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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats Cheats for NDS
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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats NDS Cheats

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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Unlock More Hunters 100%
Unlock new hunters (characters) on wi-fi mode by killing them in campaign.
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Ripping Cretaphid's Eyes Out With A Splenda-Blender 100%
One of the best ways to take down Cretaphid is to obtain the magmul weapon. With
the magmul armed and ready you stand a great chance of victory. If used
properly, can take out 2 or 3 eyes at once. Just aim at the center of a
group of blue eyes. They must be pretty close to each other for magmul to work
its magic. Use your missile launcher to take out the crystal as it is easist to
aim with.
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Compression Chamber 100%
You must play 4 local games
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Stage Bouncing 100%
If you are stuck at Slench 2A or any boss past that and keep running out of ammo
or life, then just skip it and go to Celestial Archives. Yes you can do that and
while you win the archives stage, be sure to pick up 4 UA Expansions (that is
120 extra shots), 1 energy tank and 1 missile expansion.

Then skip Slench 3B and go to Alinos. Be sure to pick up 2 UA Expansions,
(that is 60+120 extra shots) and an energy tank.

Then skip Cretaphid V3 and head to Acterra. Pick up another 2 UA Expansions,
(now a total of 240 extra shots) and a missile expansion.

skip Cretaphid V4 and head to V.D.O. While beating this final level, be sure to
pick up 1 UA Expansion and 1 Missle Expansion. Now head back to Slench 2A and
try again. You should now have 270 extra shots plus 198 extra life. You should
find it easier.
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Gateway Arenas 100%
You must Land on a new level in single player.

Unlockable: Fault Line
You must play 22 local games.
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Morph/Retro Jump (demo version) 100%
In survivor mode, make sure you are not too close to a wall. Tap the
Morph icon on the touch screen (or B if in touch-shoot mode) Lay one
mine. Note the energy spikes (blue lines) radiating off. Wait for
them to converge directly under you. Now, tap the Morph icon (or B)
to be sent up higher than normal. *** You can also jump for more
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Death Spot in survivor mode (demo version) 100%
When the level starts, turn left. Follow the corridor. You will
enter a large open area. Look to the left to see a console and a
huge horizontal blue core above it. Jump on the console. If facing
the wall, look to the right. (where the caged area is located; it
contains a blue ammo pickup). Walk towards the caged area, staying
on this raised part of the wall. You will notice a small arch, just
big enough for Samus. The back part of the right part of the wall is
completely passable. If you walk through it, you will die.
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Elder Passage 100%
You must play 18 local games.
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Morph Jump 100%
Turn into a ball then lay down a bomb. You have to be quick. As soon as the bomb
explodes turn back into normal mode and jump and you will go higher than normal.
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Fuel Stack 100%
You must play 20 local games.
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Double Jump (demo version) 100%
If you are in the air at any time in survior mode and did not jump
to get there (Morph Jump, fall off platform, etc.) you can jump. For
example, if you accidentally fall off a platform, jump quickly and
hold Back. This also allows you to jump on top of the level with a
Morph/Retro Jump.
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Get the alien thing off your head (demo version) 100%
To get the alien off your head, morph into the ball and set 2
mines. This should also kill it as well.
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Charging rocket launcher (demo version) 100%
Obtain the red missile icons 2 times (in multi-player or single
playe rmode), then hold or tap and hold Fire.
Hint: Charging Electro Lob in multi-player mode (demo version):
In Trooper Module, morphball and go to the tiny spacing that
launches you to the center. Obtain icon with bombs 2 times, then

