeggutor - take out with Arcanine Flamethrower
Arcanine - take out with Blastoise Hydro Pump
Venusaur - take out with Arcanine Flamethrower
Arcanine - take out with Lapras Surf/Hydro Pump
Gyarados - take out with Raichu Thunderbolt/Thunder
Charizard - take out with Lapras Ice Beam
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Level 25 evee!!! 81%
Go to the pokemon center in celadon city right next to it is a gap. go through it go right then up then right again and down through the door. go up the stairs until you get to the top. then go in the room go to the pokeball, press a in front of it.
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How to catch Suicune? 81%
You must have:
1. A Wobbufet [ level 50 and above ] having the ability "Shadow Tag"
2. Any kind of pokeballs

Suicune is more likely to fled than to battle, so you must put Wobbufet as the first pokemon in your party. With Wobbufet's shadow tag, it will be uneasy for it to escape. You must weaken Suicune first before capturing it. Then after all of that, Suicune is now yours =]

P.S. I only used an ultra ball to catch it.
By: Takasachi(71)
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Deoxys, Jirachi and Jiroxy 81%
1.(Deoxys) First go to any mart.Fill out the questionnaire on the counter with the words "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". The shopkeeper will notice this and give you access to the mystery gift system. Use it and select wonder gift. Chat to the man in the green hat at a pokemon center and he will give you an aurora ticket. Fly to Vermillion city and take the ferry to Birth Island. On the island there will be a triangle shaped piece of land with a smaller triangle in the middle. Approach the mysterious triangle from below and press A. Go left 5 times and down 1 A. Go right 5 times,up 5times. Press A. go right 5 times, down 5 times. press A. go up 3 times, left 7 A. go right 5 times. press A. go left 3 times, down 2 times. press A. press down 1 time, left 4 times. press A. press right 7 times. press A. press left 4 times, down 1 time press A. press up 4 times,!!SAVE!!,and press A. get ready to battle Deoxys!!

2. (Jirachi) You can only get jirachi from ruby or sapphire. the way to get it is to fill all five stars on your trainer card(ruby and sapphire) by becoming the champion, filling the pokedex, winning all five contests and getting thier pictures drawn, best EVERY trainer in the game and the last one I do not knowwhat to do.

3.(jiroxy) Jiroxy, the god pokemon is made when you leave Jirachi and Deoxys at the day care center. Walk 10000 steps and the old man will give you an egg. Walk 15000 steps and the egg will hatch into Jiroxy.

*NOTE* you need the national pokedex.
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Get pokemon groomed and find out how much it likes you! 80%
Go to gary's (after you beat the elite four) talk to dasiy and she will groom your pokemon
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How to have an Elekid? 80%
First, you must have:
A male and female Electabuzz [ can be caught from the Power Plant near the Cerulean Ciy ]
Let the pokemon breeders on Island Four breed these two pokemons and then after a while, the old man [ breeder ] will give you an egg. And eureka! The egg which will he give to you is an Elekid.
By: Takasachi(71)
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To get Riachi 80%
To get riachi you must have defeated the elite 4 and got ruby and sapphire. You must have to gba's. Go to the direct room and go in trading. Do that with the ruby/sapphire. You will have to go to trading.

So once you have done that you must have these in you firered pack.


Ruby/sapphire must have

Any water

You must trade moltres for oddish

In the middle wehen there flying through you take the link cable out. Go back on and you will have Riachi.
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How to find the legendary bird pokemon 80%
There are 3 legendary bird pokemon. Their locations are as followed:

Articuno: found in the seafoam islands, requirements: HMsurf, HMstrength

Zapdos: found in the power plant, requirements: HMsurf

Moltress: found in the cave by cerulean city, requirements: all HM's, beaten the elite four
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How long it takes to get charzard, blastoise and venasuar 79%
Charmander is the easiest raised starter Squirtle comes next and then bulbasuar. it takes 5 hours encouting to get charizard it takes 7 hours encouting to get blastoise and 10 hours encouting to get venasuar!!!
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Another starter pokemon 78%
You can breed your starter pokemon. Just follow these steps.
You will need
-your started pokemon
-a ditto (found in route 15)
-access to four island
Place both your starter pokemon and ditto in fourth island's daycare.
Fly some where else and walk around. When the guy blocking the fence entrence steps out, talk to him and he will give you en egg. Hatch the egg and it will be the first stage of your starter pokemon.
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Saving Lady Selphy in the Lost Cave on Island 5 78%
After entering the cave, just follow these paths:
go: right, up, down, down, right, left, down,right then up.

