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Rocky: Legends Cheats for PS2
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Rocky: Legends PS2 Cheats

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Rocky: Legends

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Knockdown 86%
At the beginning of the initial fight when your opponent is approaching you, use your special power punch. This power punch will stagger him. When he approaches you again, do another special power punch, then hit him with an array of body punches. His strength will drop. Keep hitting him to knock him down and win the fight.
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Speed bag tips and money tip 55%
. Speed bag id fairly easy, just follow the coaches commands. The commands will also be shown along the points scale.

. Now a famous money tip for Rocky legends. an easy method for gaining loads of cash is to beat all the legends on novice, always saving after every you come to face the champ, I usually train for speed and stamina giving fast and efficient punches against your opponents. I played as Ivan Drago after defeting everyone else:(Clubber Lang, Rocky Balboa and Apollo creed.) Now after defeating the champ, you'll get a pay of 80000 dollars plus which in the end is worth it. now heres the cheat, after winning, go to continue saved data and do the proccess again training and facing the champ, again you'll get 80000 plus points giving a huge wod of cash iin pocket. repeating this proccess will result in you being a very rich person unlacking everything in the shops
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Good cheat 25%
When you get upto number 1 ranked with rocky and are about to verse apollo creed save your game then quit then go to carrer press load carrer yours will be there then turn your ps2 off take your disc out and got to your memory card delete your rocky progress then go back on to rocky legends and youll have 40million dollars
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