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Halo: Combat Evolved Cheats for PC
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Halo: Combat Evolved PC Cheats

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Halo: Combat Evolved Cheats

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Halo: Combat Evolved

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

How to get Warthog out of stadium 96%
The easiest way to get a Warthog out of the stadium is to drive a Warthog against the wall. Keep the back of the warthog against the wall. Then drive on the hood of that Warthog to use it as a ramp to get the others over the wall of the stadium.
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Codes 88%
Console Commands (Custom Edition)
these cheats are for use only with Halo: custom edition. you will not be
able to play online while in devmode. to activate the cheats, open up the
properties window of the halo: custom edition shortcut and add "-console
-devmode" after the target. put a space between the target line and
-console, and another space between -console and -devmode. to open the
console, press the ~ key (the button above tab). on the cheats with <#>
next to them, type 1 to activate or 0 to deactivate. Always include the _
in the cheats, not a blankspace
Get ThisBy Doing This
this spawns one of each weapon around the player, including the flag
and oddball skullcheat_all_weapons
this will spawn one regular warthog next to the
this lets you take control of any character you make contact
withcheat_bump_possession <#>
this makes you absolutely invincible, even from
fallingcheat_deathless_player <#>
this gives you infinite ammunition for every
weaponcheat_infinite_ammo <#>
any enemy that looks at the player will automatically
diecheat_medusa <#>
this lets you jump very high. (should be used with deathless player
cheat, otherwise you may die while falling)cheat_super_jump <#>
human weapons and the needler never have to reload, and the plasma
weapons can not overheatcheat_bottomless_clip <#>
change this from 1-20 to make the game run faster. change it to 0 to
make the game pausegame_speed <#>
clears the console screencls
this spawns one of each vehicle around the playercheat_all_vehicles
this spawns one of each powerup around the playercheat_all_powerups
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Camo That Doesn't Work 88%
On the level Truth and Reconciliation, there is a camo that doesn't work. To see this, you will have to get to the part where you are in the ship. Kill all the Covenant ambushers and get in the large door in the ship. The guards will stay behind the door while you find a way to open it from the other side. Search around for the hidden camo behind the purple storage crates. Make sure you haven't used it during the fight. Once you find it, use it, then walk in the hallways. The enemies will somehow see you and will fire.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Passwords 87%
Camera Control Mode
ATTENTION: This is for Halo: custom edition Devmode only. To activate
Devmode, open the properties window of the halo custom edition shortcut.
in the target line add -console -devmode (include the spaces before the
-'s), then start a game. while in gameplay, press the ~ key (the one
directly above tab), type the commands exactly as shown, including the _'s
then press enter after each command. This will seperate the camera from
the player and make it controllable. Hold the mouse scroll button down to
control the camera
w- forward
s- back
a-strafe left
d- strafe right
r- move up
f- move down
mouse- look/turn
scrollwheel up/down- adjust camera movement speed
Get ThisBy Doing This
saves the current location of the camera; used in conjunction with
the next command.debug_camera_save
this sends the camera to the location that debug_camera_save was
used, seperating the camera from the playerdebug_camera_load
Returns the camera to 1st person modecamera_control 0
Makes the Master Chief teleport to the camera's position, and then
gravity will take effect, so don't go too
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Easter Eggs 87%
Hidden Grunt
Warning! This cheat may require you to start the level again.
On the last level(The Maw) when Echo 419 gets shot down, go down aways
until you see a tunnel on your right. Get out of the warthog and go
through the tunnel on the right. You should be in a corridor with another
corridor to your right. Go there. In this corridor there should be a
grunt. He won't shoot you or anything. Go up to him and see what he has to
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Stay on pelican 87%
In the fifth level, at the beginning when you are released of the pelican,
immediatly press ''e'' to get back onto the pelican and continue flying
with the ship. But eventually you will die.
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Unlockables 86%
Different Ending

