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Time Crisis: Crisis Zone Cheats for PS2
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Time Crisis: Crisis Zone PS2 Cheats

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Time Crisis: Crisis Zone Cheats

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Time Crisis: Crisis Zone

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Grassmarket District 100%
To unlock the Grassmarket District scenario in story mode, complete
the original Garland Square scenario. Grassmaket District is a
PlayStation2 exclusive mission that follows events 6 years after
the Garland Square scenario.
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Tiger and Edge 100%
Consider Tiger and Edge to be the toughest Bosses of the main
mission, with the exception of the Geyser 1 battle with Lynch and
his collective backup troops. Tiger has brute strength and can soak
up lots of bullets, while Edge (formerly known as Edgey in the
arcade version) uses acrobatics and speed to dodge shots and catch
you off-guard. Get a feel for when Tiger will throw or swing objects
in the area at you, and take cover accordingly. However, Edge is a
greater threat of the 2 due to his lightning speed. Very good
players can deflect his Naginatas with accurate shots. You shouldn't
have to worry about being double teamed, but if given a choice, you
should be more cautious of Edge.
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Time Crisis 4: Unlock Infinite Handgun Ammo 100%
Infinite Handgun
Reach the ending
By: godrayblade(498)
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Deadstorm Pirates trophies 100%
A New Beginning
Register a score in
Ranking Mode.
And a Bottle of Rum
Obtain a YO-HO-HO
rating while manning
the helm.
Captain of the Sea
Clear all stages in
Ranking Mode from
Stormy Sea onward.
Cleared Cave (Bronze)
Clear the Cave in
Cleared Great
Whirlpool (Bronze)
Clear the Great
Whirlpool in Arcade.
Cleared Mountain
Stream (Bronze)
Clear the Mountain
Cleared Stormy Sea
Clear the Stormy Sea
in Arcade.
Cleared Treasure
Clear the Treasure in
Davy Jones' Locker
Reach a total of 10000
Navigator of the High
Seas (Silver)
Obtain an S Rank in
all stages.
Ruler of the Seven
Seas (Gold)
Clear all stages in
Arcade Mode from
Stormy Sea onward
without continues.
Sharpshooter (Silver)
Obtain a "Nice
Combination!" rating
100 times.
Synchronized Shooting
Reach a Teamwork
Level of 100%.
By: godrayblade(498)
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Trophies 100%
765 (Bronze)
Play 765 or more
Ranking Matches in
Online Battle Mode.
Arcade Master
Clear Arcade Mode
Ranking Play.
Battle Hardened
Reach max Level
three times through
Ranking Matches in
Online Battle Mode.
Battle Manual (Silver)
Take down 500
enemies or more
using G Actions in a
Ranking Match in
Online Battle Mode.
Bombs Away (Bronze)
Take down 2 enemies
or more at once with
a grenade in a
Ranking Match in
Online Battle Mode.
Camaraderie Lives On
Get all dog tags in
Story Mode.
Consistency Counts
Clear all stages in
Sentry Mode with a
total score of 100000
points and an
accuracy of 70%.
Eagle Eye (Silver)
Clear Sentry Mode
with 80 Head Shots or
more (limited to All
Stages mode).
Elevator Boy (Bronze)
Take down all
enemies in the first or
second elevator
sequence of Girasol
Advantage (Bronze)
Take down 200
enemies or more
using G Actions in a
Ranking Match in
Online Battle Mode.
Grim Reaper (Silver)
Take down 7650
players or more
through Ranking
Matches in Online
Battle Mode.
Head Guard (Bronze)
Clear Stage 3 of
Sentry Mode with
more than 40000
Head of Special Forces
Take down 4 enemies
or more in a row
without getting killed
in a Ranking Match in
Online Battle Mode.
Hold Down the Fort
Get more than 200000
points in King of the
Hill (must be Ranking
Jack of All Trades
Unlock all Skills
through Ranking
Matches in Online
Battle Mode.
Maintaining the
Peace (Bronze)
Clear Sentry Mode by
eliminating all militia
troops (limited to All
Stages mode).
No 'I' in Team
Get more than 70000
points in Team
Deathmatch (must be
Ranking Matches).
No Rest for the
Wicked (Bronze)
Get 500 continual hits
in Arcade Mode
Ranking Play.
One Man Army (Silver)
Take down 10 enemies
or more in a row
without getting killed
in a Ranking Match in
