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Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django Cheats for GBA
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Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django GBA Cheats

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Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Continuation passwords 98%
Use the following passwords to continue the game from Boktai with
the listed character.

0C+c-j21 2p8qg0:Z
5#7lmnCw N#l+3+Mc
>tZ>>YG_ ?gLLDX+3
Zwm-^zmn CwNKQmJ:
NM?sdMJz !LNND8+3
Zwm-^zmn CwN#lmJ:
NzWQnfdK F!K8^w#1
/8j48znC wN#lmJ:M
Solar Boy
>W+Jdj-c 0^^qgs7G
5#Mv8yCw N#lmJ:Mc
Solar Boy (alternate)
NSf#fj4L 1-^qMs7G
5#Mv8yCw N#lwJ:Mc
Dark Boy
h9bfvCgX +>@Hf3>-
9Sm^0smm nCw86jmJ
DF74Lj@p +-_7yTsk
4+dlmnCw N#lmJ:Mc
X5zw6j>h MY^qg/:Z
5#7lmnCw N#lwz+Mc
Trigger Of Sol
N0#:7j@B -F_q^::Z
5#7lmnCw N#lwM=Mc
Trigger Of Sol (alternate)
D??:7j@G -F_q^::Z
5#7lmnCw N#lwM=Mc
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Sabata 75%
Successfully complete Spiral Tower to unlock Sabata for multi-player mode
By: megaman765(19)
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Titles 75%
Adept: Reach level 99.

Adventurer: Clear all dungeons and immortal dungeons.

Agent: Beat all requests.

Collector: Get all weapons, armor, and pictures. Mega armor not needed.

Dark Hunter: Defeat every monster.

Day walker: Beat Jormungandr.

Gun Master: Get gun skill to 99 and talk to Sabata.

Fist Master: Fist skill at 99 and talk to Lita.

Hammer Master: Hammer skill at 99 and talk to Smith.

Spear Master: Spear skill at 99 and talk to Smith.

Sword Master: Sword skill at 99 and talk to Smith.
By: megaman765(19)
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Unlockables 75%
Beat the game twice: Cat and mouse mini-game

Beat the game: Wallpaper and stats

Beat Megaman's quest: Megaman Buster
By: megaman765(19)
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