P.S. But before saving her, you'll have to defeat her first in a battle.
By: Takasachi(71)
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Catching the legendary dogs 77%
To catch legendaries that flee such as Suicune, Entei, and Rioku you first need to have the national pokedex. You need to have beaten the elite four at least once. Have caughten at least 60 pokemon. And you have to complete all the missions on the sevii islands.Then you find a pokemon or two. that has a sleep move, false swipe,and mean look. A good example of that would be a 39 level Golbat with a quick claw on it. First us a sleep move(ex.pore, hypnosis, sleep plwder), then use mean look, then use false swipe untill it's on 1 hp. then use ultra balls untill either you catch it or it runs away. If it runs away it's o.k. Just track it down in your pokedex. Then once you find it again put it asleep then use ultra balls untill you either catch it or it runs away. If it runs away then just repeat the process. Or you could always just use an ultra ball
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Larvitar is seen on seven island in sevault canyon
By: poke89(15)
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Need a bike 75%
Go to vermilin city and find the pokefan club house then find the old man and talk to him at the end he will give you a bike card that lets you get a bike for free
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Elite Four (second time) Team 75%
Heres a great team for the second run to the Elite Four.
Charizard Lv73 (Flamethrower,Blast Burn,Dragon Claw,Fly)
Zapdos Lv75 (Thunderbolt,Fly,Detect,Any move)
Gyarados Lv73 (Hydro Pump,Surf,Earthquake,Any move)
Mewtwo Lv72 (Psychic,Shadow Ball,Calm Mind,any move)
Lapras Lv72 (Ice Beam,Surf,Perish Song,any move)
Dragonite Lv66 (Dragon Claw,Outrage,Any other moves)
Heres the pokemon you should use against what trainers
Lorliele:Charizard vs Piloswine,Jnyx/Zapdos vs Dewgong,Cloyster,Lapras
Bruno:Mewtwo vs Hitmonlee,Hitmonchan,Machamp/Charizard vs Steelix,Steelix
Agatha:Mewtwo vs all of her pokemon
Lance:Zapdos vs Gyarados/Lapras vs Areodactyl,Dragonite,Dragonite/Dragonite vs Kingdra
Gary:Charizard vs Heracross,Exggutor/Gyarados vs Tyranitar,Arcanine/Mewtwo vs Alakazam/Zapdos vs Blastoice

NOTE: I picked these pokemon based on the power of the moves,Type advantages,and level.

Hope that your able to win with these pokemon so just have fun enjoy and give it your best shot.
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How to get to the seevi island 1 to 3 75%
Beat the seventh
gym and bill will
take you there
By: Nishon(16)
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Easy Money! 75%
You know resort gorgeous,right? On 5 island? Well, if you have a pokemon with an amulet coin and it participates in the battle, You can get roughly 40-50 thousand poke. If you have a vs seeker you can repeat this process.
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Find a rare candy 74%
First,go to the second island.then go to the house at the of the hill.but instead of going in it,go around it to the back and go all the way to the end.push a and it should say you found a rare candy.
By: elite3(21)
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Tm27 73%
Go to rout 12 , go up the stairs , the talk to the girl.She will give you tm27 return. hope this helps!
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Defiting elite four 73%
After you got all 8 badges first make your pokemon all lv 60 then go to the victory road andyou can defeat them. second now make them all lv 80
By: shinyboy258(179)
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Legandary dogs 71%
You doent have to catch every unown to get the legandary dogs because I caut him with 20 unowns.
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How To Get Bellossom 71%
To get Bellossom in FireRed, evolve Gloom with Sun Stone
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A good way to catch Pokemon 70%
When you see a pokemon you really want, weaken with a status problem then use the move False Swipe to lower it's HP to one.