Online Battle Mode.
Online Sampler
Play all game modes
through Ranking
Matches in Online
Battle Mode.
Overkill (Bronze)
Take down 2 enemies
or more at once with
a Special Weapon in a
Ranking Match in
Online Battle Mode.
Perfect Defense
Clear stage with the
Pathfinder at 30% life
or more.
Perfect Guard
Clear Sentry Mode
with a score of 100000
points or more
(limited to All Stages
Perfectionist (Gold)
Score a perfect on all
Sentry Mode stages
(limited to All Stages
Prison Lockdown
Eliminate more than 7
prisoners in the
Prologue Cleared
Clear the Prologue in
Story Mode.
Rack 'em Up! (Gold)
Clear Arcade Mode
Ranking Play with
more than 3000000
Raise the Flag
Get more than 10000
points in Capture The
Flag (must be Ranking
Right Between the
Eyes (Bronze)
Take down 10 enemy
soldiers or more with
head shots during the
first sniper sequence
of Almada
Rookie Guard (Bronze)
Clear Stage 1 of
Sentry Mode with
more than 30000
SCAR of War (Bronze)
Achieve Level 25
through Ranking
Matches in Online
Battle Mode.
Speedster (Silver)
Clear Arcade Mode
Ranking Play within 16
minutes and 0
Stage 1 Cleared
Clear Stage 1 of Story
Stage 2 Cleared
Clear Stage 2 of Story
Stage 3 Cleared
Clear Stage 3 of Story
Stage 4 Cleared
Clear Stage 4 of Story
Storm Razer
Earn all trophies.
Trigger Finger
Get more than 50000
points in Deathmatch
(must be Ranking
Unstoppable (Silver)
Clear Arcade Mode
Ranking Play using no
Veteran Guard
Clear Stage 2 of
Sentry Mode with
more than 35000
Veteran Troop
Achieve Level 40
through Ranking
Matches in Online
Battle Mode.
View from Above
Clear all Story Mode
stages on HARD
difficulty (Note:
Setting the difficulty
below HARD during
any of the stages will
not unlock the
Weapon Master
Utilize all Special
Weapons through
Ranking Matches in
Online Battle Mode.
White Noise (Bronze)
Destroy all TVs airing
Paulo Guerra's
By: godrayblade(498)
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Increasing lives and credits 98%
Completion of Story Modes will normally gain you one Life and
Credit. This is shown by a screen following completion, indicating
what you have gained/unlocked in the game. Note that losing the game
by running out of Credits can also gain you a Life/Credit. Note that
you can change the number of Credits you start with in addition to
Life, in the game settings.
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Trial mode 98%
Unlock Trial Mode by completing both scenarios in Story Mode
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Recommended zone selection order 98%
Generally, the main mission (Garland Square) should adjust
difficulty to according to player skill, but if you are new to the
game or have not played the arcade version, here is the recommended
order in which you should select the zones, with the least
challenging first, and most challenging last. This also seems to be
the main default order that the game chooses on selection timeout:

Drycreek Plaza (Easy)
Garland Park (Medium)
Garland Technology Center (Hard)
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Additional Crisis Missions 98%
As your Achievement percentage increases (by unlocking various
features and progressing through them), the additional Crisis
Mission categories will be revealed and become available.
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Story Mode Special 98%
Complete both Story Mode scenarios. Story Mode Special allows choice
of the machine gun, plus shotgun and handgun, which all can be
switched between by pulling the trigger while taking cover.
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Zone Bosses 98%
Each zone has its own Boss. The following is a list of zones and the
Bosses which are featured in each:

Drycreek Plaza: M1 Tank
Garland Park: Hind D
Garland Technology Center: Tiger and Edge (URDA Special Agents)
Geyser 1: Derrick Lynch (URDA Leader)
Grassmarket Street: A-0940
Belforte Hotel: Jared Hunter (New Leader) on Jetpack
Crimson Sea: Jared Hunter (New Leader) on Speedboat
*** The appearance of Derrick Lynch has changed greatly from the
arcade version. He now has darker skin, a different uniform, and
looks more menacing. His main weapon has changed in design, but it
still fires like his shotgun did in the arcade.
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