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Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age Cheats for PS2
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Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age PS2 Cheats

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Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age

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Everlasting health 98%
Once your Elf healer gains the Valor move that presets whoever you choose with an instant revival when ever you die, use it at the beginning of each battle on her first, then on everyone else. If you maintain this so that no enemies can truly kill you, you will almost always be the victor.
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Good sword for Berethor 98%
To start the the game with a very good sword for Berethor (the 1st character you start with), do the evil mode of Osgiliath and save it on an early game. By doing this, you will get the Sword Of Isildur, which has a 200+ damage rating. At the beginning of the game, you can give at least 2,000 damage points from a normal hit with this weapon.
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Item Exploit 98%
Go to Eregion after you get the Craft Item Stone. Now, find an Archer. Cast Fellowship Grace with Berethor and the Haste Of The Elves ability with Idrial on whoever has the Craft Item Stone equipped. You will never run out of AP, and the character creating items goes very fast, producing a lot of items. This is especially useful for the Elf Medicine item. Also, you can level up character
abilities that do not damage foes.
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Defeating the Balrog 96%
Stock up on Elf Medicine before fighting the Balrog. Have Gandalf use it to bring you back to life; you will get more unit points back if Gandalf uses it on you. Also, equip any Fire protection Elf Stones you have. The Balrog has about 70,000 HP. Information in this section was contributed by Eodain.
Hint: Transferring Evil Mode treasure: Any treasure acquired in Evil Mode can be transferred to a regular saved game.
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Restore HP and AP 96%
If you are low on HP or AP, find a save point. Save your game then quit to the main menu. Reload the game you just saved and both your HP and AP will be completely full.
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Unlockable: Haldir, Elf lord 85%
Finish the game on hard mode.
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How to get past the balrog 75%
All you have to do is fight with gandalf use items or spiret powers to keep gandalf alive and his ap from running out (use idral). don't keep anyone alive but idral and gandalf. if you have perfect moad use arow voly and with gandalf use 150 valor and keep using that on the balrog. if you don't perfect moad before fighting the balrog see if you could go back and make the eye come keep doing this a fue times until you have perfect (ps if you have low life and the eye is about to come SAVE YOUR WORK!
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Getting your skills up 67%
First go to a place where you the monsters rspawn and just keep usind the skills and they will upgrade make sure your ner a save point so you dont have to use your items
By: jake94(282)
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Hint/cheat 63%
Whenever you save all your company gets full health so if you just save after a realy hard battle you won't need to wast useful food which could be used for in battle emergencies
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Switching Players in a mission 50%
How do you switch players? Simple as that you just hold down R1, L1, R2,L2.
The characters you can be NOTE This might not be all the characters are Hadhod, Idrial, Elegost and Berethor. The strongest attacker is Elegost a little handy tip for battles that is. Elegost's Perfect Mode is Arrow Volley. That kills lots of enemies in battles I think it can kill up to 3 Monsters AKA Orcs at a time. There are lots of missions in CHAPTER 1 lots of them I can not get past in this area of the video game.
By: NBA 2k10 rules(594)
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Walk trough ervrything 2 ways 50%
First playng eregion go to save altair crossroads... go to 1 altair wheare alot trees. 1 tree is near wall. its big tree. you can ger on that tree easely.just walk into that tree and you will see that you geting on it... when you on the tree you can walk on air,walls.... nice:D

And another one... in osgiliath fight against witchking with idrial... when in fight remove disc from playstation 2... and then win against witchking and game is bugged :D you can walk trough evrything :D
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Retreating 30%
If an eye comes and you have just begun the battle but yu don't to fight on your list of atackes go all the way down and you will see the retreat. notice that when a blue orb comes and your in battle you can not retreat.
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Invincabilaty 25%
Never want to die well heres your chance, at the mane menu press up,up,up,squere,circle

sorry if it dosent work because I havent tride it

hope I helped!

by ben kellond hallett
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