Use a combination of:
Poke Ball
Great Ball
Ultra Ball
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Easily escaping caves 70%
All you need is a pokemon who has an attack dig when you get lost to a cave just use dig and you willstart again (thats only the problem)
By: shinyboy258(179)
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Easy way to get money 69%
Once you get the amulate coin put it on your strongest pokemon put that pokemon the first in your party then go to the elite 4 and try to beat some people and they will give you over $13000.
By: poke master 11(22)
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Easy levelling up after elite four! 69%
Go to seven island and battle a lady after the bridge keep using the versus seeker and she will have two lv50 bellosums you get 3900exp every battle I got my suicune up to lv70 from lv50 by doing this!
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Berries 69%
Need berries? You are many berries in Berry Forest go there everyday and you will find these
Cheri Berry - common
Chesto Berry - common

P.S. I only know this
by shinyboy258
By: shinyboy258(179)
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The legendary dogs are the hardest pokemons to get, you can only get one of them. They are Entei, Suicune and Raikou. You can get them according to what starter pokemon you chose. Below is what I mean.
Venasaur - Entei
Blastoise - Raikou
Charizard - Suicune
Every place and town you go, these pokemons always move, for example, you are at Celadon city, then once you go to route 23 then the pokemon will switch places.
The legendary dogs fleds once you hit them, so I recommend you to throw the master ball stratight away otherwise use dugtrio's Arena trap.
By: Rockstar3511(21)
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How two catch Mewtwo without master ball!! 67%
Save in front of mewtwo in cerulian cave, just in case it faints
(warning must beat elite four and have natianal dex)
get mewtwos health to the bar where it goes red and throw a ultra ball
when the circle thing starts press B and when it stops bouncing hold the oppisite derection the ball is moving, when it goes back to the middle press the other way again and repeat
(it helps if it is asleep or paralyzed)
By: ex cheater(86)
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How to get two scyther 67%
Get 1 scyther from celedon or safari zone then get a ditto unlock 4 island then put them in the day care. then there is a old man standing near the day care then walk there for hours or or more. then he will be beside the to him he will ask if you want a egg take it then go up and down near the bikkers then it will hatch in to a other scyther or if you let him hold a item it will clone the iteam.
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Where to get the mystery gift. 67%
Go to the poke mart and by the man at the counter there will be a clipboard press on it and type in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL then you have to save and turn your game boy back on and mystery gift will be there.
By: skylor67(17)
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Getting into dotted hole 67%
Well if your want get into dotted hole you just have to cut down the then you go down the in the cave then there will be four holes. First you ha to go in the top hole, left, right ,and lastly the south end hole then you will see the sapphire and you grab it but this scientist takes it and he tell you the second password to the rocket hide out which is chansey
By: jmyster99(9)
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Cheat by nadine/geraldine s. rustia the pokemon expert 67%
Do you know the aurora ticket? for shiny deoxys? its easy you have to do is:step one,go to the Pokemon mart do you see the piece of paper beside the cashier person? click A then write link us together if done go to the Pokemon center go up (if you have wireless adapter you have deoxys now)its quiet done.
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Easy way to get moltres w/o having to beat elite 4 67%
Ok my friend who claims hes the champion told me how and where to get moltres.
i only had a level 55 kadabra, level 63 charizard and level 40 arcanine. the rest were in their 20 and 30 levels. not so easy to beat the elite 4, oh and I was broke 2. well, I went to mt.ember, you need hm strengh, and thats it I think. but after I battled a few people and moving the boulders out of my way to get to the top (hint: dont just move the boulders in any way, think where you can move them so you dont have to leave and reset the boulders to redo it, I mean have to remove them.) after 2 battle I decided to sell al or most of my stuff and I bought 31 ultra balls and 40 great balls. ive heard that capturing legendaries requires a lot of patience. I used my medoking level 35, with blizzard, strengh, rock smash, and toxic. I also used my level 45 arcanine with fire blast, sunny day, ember and bite. well... I used arcanine and I attacked I with 3 fireblasts, which made moltres at the beggining of the rd zone. I switched arcanine out for nedoking, used blizzard twice, which froze moltres. what comes next may shock you but I used 1 yes one ultra ball ad cought moltres. but moltres was at 1 hp when it was frozen. SORRY I WENT ON AND ON WITH THE STORY BUT TRY IT.