Get ThisBy Doing This
Different EndingSimply beat The Maw on Legendary to get a slightly
different ending.
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Faster Reload 86%
This should work for all guns that can reload except for shotgun.
Reload the gun, as soon as you see the clip into the gun animation, either
switch guns or melee. The reload would save you good time.
Works in all setting, including multiplayer.
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Secrets 86%
Cheat to Access All Halo Levels
Access All Levels
1. From Halo, select Profiles and create a new profile eg All_Levels
2. From Windows, locate the 'checkpoints' directory for the newly created
profile. You will find this in the My Documents folder,
D:Documents and Settings...My DocumentsMy
3. In this directory create a text file called checkpoint0.sav with the
following text
4. Repeat the previous step until you have 10 files named checkpoint0.sav
... checkpoint9.sav
and for each file change the 1st number on the 1st line to indicate
the level ie
0 The Pillar of Autumn
1 Halo
2 The Truth and Reconciliation
3 The Silent Cartographer
4 Assault on the Control Room
5 343 Guilty Spark
6 The Library
7 Two Betrayals
8 Keyes
9 The Maw
eg for 'The Maw' level you will have a file called checkpoint9.sav with
the following text:
5. From Halo, select Campaign and Load Game. You should now have access to
all the main game levels.
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Glitches 86%
Three guns in the pillar of autumn
Towards the beginning of the game, there is a way to bypass the 2 weapon
limit and carry 3 weapons at once. On the 1st level, make your way
to the bridge. After speaking with the captain, quickly run out of the
bridge before the chapter name disappears. If you were fast enough, the
checkpoint at the door will not trigger. Now run to the mess hall and get
your Assault Rifle and another weapon. Now, run back to the bridge and
trigger the checkpoint. When you go back towards the mess hall, the pistol
will appear in your hands, and you will be carrying 3 weapons instead
of two. Each gun reloads and exchanges normally. *** This only lasts for
the 1st level.
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Unarmed Marines 80%
This cheat is a very fun one, and will take some time. Follow these instructions:
1. Go to the level where you rescue Keyes.
2. Before you go to the chamber, there will be another one before the captain chamber. 3. Go to the control panel area and you will see a hidden camo. Grab it and start running to the other chamber where the captain and other marines are held.
4. Leave the enemies (as much as you want)
5. Open the prison doors with the enemies in the room
6. The cutscene will not be triggered and the doors will open with the unarmed prisoners.
7. The enemies will notice them and start attacking them.
8. Run out the chamber and a few marines will follow u. They will not be carrying any weapons.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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How to get back in the Cyrotube at Pillar of Autumn 75%
The following glitch is strictly for players with fast movement with their hands. When you have watched the starting movie to the end, the chapter title will appear: Reville. Look around and press e ( default action key) to get out of it. Once you get out, quickly turn and jump back in. you must be quick because the hatch closes like lightning speed after a few seconds. When you are in the cyrotube, look behind and you should see a headless Master Chief. Tis glitch is hard to do for slow reaction players, but you will get it eventually. it will be as easy for fast reaction or profession players.
By: Sergeant CK(17)
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To do a helicopter ( Stunthog ) 75%
Go to the place in the silent cartographer were the cliff is but don't go in. stay in your wort hog and turn right you'll see a tree back up ( back from the tree ) and then hit the tree not dead on just the front or back and then you'll spin around in circles.