In Assault Cradle, go outside on either opposite side or in the
center. Obtain icon with bombs 2 times, then charge.
Hint: Rapid fire with Powerbeam (demo version):
Select the stylus control type. Now, go to either regulator or
survivor training modes. Now in order to shoot fast, have your
fingers on both L and R and start pressing them one at a time very
fast in sequence. Pressing L + R will cause you to shot 2 shots at
the same time.
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Super Missiles (demo version) 100%
In multi-player mode, get as much of the energies (weapon energies)
as you can, then get a the missile. Once obtained hold Fire (when
you select the missile icon so that you have missiles) and you will
start charging with the missiles.
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Head Shot 100%
You must play a four-player match.
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Glitch: Multi-player: See out of level (demo version) 100%
Start by doing the "Multi-player: Run while floating on wall"
glitch. Once the person is on the wall and running forward, have
that person run forward and towards the corner where the wall meets
the other wall that goes to the rest of the level. After awhile, the
screen on the person running on the wall should shake up and down to
the point where you can see out of the level. If this does not
happen, try jumping while still walking forward.
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Compression Chamber 100%
Simply play 4 local games.
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Glitch: Multi-player: Run while floating on wall (demo version) 100%
This trick requires 2 Nintendo DS systems and the game for both of
them. Start a multi-player game on the Ancient Vestige level. Once
both players are in the game, have both of them go to the corridor
shown on the right side of the map (with the damage power-up in it).
At the beginning of the corridor (where it connects to the rest of
the level), have one player face the wall with 2 pipes running
horizontal on it. Now, jump forward towards the pipes and continue
to walk forward. Your screen should shake up and down while you are
running forward. The other player should then look at the player who
is still walking into the wall. The other player should see the
person running in place, floating above the ground in front of the
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Glitch: Multi-player: Have body parts disappear into a wall (demo version) 100%
Start by doing the "Multi-player: Run while floating on wall"
glitch. Once you are there, walk out of the corridor and face the
pipes; to the left, you should see a corner with a chunk missing out
of it. Have one player walk to the corner, facing it. While facing
it, walk into the corner slowly while hanging a little to the right.
If done correctly, the other player should see your leg slide into
the wall. Once your leg is in, you can move your torso around to try
to get your blaster arm to also disappear into the wall. *** Do
not move in any direction, just pivot; you will see it on both
screens. This glitch is difficult to replicate.
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Video trailer (demo version) 100%
Complete all of the training courses and get at least in fifth place
on the leader board on all the training courses. Once you complete
the last one, the "Play Video" option will be unlocked on the touch
screen. Touch it to se a short video of Samus discovering some
enemies followed by a URL, After you watch
it once, you can watch it again by touching a small red dot at the
bottom right of the main screen.
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Council Chamber 100%
You must play 16 local games.
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Incubation Vault 100%
You must play 6 local games.
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Jump higher with Morphball (demo version) 100%
Go into Morphball mode and remain absolutely still. Set all bombs
down quickly. Once the bombs explode, immediately change to normal
mode. You should jump even higher.
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Harvester 100%
You must play 12 local games.
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Unlockable hunters 100%
There are 7 hunters in the game, all of which can be unlocked by getting to a certain point in Adventure Mode or by playing against them in multiplayer. Here are the hunters and how they are obtained:
Unlockable How to Unlock
Trace Defeat Trace for the first time
Noxus Defeat Noxus for the first time
Sylux Defeat Sylux for the first time
Weavel Defeat Weavel for the first time
Kanden Defeat Kanden for the first time
Spire Defeat Spire for the first time
By: fence71(149)
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Wi fi unlockables 100%
Win Wi-Fi matches to earn points, losing matches losses points.
Get the following amount of points to unlock the ranks.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Rank 1-Bounty Hunter 0-39 Multi-Player Points
Rank 2-Super Hunter 40-139 Points Multi-Player Points
Rank 3-Elite Hunter 140-389 Multi-Player Points
Rank 4-Master Hunter 390-749 Multi-Player Points
Rank 5-Legendary Hunter 750-MAX Multi-Player Points
Getting a medal emblem on your Hunter Record.
By: fence71(149)
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How to Fight Gorea 2 100%
How to Fight Gorea 2

When you walk into the room where you fight Gorea you may notice color things on the wall. They are there for a reason, if you shoot them in the order below and then kill Gorea you will then face Gorea 2.

Yellow (Volt Driver), Green (Battlehammer), Orange (Magmaul), Blue (Shock Coil), Purple (Judicator), and finally Red (Imperialist)

If done correctly you will hear a chime and you will get a message that pops up on your screen.
By: fence71(149)
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Metroid prime hunter walkthrough 100%
As you can see, this is totally made up.