BY: samantha or samyc
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How to beat the rock gym leader using firetype pokemon charmander 67%
To beat him you need metal claw. The best way to have a lot of energy is to buy a lot of potions. Anyways you could always use metal claw to win.NOTICE:DON'T USE ANY FIRE MOVES!
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Easy way to beat tyranitar in elite four the second time 67%
Once you beat the elite four once in Pokemon fire red and leaf green the next time you come back their Pokemon will be a lot stronger. One of the opponents in there has a strong Tyranitar. He is hard to beat if you have a Charizard. Well get a pretty strong ditto and give an x defend to make your ditto's defense stronger. Once you use transform use earthquake on the tyranitar and it should be defeated in1-2 hits with earthquake depending on your ditto's level.
By: nalalucyricky(49)
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Getting the 2nd Password for the Rocket Warehouse 67%
Go to Island Six, go to the Ruin Valley and use the HM Cut to the door or stone on the Dotted Hole.
By: Takasachi(71)
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Get an Oddish from cerulean city.It wil hav d move SWEET SCENT.then go to safari zone(furchia city).then go to your pokemons,select oddish n use d move below summary,hav fun n hope dis works fr you guys.-)
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How to get the spheal on bluesea edition 67%
You must have pick a mareep on the start of he game after that finish all (pokemon league,must get nat. pokedex)after that go to prof.oak he will give you an spheal.............if it didn't work sorry (hope I help)
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How to catch the 3 legendary bird pokemon 67%
Bring 40 ultra and great ball weaken those pokemon and try and try until you catch it
By: shinyboy258(179)
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Elite Four Team 1 67%
The first time you battle the elite four there are special Pokemon to catch to take on the trainers there. Use these 6 Pokemon Zapdos Lv57-61(Thunder,Thunderbolt,Charge,Detect) Exggutor Lv 47-53(Solarbeam,Stun Spore,Light Screen,Giga Drain) Primape Lv49-52(Cross Chop,Swagger,Overheat,Screech) Articuno Lv56-60(Ice Beam,Fly,Water Pulse,Mist) Rhydon Lv58-60(Surf,Rock tomb,Horn Drill, Scary Face) Charizard Lv60-65(Flamethrower,Fly,Dragon Claw,Blast Burn You should have 20 hyper potions,6 full heal's,and 5 full restores And there's a secret that few people Know at the beginning of the game if you pick the girl your pokemon get more exp points per battle by time I was tiying to fix the network machine I had a Charizard Level 87 and A Zapdos Level 72 the second time you battle the elite four keep all the same Pokemon and same moves except Exeggautor replace it with a Venusaur That Knows (Solarbeam,Toxic,Giga Drain,and Earthquake) and level up all your Pokemon 10-12 levels stronger they should be Zapdos Lv 73, Articuno Lv 72, Venusaur Lv 65, Primape Lv64, Rhydon Lv72, Charizard Lv 75
(Thank You)
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PP Max 67%
There is a secret in island 2 okay go to cape brink in the waterfall you see a small space beside it use the item finder and you will find a pp max!
By: shinyboy258(179)
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Elite Four Team 67%
An awesome team for the Elite four.Charizard Lv63(Flamethrower,Fly,Dragon Claw,Blast Burn) Zapdos Lv58(Thunderbolt Wave,Detect,Thunder,Fly) Articuno Lv56(Ice Beam,Steel Wing,Fly,Blizzard) Alakazam Lv 57(Psychic,Light Screen,Calm Mind,Shadow Ball) Jolteon Lv58(Thunder,Double Kick,Protect,Any move) Genger Lv57(Shadow Ball,Toxic,Shadow Punch,Confuse Ray) their you go enjoy.
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Elite four second time 67%
The level of the Elite Four was gone up 12-14 times so you need to raise your Pokemon higher Lorlie's Pokemon are Water and Ice Types. The Second member Bruno his Pokemon Are Fighting and Steel Types.The third member Agatha is a Flying,Poison, And Ghost Pokemon.The Forth member Lance has A Rock,Water,Flying,Dragon Types.The Last Member is Gary A multi-Type Trainer So these Are the best Pokemon To use Based on Type,Stats, andAttacks. Arcanine Lv68 (Flamethrower,Extremespeed,Sunny Day,Roar)
Electabuzz Lv 72 (Thunder,Thunderbolt,Protect,Light Screen) Skarmory Lv70 (Fly,Areal Ace,Spikes,Double Team) Mewtwo Lv75 (Psychic,Iron Tail,Brick Break,Rock Smash) Charizard Lv73 (Flamethrower,Fly,Dragon Claw,Fire Blast) Blastoice Lv72 (Ice Beam,Hydro Pump,Protect,Skull Bash)      
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Beat brock easily 67%
1st catch a mankey 2nd make all your pokemon lv 10 then go and beat him up! NOTE: this is very easy if you have mankey squirtle/charmander
By: shinyboy258(179)
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How To Get To The Power Plant 66%
Your pokemon need to know surf, to get to the powerplant. Surf down the river, near Rock Tunnel. At the end of the river, get out of the water. A trainer, on the river bank,will challange you to a battle. Win, and you'll get in to the power plant.
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How to level up and evolve pokemon faster 64%
It will only work if you have really good pokemon. If you can get in to the elite four you can do this. You can take what ever pokemon you need to level up and give it the EXP. SHARE. And have a very good pokemon (Lv. 60-100). Use your good pokemon first and every time you make a pokemon faint it will give half of the EXP to the pokemon with the EXP. SHARE. they will level or evolve very quick. I did it and it I had pokemon HUGE in no time.
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Beat elite four with one pokemon 64%
First try to get a mewtwo to level 100. Then get the following moves:
Shadow ball, Psychic, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt. After that if you were good enough to play through the game then you probably know what moves are affected to which of the elite fours pokemon.
By: donta326(31)
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Secret Rare Candy! 64%
Go to Cerulean City. Near the Pokemon Center, there is a house with a back yard. Go into the backyard. Go the the plants. Stand on the bottom left plant and face the plant to the right of you. Just press the "A" botton and you find a secret rare candy! Not lying!
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How to get a level 70 mew on pokemon fire red (without action replay) 63%
After you beat the game, go to the cerulean cave and catch mewtwo. Then breed the mewtwo you captured. Then wait, and there you go. You got a level 70 mew. This is not an action replay or gameshark cheat. If it does not work, try again. It usually takes 2 tries before it actually works. I tried it out for myself, so it works.
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Easy Egg Hatching!!!!!!!! 62%
Ok if you hav an egg and you need it hatched faster then put the egg 1st in your party it cuts 30% of your steps off! Ive been using this tip and I hatched 20 eggs in 1 day.
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Hidden items 61%
In some parts of the grass you will see a dark black mark.