By: Dwall(6)
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Drunk Foehammer 73%
If you never rode a pelican to its destination, you might think that the marines riding the pelican will be transported to the Evac Station, but something more sinister happens to them. U can experience this yourself by modding or using cheats. The pelican is flown out of the map, and out of your sight. Then, Foehammer is programmed to drop off the passengers off the map and they will fall to their death. Seriously. Sometimes, Foehammer will fly the pelican sideways or backwards, and the marines will fall out and attempt to try to get back on in a very awkward way. Foehammer is programmed to do this because more characters and enemies can be spawned. U can see this for urself just type this in YouTube: Where That Pelican Goes. U will get several searches and videos.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Driving a Wraith In Halo Combat Evolved 71%
To do this, you need to download a mod called Bump Possession this halo mod allows you to take control of any character you bump. Anyway, to drive a wraith, take control of the elite driver. Before the elite gets into the wraith, bump him, and then, you can take control of the wraith and drive it. Using Bump Possession, you can also get control of Covenant and go against marines, or be a marine.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Invisible Banshee Online Glitch 70%
Start off by going on the map bloodgulch and make sure someone is getting in a banshee. just as the person is getting in, make sure you have a rocket launcher and shootat the banshee just as the person is geting in. with luck, the banshee will stay where it spawned and the person should be lying in mid air in an invisible banshee! they will shoot out of their hands and when you shoot them the bullets will hit just outside of them like an invisible banshee!
By: ownageking27(81)
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Suicidal Elite 69%
In the beginning of Assault on the Control Room, where Foehammer drops you off at a Forerunner dock, jump off. An elite minor will run out. Shoot it and make it go berserk. (Same tactic as making a marine go berserk). Then, when it chases u, back up near the ledge. When the elite is running near u, fall off. If you r lucky, look up and you will see the elite jump off the ledge after u.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Flood Stalker 69%
To make a flood combatant form stalk u, you will have to follow these instructions:
1.Find a flood combatant form.
2.Shoot off his arms.
3.He will have no arms, and will be literally harmless.
4.He cannot shoot you or melee u
5.He will follow you around, but cannot hurt u.
6.Congragulations!(I think) U are being stalked by a flood combatant form.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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How to get a warthog on a base roof 68%
Start by placing a warthog against a base wall were there is nothing to block it when it flies up and lands on the base. Get a fuel rod,then go infront of the warthog. it should be facing you.Shoot at the ground twice infront of the warthog andwhen its about 2.5m in air shot once more.Its hard to do but you will get it aventualy