(1) Name of the boss.
(2) Difficulty of the boss on the first try or so out of 5.
(3) Attacks or weapons of the boss.
(4) The different scans avaliable in the boss fight. Note, I will hardly point out to scan the boss.
(5) General discription on how to beat the boss. It sometimes might not be the best way, so you don't have to follow every single exact step of it. It's just my way of beating the boss.

That's all for the intro. Now run, run into the wild!

Kanden - **

Alt: Stinglarva
Weapon: Volt Driver - Disrupts your visor for a few seconds.
Scans: Kanden, Stinglarva

Kanden's pretty easy. When you first meet him, he'll turn into the Stinglarva
and...squirm away. Follow him and when he sees you, he'll turn into the
Stinglarva once again. Shoot him from a distance unless you want to get hit by
his homing tail-bombs. When he goes into his biped mode, he'll go to the
platform in the middle and start to shoot giant electric bolts at you or small
rapid shots. Avoid them by strafing to the left or right, all while continuing
to shoot him. When he starts to charge towards you, (when he has low health)
run backwards while shooting him and go into morph ball when he goes to his
alt. At this time, drop bombs dish out some more damage.

Spire - **

Alt: Dialanche
Weapon: MagMaul - Sets you on fire for a few seconds, losing energy on the way.
Scans: Spire, Dialanche

It starts off a little tricky, as soon as you enter the battle, he'll attack
you from a high ledge, so you'll have to shoot him from the ground. When he
takes enough hits, a mini-cut scene will show you which door you have to go to.
When you go to the room to the right after you enter, you'll be trapped. Destroy
the portal-esque things the rollers are coming out of. Once done, Spire will
attack you from a open hole above. Shoot him until he jumps in the room. Now
it'll be a little cramped in there, but he'll be in hisalt form the whole time
in there, and he just goes around in circles , so strafe and shoot him down
until he runs away. Follow him and he'll be in a high ledge. Shoot him while
strafing and he'll jump down. When he's on your level, run backwards and keep
shooting him. Strafe while you run too. You don't need to use your missles, but
if you're having a little trouble, use them. When he turns into his alt, avoid
him by jumping until he returns to his biped. Keep shooting him and repeat.

Weavel - ***

Alt: Halfturret
Weapon: Battlehammer - Knocks you back and has good blast radius.
Scans: Weavel, Halfturret (Torso or turret, it doesn't matter.)

Now, you WILL get hit by Weavel, so turn off your sound if you get distracted
too much. Strafe arround the room while shooting him like crazy until he reaches
his halfturret mode. You shouldn't lose much health if you continue to strafe
and shoot. Anyways, once in halfturret mode, he'll be much easier, he might not
even hit you! Strafe or run backwards around the room (adjust your running)
while shooting his upper half of his body. If you strafe around the room, the
turret won't be able to hit you. Anyways, continue to shoot the upper half until
he retreats into the tunnel. Now you might have to take out the turret, but
that won't be hard. Anyways, follow him at the end of the tunnel and quickly
turn into your biped mode and start shooting Weavel. Once again, you will get
hit, so don't worry too much about that. Strafe around the sand area (with the
zoomers) and try to aim for headshots. Once in halfturret mode, do the same
procedure and he should be down. If you need health or ammo, shoot the plants
or the zoomers.

Sylux - ***/****
Alt: Lockjaw
Weapon: Shock Coil - Heals Sylux
Scans: Sylux, Lockjaw

Yeah, he's pretty tough. He has a good amount of HP and his attack is pretty
strong for a weapon like that. If you stay in the range of his weapon, which
is pretty long, you'll be in a world of hurt. First, scan him. Then run as
back as you can while trying to shoot him wiht your Power Beam or Battlehammer.
It'll be a little tough aiming but try. You'll then have to turn or you'll be
against a wall.follow that path while running backwards. When he
turn into Lockjaw, he'll hover away most of the time, but don't follow him.
Instead, cut him off and shoot him. When he comes close to you, jump to avoid
him and the trip wires. When you damage him enough, he'll go the area that was
once closed. By the way, strafing doesn't help here as the Shock Coil has good