go in front of it and press a.

it will be an item or berry
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Cheats 60%
R,D: Lax Incense

R,U,D,D,R,L,D,L: Rare Candy

R,U,D,D,R,L,D,R,U: Lady Selphy (Fight: 2 level 49 Persians. Reward: $9,800)

After you have beaten the Elite Four and received the National Pokedex, you can now go hunting for more Pokemon. Once you get the National Pokedex, Johto Pokemon(Sentret, Ledyba, Hoppip,Spinarak, Dunsparce) and Hoenn Pokemon (Slugma,Swinub) will come about.

Sentret- 5 Isle Meadow
Ledyba- 6 Island
Spinarak- 6 Island
Hoppip- 5 Island
Dunsparce- 3 Island( Dunsparce is found in the meadow at the end of the tunnel on the 3 Isle Port. Talk to the guy in the cave and he will give you a Nugget)

Slugma- Mt. Ember(In the cave where the Rockets were blocking)
Swinub- Icefall Cave

You can also go after Mewtwo. He is found at the end of the Cerulean Cave at Lv 70.

Last, you can go after the Legendary Dogs. The dogs differ on the Starter Pokemon you chose:

Bulbasaur= Entei
Squirtle= Rakiou
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Remember 60%
First get a ditto then raise it to lv. 100 there should be the move remember if it transforms into a different pokemon it will be recorded and used whenever(works on rare pokemon).
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Go to lost cave and go to the room where you found selphy
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Larvitar 60%
In the canyon on island 7 there are wild larvitar that evolve in to the big daddy pokemon tyranitar. the chances are slim and you will see it at least 1 every 40 pokemon.:)
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GOOD elite 4 party (Begining Bulbasaur) 60%
A good party is:
Venusaur: good for first,second and final
Nidoking: (with rock move): good for third because its stands good against poison and final
Gyarados: (with dragon move) :second,fourth and final Gyarados is no dragon so its stands good against dragon type and its good against charizard
pigeot or ONE of the other legendary bird: no three legendary birds the you fail by the first or second elite if you survive good luckXD
Arcanine or Ninetails (ninetails must have psychic and flametrower and arcanine extreme speed and arial ace) :arcanine is strong and have a hudge speed he will learn extreem speed at level 49
but he's a Quicky iff yuo dont reach that give him always arial ace even if you reach extreem speed have only 5pp so give him arial ace that can not fail,ninerails have alot spec.att and spec.def so give him psychic and flametrower its also good too give him calm mind but thats not important
Jolteon or vaporeon:if you choose arcanine you dont need a jolteon because jolteon and arcanine have a incredible speed so you dont need jolteon
if yuo choose nintails you dont have too have vaporeonbecause vaporeon and ninetails are good spec.attackers so yuo dont need