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The Pillar of Autumn 2nd way! 67%
You need a Dev trainer with freeze and unfreeze (duh)
Now you can play on any difficulty (normal recommended)
Now when you come to the marine and he says "the Capt wants you on the ship ..."
and when he moves so you can pass FREEZE and go to Capt Keyes and unfreeze skip all fast and when you can move again FREEZE and go out and turn right not left if you were fast the marine should arrive and the door should open.
Now the marine will go trough a tight hall you follow him and he will stand and you will get every second Checkpoint done... about for 10 times men and you will get Courtana saying stuff like "those marines could use your help do what you can do best"and "Warning blast door closing" there are more MSG but they all play at once now the marine should keep moving and you will get to a big space (reminds me on movie at start where the pelicans are) the marine will disappear and there will a pelican board the big space don't come near the pelican it will explode but the marines will survive.The marines
will go to a big blast door and it will open and close relay fast so stick in the middle.Now you can find weapons in that room but you must be on the move because another blast door is there and its I think fast opening and closing.Now you will get at the part where you finish the level just go down the hall kill some covenant and exit.
Glitch:If you shoot any marines no mater dead or injure this doesn't work.
If someone dies this doesn't work.
This doesn't work on minimum recruitment's because there are many loadings.
Plus ending:
On the end this will ha pen: you cant wait can you
A marine will jump and fail to enter the life pod and he will say something like oh no god but master chief pulls him up trows inside and suddenly a covenant will come and pull you out but the marine that you saved will come out push him off you and push you inside the ship and everything else is same.
It toke me the whole month to do this so don't think doing this in a hole in 1
By: dENd(7)
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Swamp Zombie 67%
During the swamp level, you will be introduced to the Flood. Play through the level until you get to the part where there will be a log like bridge. U are still outside and you haven't met the Flood yet. Walk slowly across the log and look on the other side, where the gun turret is. If you are lucky, there will be a shadowy figure running across the ledge. Also, there will be another ledge above u, where there is a bundle of trees. Two more figures will appear. U can attempt to follow them, but they will disappear.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Endless Grenade Kill 67%
WARNING: To do this, you will have to play it on Truth and Reconciliation, and you will have to restart everything to do this.
1. Get to the grav lift area.
2.Just before the cutscene starts, use a plasma grenade
3.Go to the blocks sticking out from the lift
4.Go straight at it and stand in front of it, touching it.
5.Throw the grenade.
6.If done correctly, the plasma grenade will bounce off the block and onto u.
7.Quickly run into the grave lift.
8.The cutscene will start.
9.When you r in the ship, the grenade will be on u, and you will be bombed.
10.The checkpoint will start again in the ship, but the grenade is stuck to you again.
11.The grenade will keep bombing. (u will have to restart the level for this.)
By: Glitcher13(170)
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How to Beat Silent Cartographer in 2 min or less. 67%
Normally, the level Silent Cartographer will take at least half an hour or so. Using this cheat though, you will go through this level with total ease. (U will complete this level in 1 min if you know what you r doing. Newbies will take longer. Just saying.) Play through the level until you get a warthog from Foehammer. Grab it and take 2 marines. Ride to the large structure where there are several Covenant guarding the place. Ignore all the enemies, and ram your warthog in the structure. Drive down the metal tunnel and you will appear in a chamber. Cortana will say something like "Don't let them lock the doors!" Quickly, ride your warthog at full speed and try to wedge into the doorway. If this doesn't work, QUICKLY reload last checkpoint before the captain starts talking. If you manage to get the car in, the front half of the warthog will be in the shaft, while the back will be on the other half of the door. The door is closed. Get out of your warthog and you will see a Zealot in front of u. DONT PANIC HE CANNOT MOVE. This is because you didn't trigger the checkpoint. Once you get out, do not go to your right where the cinema starts. It wastes time. Instead, run left and into another chamber. An elite will be standing there. Kill him and run into the chamber. Ignore all the other enemies and run to the back of the room where there is a blank wall. Turn right and turn on your flashlight. U will see a small passage that leads to a hole. Jump down the hole. U have just appeared into a small alley. Run out and you will see Jackals. Ignore them and run to the area where there are dead marines and health pack. Ammo up, and then run to the edge of the platform. Look down. U will see several platforms beneath u, but your target is the last blue platform. Go to the right edge of the platform. Look down. There is an overshield beneath u. Position urself directly over the overshield, and JUMP. If done right, you should survive and fall on top of the overshield. Now you have just skipped a tiring process and you have an overshield. Turn around and you will see and area that is dark. Shine your light and go between the pillars. U will see a hologram that shows a large ring. That is Halo's control center. Go there and press "E". U have just found your objective.
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Warthog Through the Wall 67%
This glitch is a very handy one to use, especially during Heroic and Legendary. To see this glitch, get a warthog. Then, drive near a wall or under a small tunnel, where the roof is low, but enough to get the warthog in. Then, get in the gunner seat. If you are facing the wall REALLY close, you will phase though it, and see the other side. U can now fire at enemies through the wall, and they will have no clue what is going on. If you are in a tunnel, like in the level Halo where the marines are hiding in the structure, it will be easier to do. Just ride in the shaft, and get on the gunner seat. If done correctly, you will phase through the roof, and can fire at enemies above u.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Fitting A Warthog Into Very Small Gaps 67%
This is a very handy technique to use in tough situations that need a warthog but you can't get one in the place that you need a warthog. Follow these guidelines:
*If the space is the same size as the warthog, moving back and ramming the entrance with full speed should do the trick
*Moving from side to side will move the warthog inch by inch
*Gather up speed and ram
*Attempt to flip a warthog sideways, then, punch the back of it to make it move
*The best technique is using a grenade stuck on it's back it will blow it forward.

Places to Use This:
The part in the Silent Cartographer where you haf to get in the bundle of trees to get to the hunters

The part in the Silent Cartographer where you can glitch by ramming the warthog into the shaft door

