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Conflict: Vietnam Cheats for PS2
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Conflict: Vietnam PS2 Cheats

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Conflict: Vietnam

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Evading a RPG unit in bloody hue 100%
You need 1 character that has item : smoke grenade,spanner,grenade
then when you near Tank / RPG territory just move the bait into front that make RPG unit out of RPG , when enemy advanced on your bait . shoot heavy gun and 90mm rifled cannon to enemy to defeating RPGs
By: sky light(482)
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Triple closed combat damage 100%
Equipped all your character with RPD ( only ragman not carry RPD . just RPG ) . get closer to enemy and keep shooting it
By: sky light(482)
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Get a mortar in 1st air cav 100%
When you see mortar crew is firing . just kill 1 / 2 you can mount this but is ussles
By: sky light(482)
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Mini mortar 100%
Activate the infinite ammo . then use the wp grenade the . throw higher to make mini mortar
By: sky light(482)
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Always use RPG at tunnel rats mission 91%
First activate the infinite ammo , then find RPG , when you saw an enemy wield RPG . quickly shoot him with RPG before he shoot you ( if you're down . just one of your team heal quickly ) , you can use junior to help you shoot enemy in tower ( but junior must not closer to teammate carrying RPG or you will be mass kill by an RPG man
By: sky light(482)
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Cheat Menu 89%
Enter the following at the main menu:

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Cnflict vietnam 79%
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Stratdegic tank demolisher 75%
You need RPG from tunnel rats mission then complete this mission , then begining of bloody hue . takeout all enemy and do not move from your spawn location , focus aim on RPG , then get cover building that left on you , just don't get out from your spawn location , when tank destroyed check the building left of wrecked T-34 tank to get supply , when you get M48 patton tank aim tank into left . when you move enemy carry an RPG just quickly shoot using cannon before he has chance to shoot you , when you near tank territory throw the grenade in near building when RPG unit coming , but if you throw smoke grenade higher that make T-34 tank confused , throw smoke grenade to tank while you go phrone , quickly change character that driver but driver has mount cannon , aim the turret to right and drive go front , and shoot then reverse if you hear sound of tank exploded that mean you passed
By: sky light(482)
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Funny joke 67%
When you in ghost town . try conplete sgt.ardnold objetives , then find master sgt . warton . he will reveal what joke he tell :

in case you notice . my name has word that is war . and its not funny to make a joke . there also someone joking on me : war,har,war,har,war,har.
By: sky light(482)
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Easy Way To Beat Last Level (multiplayer) 63%
Get player 1 to lob smoke grenades at the tank while player 2 gets in the drivable tank and blows up the tank.
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When spipping the dot wont move 62%
When you are sniping try not to move also try to hit the guy this will make your stars go up fast
By: wwwwww(353)
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Very Helpful Cheats to learn the game fast!! 61%
rating: ---1st Air Cav mission
At the beginning of the level, get all the ammunition in the weapons room (to your left at the very start). Then, move on to the Major. When he tells you to go to the bunkers, take Ragman and the Doc and crouch down next to the Major. Then, take Junior and put him in the first bunker to your right and up the stairs. Then, take Hoss and put him in the next bunker down. Whenever someone dies, the Doc will heal them.

Master cheat
On the main menu..


This will unlock a cheat option on the main menu with.. Unlimited ammo, Unlimited saves, Movie and level select.

Wouldn't advise unless you're REALLY stuck, spoils a good (but short) game
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Invisible 53%
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Conflict: Vietnam (PS2) 50%
Invincibility:At main menu enter R1,L2,R1,L2 to get invincibility for the everyone except the enemy.
By: chucknguyen(301)
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Get a RPG instanly 40%
To get RPG easily , find one of viet cong sapper / NVA RPG unit :

to viet cong sapper :
viet cong sapper carring an RPG to shoot his target . he only shoot you if he closer enough . he will drop a RPG

to NVA RPG unit :
he carring 2 kind weapon , he shoot RPG in long range , if he equiped his RPG quickly waste him before he shoot you to get RPG
By: sky light(482)
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