your team is:
bird pokemon
arcanine or ninetails(firered arcanine leavegreen ninetails)
jolteon or vaporeon (firered vaporeon leavegreen jolteon)
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Abra 60%
Abra can be found beside th nugget bridge in the grass were the I saw your feat from the grass guy is standing
By: eddie10(112)
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How to get a tangela easy 60%
O.k,go to island one and a pokemon have to know surf,when you get to island one,go past the first door to get to the main part of the island,o.k,your on a bridge and go to the left ,theres water,so use surf and head south,you'll hit shore,theres grass all over the place,so walk in the grass until you meet a tangela.[if it dosent work the first time,try again.]
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Extra Moonstone 60%
You all Know there are 3 moonstones in the game but I discovered the 4th one dont be mad if this cheat will work but im pretty sure it works on mine

Like I said theres another moonstone in Mt.Moon

1st youll need to defeat the nerdy guy near the fossils then go back at the entrance of Mt.Moon the youll see a little hole that you can fit in to then youll see a moonstone

Hope this will WORK on YOURS too!

By: FrenzyPlant247(6)
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How to have a Nest Ball 60%
Catch a Heracross first on the Pattern Bush at the Green Path on Island Six, then show or let a girl measure your Heracross [ that "girl" lives near the Green Path and her house has a sign which says "Wanted! The Ultimate Horn!" ] After she measures your Heracross, she will give you a Nest Ball.

P.S. If you'll do that again make sure that you use a NEW Heracross which has a LONGER measurement than the Heracross you showed before.
By: Takasachi(71)
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The legendary dogs are the hardest pokemons to get, you can only get one of them. They are Entei, Suicune and Raikou. You can get them according to what starter pokemon you chose. Below is what I mean.
Venasaur - Entei
Blastoise - Raikou
Charizard - Suicune
Every place and town you go, these pokemons always move, for example, you are at Celadon city, then once you go to route 23 then the pokemon will switch places.
The legendary dogs fleds once you hit them, so I recommend you to throw the master ball stratight away otherwise use dugtrio's Arena trap.
By: Rockstar3511(21)
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How many steps does it take to hatch a eeve 60%
Prepare for about 9,000 steps but if you have a magmar in your party in will cut 9,000 in half.
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Get 3 evee evole stones 59%
When you get a evee and it's not a girl just catch a ditto and put it in the dare care center and come back later and the old man will give you a egg and it will be a evee when you get 3 give them a water,fire,or thunder stone then you will have the 4 kantos stones
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Easy way to get suicune 59%
If you started off with charmander your lucky because once you have beaten the elite 4 and got the rainbow pass you can go to icefall cave and have a better chance of finding suicune than any were else
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Getting more than one metal coat 58%
Put to sythers in the daycare 1 male and the othe female give the female a metal coat and leave them their a while. come back and take your egg from the old fart (man) and hatch it and you will get a syther with a metal coat.
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Legendary Dogs(cats?) 58%
Some people say that you need to get all 28 unknowns... well you don't... you simpily look around Kanto after beating the Elite 4 at least once and you should find it anywhere....

P.S.- Every time you go through a door or FLY anywhere, there location changes...

Charmander- Suincue
Bulbasaur- Entie
Squirtale- Raioku
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Ultraball cheat 58%
When you throw the ultra ball press b, release b after it hits the ground three times then you hit arrowkeys in the oppisite direction.
By: miguel9067(24)
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One of the best teams for defeating the elite 4 (if you can trade with ruby/saphire) 58%
One of the best team I have that might work:

zangoose lvl 60-70 (that knows swords dance)
rayquaza lvl 60-70
charizard lvl 60-70
gyarados lvl 60-70
and something that knows shadow ball
and any dragon type

this was the best team i've had because of zangoose its good when it knows swords dance
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Shiny pokemon 58%
You need to win(not run) 3,500 wild battles and wa la!

hope this
By: shinyboy258(179)
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Best pokemon team 58%

NOTE:to make your team unbeatable make all of them level 100 I hope this cheat helps :D
By: shinyboy258(179)
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