In Assault on the Control Room where you can get a warthog into the hallways (although that is basically pointless.)
By: Glitcher13(170)
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The Megg 67%
The Megg is the hardest easter egg in Halo: Combat Evolved. This is the name of Meg, who is friends with the producer of Halo. To see the Megg, follow these instructions. Make sure you are playing in Legendary and in Pillar of Autumn.
1. Once you get out of the cryotube, jump on top of it.
2.From the top of the cryotube, jump on the shield generator.
3.From the shield generator, jump on the walkway.
4.Run from the walkway to the stack of barrels.
5.Jump on the barrel with the yellow stripe. This will trigger the Megg
6.Wait for the tech dude to run out and die.
7.Jump down from the walkway and proceed through the level.
8.Once you meet the guard who says to follow him to the captain.
9.Jump over him and make sure he is behind u.
10.Get to the captain and get the pistol.
11.Kill him or the crewmen.
12.Cortana will order the Invincible Marines to kill u.
13.Run to the door where the marines comes out.
14. The door behind the marines will be opened.
15. That is the secret area where the Megg is located.
16.Go take a look and see what the Megg really is.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Crewman Killed By Invisible Explosion 67%
Play in co-op mode for this. When the level Pillar of Autumn starts, you will see a crewman talking to u. Make sure you finish the tests, and before the crewman runs out of the test room and gets blown up, let one player block a door so the crewman cannot run out and get blown up. Then, the other player will go and run to the area where the explosion will happen. If the explosion happens, you will see something weird. The crewman still in the test room will die and fall back as if being blown up, even though he is still in the test room.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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How to Skip the Light Bridge Cinema 67%
The Light Bridge scene can be annoying to some people, and so is the elite guarding the entrance. In order to avoid both of them, follow these simple instructions:
1. Destroy all enemies around the area
2.U will notice that there is a slanted wall near the control passage
3.Park the warthog next to the slanted wall so that it is touching the wall
4.The wall is not high, but you can't jump it. Jump on the gunner. Now you can jump it. Jump it.
5.Run on the slant and up to the control. Do not go too much to your right, where the elite is positioned, and not too much to your left, where you will fall to your death. Jump off the wall and onto the walkway.
6.The walkway leads to the controls. Run there. Before you activate it, jump up. The elite will see you and run toward u. Press "E". If the elite saw u, the scene will not happen. Quickly run forward and dodge the elite. Jump on the slanted wall and slide down to your warthog. Ride off.
HINT: This is a good way to escape a tiring fight with an elite on Heroic and Legendary.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Riding a Banshee in Assault on the Control Room (Before Super Weapon Level) 67%
Using this glitch, you can ride a banshee during Assault on the Control Room. To do this, you will need a Scorpion, or preferably, a rocket launcher. Find a Banshee Dock, a platform sticking from a canyon wall. This is where the Banshee takes off from. Using a rocket launcher or scorpion, fire at the underside of the platform. It will take several shots, and might not even work. This will require a lot of experience and patience. Keep on firing at the underside, or the glass part. If the firing is enough and hits the right spot, the banshee will fall off the platform and onto the ground. It is now ur's to take!
WARNING: The elite driver will come out pretty soon, and you might not even get to fire one rocket. This is why the rocket launcher is recommended, since they reload faster than the Scorpion.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Timberland cheat 67%
Timberland- How to get onto top of world. first, have a ghost. second go to the top where it doesnt let you go then make sure the ghost pushes you up so you on the top of the world hope that helped:)
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Killing the elite alien troops 63%
In the ''keyes'' level on the ship somewhere to the end there will come black aliens with a lot of grenades and equipment some of them will have fuel rod launchers kill them and stand back the fuel rod guns will take fire and explode killing more aliens
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Taking Out a Wraith In One Shot 63%
Normally, a wraith will take several shots before getting killed. Using this technique, you will save a lot of time. First, grab a sniper rifle. If there is a wraith near u, that is motionless, zoom in. If you are quick, you will see an elite run toward it. That is the driver. Kill him. Now, there is no one to drive the wraith. Using this, you will be relieved of tiring work in Heroic and Legendary. If you fail to kill the driver, or there is no driver present, you will have to resort to using a rocket launcher.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Cinema Kill 63%
In the level Assault on the Control Room, you can be killed by an enemy banshee in a cinema clip. To do so, you will haf to spare the elite riding a banshee. Kill all the enemies with your banshee, but do not kill the other banshee. I recommend shooting rocket launchers on the high platform on your right wall canyon. Once the enemies are dead, strafe with the banshee to get to the other side of the door where several Covenant and the Sword Zealot come out. Or you can open the door and kill them. Once the enemies r dead, go in and open the second door, which leads to last control room door. DO NOT OPEN THE LAST DOOR. After you open the first two doors, go back out and try to draw the enemy banshee's attention. If you r lucky, it will try to ram you and follow you in the tunnel. DO NOT GO ON FOOT. Use a banshee or ghost to lure the banshee. Once you get in front of the last door, get out and open it. The cinema will start, and the enemy banshee will be in it. Do this and you will get a VERY FUNNY SURPRISE!
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Marine Massacre 63%
This glitch works in the Silent Cartographer. Play through the level normally, and when the level is almost ending, when Foehammer is ready to pick you up, get a warthog and drive to where all the other marines are, under the large structure. If you are fast enough, you will see that the beach is littered with dead marines.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Berserk Marine 63%
This glitch is a funny and cool one and it will work anywhere with three or more marines. Start firing at two of them and kill them. The last one will call you a traitor and start attacking u. Using an assault rifle, shoot at his foot, one bullet at a time slowly. Eventually, he will yell something like "You are all gonna die!" and chase u. He will follow you anywhere. This is handy when you want a marine to follow you to places he isn't supposed to go. ( Assault rifle is recommended when doing this glitch. Do not use plasma rifles. They will not work.)
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Best sniping area in myltiplayer (blood gluch) 60%
Either next to the blue/or red base is a giant rock that is connected to the mountain. take a sniper rifle and then take a ghost and drive it up the slit on the left side of the mountain. then get off your ghost, keep your ghost with you so you can make your great escape. then wait for some people to come in your server, thats your chance to rack up some real juicy points thank you.