Sylux, Delano 7 - **
Attacks: Sylux: Same as before. Delano 7: Autocannon
Scans: Sylux, Lockjaw, Delano 7 (as a object scan)

When you enter the area you followed him into, the entrance will close and he'll
start attacking you. Shoot him from where you are or go to the very left and
down in the room. You'll be in a corner and when he pops in, shoot him. He'll
constantly switch between his alt and his biped, so the Shock Coil isn't much
of a threat anymore. When you damage him enough, his gunship, Delano 7, will
come in and attack. Scan it and go back in the corner. If you stay there, the
Delano 7 won't be able to hit you. Keep shooting Sylux when he pops in or if
you have a good shot, but don't get out or else you'll get hurt. You can also
get behind the crate in that corner and the Delano's and Sylux's attacks won't
hurt you. However, the crate can only take so much, so shoot the Delano's hull
to temporarily drop its weapons and shoot Sylux. Don't shoot the crate though.
When the crate finally gives in, take the Large health pack and continue with
the stragegy above.

Noxus - ***/****
Alt: Vhoscythe
Weapon: Judicator - A charged shot can freeze you.
Scans: Noxus, Vhoscythe

Noxus can be tough if you stay in the small area that you entered. The reason he
's such a pain is that he can freeze you and can deal extra damage when he does
freeze you. Get into the open area where he was fighting Trace and shoot him
with your Power Beam or Battlehammer from there. If he comes running at you
with a charged shot, get into morph ball form and boost away or go up the ramp
and jump down to try to lose him. When he turns into his alt, it'll be a little
easier. Jump to avoid him and keep shooting him. When he goes under the ramp,
go back into the room you entered and blast him away with your missles from
there. Don't worry, he won't move from that spot. He'll still shoot, but they'll
be single shots. If you do go out in the open, Trace will snipe you multiple
times, so don't do that. Continue with that strategy and he should go down.

Trace - ***
Alt: Triskelion
Weapon: Imperialist - Turns Trace invisible, sniping weapon.
Scans: Trace, Triskelion

The first time you meet him, he'll be fighting with Noxus. You'll want to kill
him then and there, but don't, since he'll somehow get the ability to fire his
weapon really fast, and thats bad for your health.

The second time will be when you're trying to go to your ship before time runs
out. Yes, this battle is timed, but it should be enough time to beat him. When
you first fight him, he'll be upon a ledge sniping you. Shoot him from the
ground until he comes down. When he goes into triskelion, jump to avoid him,
but do it quickly, because his dash attack hurts. After you deal enough damage
he'll run, quickly follow him or else he'll turn invisible and you'll have a
tough time trying to find him. However, him turning invisible is actually a
good thing. When you follow him and he starts to stop, don't shoot him. Instead,
charge up your Judicator, (make sure the one shot before the charge doesn't hit
him) and shoot him from a distance. Then continue the strategy. You can also
shoot the plants when he's invisible for health. He spends most of his time in
the Triskelion, so it should be easy. Repeat the strategy and he should go down.
His defense isn't as great as the other hunters, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Cretaphid v1 - *

Attack(s): (3,4)Lasers
Scans: Cretaphid v1

A pushover right here. First of all, scan it. Then you have to destory the blue
orbs surrounding this pole thing while staying between 2 of the lasers that it
fires. Once done, a cube-like item will appear at the very top of the Cretaphid.
Shoot it with your power beam or knock some missles into it. When it goes back
inside, the lasers will move down a level. Continue the same tactic for this
level and the next. When the lasers reach the bottom, it'll be a little more
tricky. buts not difficult to master. The lasers will move up and down, but
that won't be a problem if you stay in between. It should fall down in no time.