By: halo master 101(10)
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Meat Shield 60%
This is a very fun thing to do in the beginning of the Pillar of Autumn. When you finish talking with Keyes, kill him. Cortana will order a squad of Invincible Marines to kill u. Crouch behind one of the tech dudes. Marines will come out and start shooting u. The tech dude is in their way, and they will be shot and killed by accident. Do this to other tech guys in the room.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Screaming Marines 60%
This is a very dumb thing to do, but it is funny. To do this, use a warthog. Make sure you haf marines. Then, ride the warthog off a very high cliff. The marines will start yelling and screaming. They will also yell out dirty remarks at your driving. Sometimes, they will scream even when the car is on the ground after the fall.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Marine Killed By a Checkpoint. 60%
Do do this glitch, you will start in the control room of the Truth and Reconciliation. This is where the marines say that they will stay in the room while you go after Keyes. Kill them and leave one marine. He will call you a traitor and start attacking u. Make him go berserk (see the cheat Berserk Marine) and he will chase u. Run to the direction of the prisoner chamber. U will haf to do this quickly. The marine will be following u. Keep on running until you meet the grunts walking in the hallway. Jump over them and run really fast ignoring all enemies. U will see something like Checkpoint Saved. then you can slow down. Play through the level and rescue Keyes. Once they are out of the chamber lead them to the hallway where the berserk marine was fighting the grunts you dodged. He will still be fighting them. This is possible because the checkpoint marks your destination so it can stop all activity behind u. Once your checkpoint was saved, the marine and the grunts will freeze and the "living factor" will leave them and follow u. Anyway, he will still be fighting them. Kill the grunts and lead your squad further on. Look back and you will see the prisoner marines follow you and the berserk marine. Once the caption Checkpoint Saved appears, he will die of no apparent reason.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Opening Red Doors 60%
On the level Truth and Reconciliation, you will notice that there are doors with a red illumination. These are called Red Doors. These are special doors that the game producers make to hold enemies. This is where the Covenant hide and come out when necessary. U cannot open them on your own, but you can with the help of marines. Betray them, and they will call you a traitor. They are now your enemy, and you will notice that Red Doors open for them when you lead them to one. There are no enemies behind the doors because there is no checkpoint that triggers their spawn.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Beating the First Part in Truth and Reconciliation in 2 min. 60%
The easiest way to get through the level Truth and Reconciliation is just running through the levels without stopping. Ignore the Covenant and your marines. Just run to the grav lift. Kill the waves of Covenant and get in. Don't worry about your marines, they will not follow you in the ship even though they stand under the grav lift. the game just makes you think that the number of marines you have following you is the number you will have on the ship. NOT TRUE. they just slow you down. Get in the ship, and you will have marines.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Secret zone on 345 guilty spark 59%
When you are in the pelican inmediatly throw a grenade, if you do it well, the masterchief will not quit of the pelican, wait until the pelican lands and then quit, you are going to be in a secret area. If you want to quit you must have to jump.

Note: when you jump the survival is not guaranted
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Pelican glitch 57%
Go on halo 1 the first levle. When the pelican crashes, drive the worthog in to the back of it. then get on the turret, then, get off, then head to the front, it will say (Press e to fly banshee.) press e. then shoot with the mouse. that is the pelican glitch.
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Best Weapons Against Different Covenant 57%
Jackal: Plasma Rifle (use super blast to drain shield), Plasma pistol, Sniper rifle, Assault rifle, shotgun, pistol,
BEST: Melee
WORST: Needler

Elite: Plasma rifle, plasma pistol, Sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, needler, pistol
BEST: Plasma rifle, assault rifle, pistol (basically anything with repeatedly shots since elites love to move around.)
WORST: Sniper rifle (U will not be able to get the elite within your aim, but if you do, one or two shots will kill the elite. The sniper will probably be the best weapon if you are a professional like me)

Hunter: Rocket launcher, sniper rifle
BEST: Rocket launcher (i hit KO.) Melee will also work. Just hit their weak spot which is the orange and uncovered spot. Two punches will kill it. One sniper shot will kill it in the orange spot. Their back is the most vulnerable
WORST: Plasma weapons DO NOT WORK. They will dissolve against their armor.

Grunt: Any weapon
BEST: Any weapon.
WORST: Nothing, although weapons with little aim area wont work as well, because Grunts can jump around. Also, don't waste your sniper rifle ammo on these guys. Just melee them.

Stealth Elites: Melee, any weapon
BEST: Melee, plasma weapons, assault rifle or pistol
WORST: Nothing. Just melee them and they will die, since they do not have enough stamina as other Elites.

Zealots (Sword Wielding Dudes): In this case, you r up against a strong opponent. U will need weapons that cause a lot of damage.
BEST: Sniper rifle (recommended) Rocket Launcher, Plasma rifle
WORST: Any other weapon
Be careful of these guys. They do not shrink back when shot, they will keep charging forward. Also, they are FAST. A sniper rifle is the best weapon, besides a rocket launcher. Be careful when using this, since the Zealot is most likely to run toward you and you might fire at the ground, killing you both. The plasma rifle is also not a bad weapon, since it shoots repeatedly.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Ghost Gunners 57%
During the level where you appear in a swamp, do the pelican grenade glitch and stay on the pelican. It will take you to a different area in the swamp. Jump off the pelican and run in the direction where the pelican is pointing. You will see two spotlights coming from the tunnel structure. Quickly jump down and face the entrance. Covenant will come running out, ignore them. You will see floating assault rifles firing at them. They will disappear in a few seconds.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Hijacking a Banshee 57%
In Assault on the Control Room, on the part called If I Had A Super Weapon, you will encounter banshees. They are not driven when you run out on the ice bridge, but will quickly be taken by elites if you r not fast enough. It is possible for you to hijack one by running toward it and taking out the elite. This is hard though, since the elite responds to gunshots and will take the banshee quicker than u. The easiest way is to grab the hidden camo in the hallway before the ice bridge. The camo is hidden behind a row of small blocks in the hallway where you encounter a stealth zealot and a stealth elite. Grab the camo and run out. There will be hunters in the room after u, ignore them. Run out to the ice bridge. Now, the enemies will not see you as quick, and you haf more time to hijack the banshee.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Fire Team Zulu Escape Tactic 57%
Using this cheat, you will be able to skip a part of Assault on the Control Room, and save a lot of energy. When you get to the first bridge, keep on running forward, ignoring the sleeping grunts and other enemies. Keep on running until you get next to the jackal walking near a block in the middle of the bridge. Ignore it and jump on the tall section of the block. U will hear Fireteam Zulu home in on the call, and see the pelican fly toward u. When it is flying toward and above u, jump up, and you will see a brief command on your screen saying Press "E" to enter the side seat of Pelican. Do it fast, and if you are REALLY LUCKY, you will appear in the Pelican. It will land, and marines will pile out. Make sure you jump out, and DO NOT RIDE THE PELICAN FURTHER. It will be shot down by banshees later near the part where you get a tank. PRESTO! U have just skipped a very tiring part of Assault on the Control Room.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Cloned Zealot 57%
During the level Silent Cartographer, during the part where the door locks, let the door close. Get out of your warthog and look through the small pane of glass in the middle of the door. U r able to shoot through this. Shoot through the glass and you will eventually kill the Sword Zealot behind it. Then, drive to the structure where you open the locked door. The cutscene will start, and it will show the Sword Zealot run out, standing on a dead version of himself.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Rock gilch on bloodgulch ( Trial or on map ) 53%
At the red base and go to the rock thats shaped lke a gun and go woth a hog and park it backwords and go on hogs gunner and look abd jump off and your in the rock and no one can see you
By: bennettvododo(118)
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Do the super man in halo 50%
Get 1 frag g and 1 r. launcher and throw a frag.g on your feet,count one second then jump, launching the rocket on the g, causing you to jump high for a couple of seconds