Slench 1 - **

Attack(s): Green Venom Torpedo, Deutrium Laser, (3) Energy Blasters
Scans: Slench 1a, Slench 1b, Energy Blaster

A little challenging, but not hard. Scan it in his 1a form and attack its
tentacles. Strafe to avoid the shots the tentacles take, and shoot the green
energy balls (torpedos) that come out of the eye to get some health and missle
packs. Don't worry, they go pretty slow. Oh, don't forget to scan the Energy
Blasters. When all the tentacles are gone, the eye will detach itself from the
wall and it'll enter mode 1b, scan it. Countinue to strafe while shooting the
red dot in the middle and avoiding its attack. You can afford to get hit once
in a while, don't worry. You can use missles if you want, but later on, the eye
will go faster and they'll miss a lot. Continue to do this, and thats it,
no special tricks or anything. Also, when the tentacle at the bottom starts to
appear, shoot it for some quick shots and it might even retreat back inside. If
you do it to all of them quicky, they won't even fire a shot!

Cretaphid v2 - *
Attacks(s) - Heat-seeking Plasma Shots
Scans: Cretaphid v2

Yeah, this thing again. Anyways, this guy is just as easy, if not easier. It has
no lasers, so all you have to do is strafe around the Cretaphid to avoid the
slow-moving Plasma and shoot the clue orbs. The big catch is that the blue orbs
tend to turn red, meaning you can't damage them. Its still easy though, and once
they turn back into blue, destroy them. Once the orbs are destroyed, the cube
thing will pop up from the very top...again. Blast it with missles with
strafing to avoid its attack and repeat. When strafing though, don't change
direction or else you'll run into the plasma. If you start to lose health, the
destroyed orbs will drop some health packs. Overall, this guy is pathetic.

Slench 2 - ***

Attack(s): Superheated Magma (Energy Blasters), Green Venom Torpedos
Scans: Slench 2a, Slench 2b, Energy Blasters (if you didn't do it before)

Once again, you are fighting the Slench. This time, it has fire-esque tentacles
and a magma attack. Other than that, its basically the same thing as the Slench
before it. However, you can only attack the tentacles with the Judicator, any
other weapon will jus tickle it. Anyways, once you take all 3 tentacles down
(3 shots each), the eye will detach from the wall and start shooting magma at
you. Try to avoid those, or else you'll get burned. Use the charged Judicator
on the eye until is screams, or moans, or goes back into the wall...whatever.
Anyways. after a while, it'll take 4 shots to take the tentacles down, but
thats no problem. Continue to attack them and shoot the eye. If you need health,
go to the very back of the room when its in 2a form. Keep shooting the green
torpedos for energy packs and UA packs. The magma can't reach you there and you
can suck in the packs with your charge shots.

Cretaphid v3 - ***

Attack(s): (3,4) Laser, Heat-seeking Plasma Shots
Scans: Cretaphid v3

Mmmm, pole battle. This is basically the same thing as it's predecessors, but
combined. Staying in between the lasers won't work here, as the lasers are
slower than the plasma. So if you stay in between the lasers, the plasma will
have fun depleting your health. Lets not make that happen. When strafing, try to
jump over the lasers or run under them while shooting at the orbs around the
Cretaphid. Once they're all gone, switch to your missles and start shooting at
the cube. Like the previous versions, strafe around the cube to aviod its shots
will continuing to attack it with missles.
Once you drop it to about 2/3 health or after a certain time, the cube will go
back in, same as the last versions. And now you have to repeat the process, only
it'll get harder as the lasers move down a level. And...thats about it,
there's nothing much more about this thing.

Slench 3 - ****

Attack(s): Electromagnetic Pulse (Energy Blasters), Green Venom Torpedoes, Ram
Scans: Slench 3a, Slench 3b, Energy Blasters (if you haven't done it before)

Annoying is the word to describe this third version of Slench. Slench now has
new weapons up its...tentacles. Speaking of tentacles, the only thing that can
hurt them is the Battlehammer, so keep that equiped. Moving on, the battle
starts like the other 2, how original. You know the drill: Avoid the shots, hit
the tentacles, big eye-thing goes in the air. The works.