note:don do this on campaign mode,only on multi player

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Pod Escape 50%
To do this cheat play the level Pillar of Autumn until you get to the part where Cortana says " The Covenant are destroying the life pods! They really don't want us on that ring!" This is before you enter the first tunnel. There will be three rooms with glass walls that used to hold life pods. Pick any room and you will see that the glass door has different sections. Crouch, and attempt to jump THROUGH the top glass panel. This will take awhile, but eventually, you will jump through the panel and appear on the pod tube. If you have full health, you will be able to jump off into space and stand on nothing.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Wraith Landing 50%
During the level Truth and Reconciliation, when you get to the part where you haf to open the door to let the marines in the chamber, using this glitch will save ammo. Run into the passage and kill the enemies. Look down on the first floor and you will see more enemies running around. I recommend changing your assault rifle for a plasma pistol. Using the plasma super shot, you will kill the enemies faster. Kill them, and then look down. U will see parked wraiths under u. Instead of using the door with red light, where you will have to fight more covenant to get down to the first floor, jump on the wraith. It will absorb all the damage. U are now on the first floor without using the other passage where more Covenant are.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Halo hacker !!!!! 48%
Some of the hack I use in halo

halo maping tools - change wat you can play as, change weapons,ete
halo hacking tool - change wat you can play as, change weapons,ete
devmode trainer - stop time, deathless player,ete
aimbott - head shots

have fun with them!
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Type in {INF AMMO CARNAGE} while playing online
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Traitor Attacking a Traitor 40%
This glitch is pointless to do, but it is fun. To do this, make the marines attack you by killing two or more guards. Leave two. They will call you a traitor and attack u. Make one marine go berserk (see the cheat Berserk Marine). He will run to you and stand in front of you firing at u. The other marine will keep on trying to shoot u, but the marine standing in front of you will get in the way. If you are lucky, the berserk marine will be killed by the other one.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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How to be a grunt or jackle or huner or an eliete 38%
U press xxxabyyyab then choose which one to be and you can change it
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Random Message 38%
To get these random messages, just simply type in .fortune for a character profile. A random message will appear on screen.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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The halo pc cheats 36%
To get the cheats up do alt tad and type the following to make the cheats work:

Godmode 1

give all

invisable 1


complet level
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Disappearing Light Bridge 33%
Play through the level Halo, until you get to the tunnel part where you will have to activate the light bridge. Take out all the Covenant, and run up the small passage where the control panel is. Kill the elite major, and activate the bridge. Then, drive across it and out into the part called Reunion Tour. Save one life pod, then go back to the dark tunnel where the light bridge is. U will see that something turned it off, and the bridge has disappeared.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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Epic jump 33%
On the Silent Cartographer lvl you start the cutsene & then you watch it & then you look down you can see the area were the Silent Cartographer is. it is hard but it is possible to jump form were you are to the shield & live.

Hope it works
By: Dwall(6)
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Unlock all levels 29%
Press A,s,d,f,g at the same time.
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Inside the Pelican 10%
This glitch will allow you to appear inside a pelican, but you will not be able to ride it to its destination.
1. Play any level in Halo, and get to a part where a Pelican will appear to drop something off or pick up survivors. (This glitch is best used in the level Halo.)
2. Stand directly under the spot where the pelican will land.
3. Don't move, and the pelican will land on u.
4. U will be pushed inside.

HINT: U will not be able to get back out. The only way is when the pelican flies off, and drops you on the ground.
By: Glitcher13(170)
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