Once its in the air, use the Judicator to attack it until it closes up. When it
does it, get the hell out of the way! This ram attack is very annoying since its
tough to avoid. To try to avoid this, run as far away from the Slench or
boost ball away. Either way will hopefully work. Anyways, shoot its eye, dodge
attacks, wait until it goes back on the wall.

Now everything will repeat itself. The only changes are that it'll become
faster and stronger later on in the battle. You know, like most video game
If you start to run low on health and ammo, do the same thing as in Slench 2:
Go to the back of the room and take out your power beam. Shoot the torpedoes and
drag the ammo and health packs with your charge beam. Don't worry for the Energy
Blasters, they can't reach you there.

Cretaphid v4 - ****

Attack(s): (3,4) Laser, Heat-seeking Plasma Shots
Scans: Cretaphid v4

This is the last of the pole-thing that you'll see, so kill it quickly! Its the
same as the last three, only it moves around the room now and its laser is more

Once again, you'll have to avoid the lasers while you strafe to avoid the
plasma shots. Once again, jump or go under the lasers. Once again, hit the orbs
around the Cretaphid while avoiding the attacks. Once again, blast the cube with
missles. Once again, it gets faster and the lasers move down one level as its
health decreases. Once again, if you need health, the orbs occasionally drop
health packs. Once again, repeat.

Slench 4 - ****

Attack(s): Supercooled Plasma (Energy Blasters), Green Venom Torpedoes, Ram
Attack, Rolling Attack
Scans: Slench 4a, Slench 4b, Energy Blasters (this is the last time you can scan
it...if you actually missed the other three...)

This boss is more of a 3 1/2 star type, but whatever. Once again, same as its
previous versions with some diffrent attacks. Oh, and Slench now hangs from the
ceiling, the Plasma shots can hit you where ever you go. And yes, the shots can
freeze you. How lovely.

In its 4b form, instead of floating, it immediatly drops to the bottom and
starts rolling in a predictable circular motion. You can't damage it, so go to
a far end of a corner and wait until it realizes that rolling around in circles
is just plain stupid.

Okay, only the magmaul can damage the tentacles, so keep that in mind. Once all
three tentacles are gone, avoid the rolling attack and attack the eye with the
Magmaul or the Volt Driver. (Judicator might work, I forgot. >_>) Keep strafing
to avoid the plasma shots and head as far away from Slench when it's about to
ram you. You can go into your morph ball or run. There are a lot of torpedoes
here too, so shoot them for health and ammo. And like I said, the plasma shots
can hit you where ever you are, so you can't wait at the door for the green
torpedoes. Keep damaging it until it retreats to the ceiling.

Repeat the process and the final Slench will be gone, leaving you will a warm,
fuzzy feeling that your future will remain Slenchless

Gorea - ***

Attacks: All the Hunter's weapons (with affinity), slam, Tentacle, Trocra
Scans: Gorea, Gorea (when Seal Sphere appears), Gorea Arm, Gorea Seal Sphere,

This is it, the final boss! Eh...not so tough, but in my opinion, a good
detailed boss. This huge arena has a giant electric cirlce floor that serves
as a boundary if you venture too far.

Anyways, Gorea's weakness depends on what color he (it?) changes into. Here's
a list:

Yellow - Volt Driver
Green - Battlehammer
Purple - Judicator
Orange - Magmaul
Blue - Shock Coil
Red - Imperialist

And yes, Gorea changes in that order. Anyways, use those weapons on their
designated colors on Gorea's shoulders. You should see them: They each have a
giant glowing orb. I recommend using the Shock Coil or the Imperialist. The
others are nice, but the weapons I recommend are more effective. If you're using
the Shock Coil, wait until he turns blue, and hold the fire button. Aim for the
front of his shoulders and if you're too late and he turns red, fire the
Imperialist. The Imperialist should take out the shoulders in one hit. Also, if
you get to close, he'll slam you with his arms, but they can be avoided.
Anyways, whatever weapon you use, you'll eventually go to the second part of
this fight.

Here, the weapon that can harm the Seal Sphere depends on what color Gorea is
right now. Thats why I recommend the Shock Coil or the Imperialist, although
Imperialist can dish out more damage faster. Anyways, you'll have to damage the
Seal Sphere while strafing to avoid the tentacle until it disappears. If the
tentacle does get you, try to shoot the sphere to make the tentacle disappear,
or you'll have to wait until it slams you to the ground. Now Gorea will grab
the Trocras from outside the electric floor and start to throw them at you.
Avoid them and keep shooting the Seal Sphere. If you need help, you can shoot
the Trocras outside the ring for ammo and health.

After some damage, Gorea will change back into the first form. Repeat the
process and Gorea should go down in no time.

Gorea 2 - ***

Attacks: Fire Meteor, Laser
Scans: Gorea 2


Whether you followed the instructions above or not, you either get the 'bad
ending' or a cutscene leading up to this battle.


NOTE: Only the Omega Cannon can damage Gorea.

A remix of the Metroid Prime boss battle, nice. The battle starts with you
on top of a blue platform with Gorea in front of you. Turn back and climb your
way to the bottom until you see a shield with the Omega Cannon inside. Now, the
shield won't open until you recieve a Gunship Transmission. It shouldn't take
long though, so grab the Omega Cannon and shoot Gorea. (He should be around
where you are currently.) He'll disappear and reappear in either the same spot
or somewhere below the blue arena. You can find him by searching or follow where
the meteors came from. When you find him, shoot him. Eventually, he'll go to the
blue, swirly arena at the top and the battle gets easier from there.

You can get up to two shots before he disappears into another area of the blue
arena or in the lower levels. If you need health, there's Large energy packs
lying around and you can also destroy the meteors. Keep doing this and Gorea
will be gone.
By: fence71(149)
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Unlockable areas 100%
Unlockable Arenas

These arenas are unlocked in different ways.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Sanctorus play 2 local games
Compression Chamber play 4 local games
Incubation Vault play 6 local games
Subterranean play 8 local games
Outer Reach play 10 local games
Harvester play 12 local games
Weapons Complex play 14 local games
Council Chamber play 16 local games
Elder Passage play 18 local games
Fuel Stack play 20 local games
Fault Line play 22 local games
Stasis Bunker play 40 local games OR a wifi game
Head Shot play a four-player match
Gateway Arenas Land on a new level in single player
Oubliette Beat the second form of the final boss
Unlock the Record Table
By: fence71(149)
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Unlock record table and sound test 100%
Unlock the Record Table

Beat the game once to unlock the Record Table. The table shows the top times achieved in Adventure Mode total game time and the final boss times. It is accessible from the Main Menu.
Sound Test In Options
Unlockable How to Unlock
Sound Test Beat Gorea's second phase
Hunters License
By: fence71(149)
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Hunter license umlockables 100%
Does not matter if you play online or not, as this is total multiplayer matches. Have to reach these win levels to have a small lightning bolt emblem on the left side of your hunters license.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Bronze 25 Total Wins
Silver 100 Total Wins
Gold 200 Total Wins
License Unlockables
Unlockable How to Unlock
Octolith Icon 100% scans when you complete the game
Alimbic Symbol in Hunter License Beat Adventure Mode while getting under 100%
Border You have to have played over 500 games, Wi-Fi or local.
Golden Border Play over 500 games, WiFi or local, while keeping a 5-star rank on your liscense.
How to Unlock the Hunters
By: fence71(149)
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Battle hammer location 100%
Go to the federation defense outpost go through the nearest morph ball chamber go up then hit the boosters. then when you are in the room scan the 4 locks and then it's all yours.
By: gun man 3609(76)
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Missle expansion 100%
Go to the fuel stack in located in the federation outpost then stop the energy overflow then go towards the bottom.
By: gun man 3609(76)
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Imperialist 100%
Go to the regular boss portal then as you are leaving if you have magmaul go to the orange door shoot it with magmaul then shoot the halmet sucking aiens shoot all them then shoot and kill the ice monster best defense magmaul then when he dies you get the imperialist.
By: gun man 3609(76)
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Judicator support 100%
Whenever you are doing a boss use the judicator it's mows 'em down quicker.
By: gun man 3609(76)
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Volt driver 100%
Go to celetial archives and go to the green unlock room at the far left in one of the data shrines.
By: gun man 3609(76)
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All abilitys 88%
To get all the abilities of all the hunters in multi player mode go to prime hunter become kanden get the imperalisit wait 1 second and you will be invisible the get the magmaul charge it up shoot it at someone and it will start burning get the volt driver charge it it will home on your opponent.get the battle hammer shoot it and it will do more damage.get the rocket charge it shoot it it will home on your opponents.get the shock core use it and it will heal you.
get the judicator charge it and it will freeze anyone near you.
By: shad900(85)
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Easy Ways to defeat slenchs, Cretaphids, Gorea 1, and Gorea 2 75%
Ok first Slenches: There are 4 types of slenches, they each have a wepon YOU can obtain, but these guys have weaknesses. The battlehammer slench can be owned with the Yolt driver, the volt driver slench owned with the battlehammer, judicator slench weak to magmaul, the magmaul slench weak to judicator.

Next Cretaphids: 2 words: shock coil, move around the cretaphid in a circle, while shooting the shock coil.

The mighty Gorea 1: you'll need ALL the wepons for this, Gorea will change color, green, yellow, blue, red, orange, or purple. use the wepons that match his current color, like battle hammer if hes green. you can only shoot his arms. when both arms are gone he'll morph and a ball will be over him. if a tenacle comes out shoot it! it will do 100 damage. while hes like this you can kill the floating things for health and ammo. sometimes he will throw them at you. use the color method on the ball. first aim will the imperalist then change to the correct wepeon and keep shooting.

And finally the almost invincable Gorea 2: before you start shooting gorea 1 look at the higher walls. you'll see "buttons". shoot them with the wepons that match their color in THIS order: Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, and Red. then own gorea. there will be a video and you will be teleported to oubilete. you will see gorea floating without his arms or legs. jump to the bottom of the arena. wait a few seconds and then shoot the big diamond. you will pick a up wepon called omega canon. keep shooting gorea with it. any other wepon wont do anything. eventully he will shot you with mini meteors, that have health! after you kill him another video will appear. then the credits, BUT if you skip the credits you'll have to beat both goreas over again. so wait. BYE
By: Pokeman99(247)
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Defeat enemy in one shot 67%
Go into morph ball, then roll into an enemy. during collision, plant bomb and enemt will explode right away!
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Turning the kriken guy invisible 67%
When play multi player select that red guy then get the sniper then stay in one place and your gone and body will turn invisble!
By: shad900(85)
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Making sylux fly! 67%
To make sylux fly select sylux in multi player mode then select any arena with low gravity then use his bombs 3 times and he has to be outside and it will word!
By: shad900(85)
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Hint:metroids are not aline things there ems 67%
Well freeze it and then use missles or do two bombs close to it kill it or be its food
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Spire climb 60%
As spire's alt-form, use the d-pad and rollto a wall, still holding the d-pad. spire will climb the wall.
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How to fight Gorea 2, unlock the good ending, and the Oubliette 43%
Throughout the game you may have collected Alimbic Prophecies in the Lore section of you logbook. They say things like "In the beginning, the darkness shall be torn asunder by a bolt of YELLOW lightning. These are instructions on how to unlock Gorea 2.

The room where you fight Gorea has several different colored panels in it. You have to shot the panels according to their color in the order that the prophecies give you and with the gun that corresponds to that color. For example: Yellow is the Volt Driver which is represented by a yellow symbol and has a yellow blast.

The order is:
Yellow (Volt Driver), Green (Battlehammer), Orange (Magmaul), Blue (Shock Coil), Purple (Judicator), and Red (Imperialist)

After shooting them in the correct order, you then have to defeat Gorea and you'll unlock Gorea 2. By defeating Gorea 2, you get to see the good ending to the game and you unlock the Oubliette stage in multiplayer which allows you to use the most powerful weapon in the game, the Omega Cannon.
By: chikken21(9)
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