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Sprung Cheats for NDS
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Sprung NDS Cheats

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Sprung 378869How to get pass becky on sprung Answers: 0
Sprung 441844Sketchy ex boyfriend Answers: 1
Sprung 514436When im trying 2 find brett how do I help all of the people? Answers: 0
Sprung 623791How do I get conor to leave before =brett get there Answers: 0
Sprung 717195How do I know if connor is cheating? Answers: 1
Sprung 522076How do you get Breet to go out with Becky? Answers: 1
Sprung 522079How do I get Elliot to go out with Shana? Answers: 0
Sprung 531900WEhat is the right order to woo shana when your brett? Answers: 0
Sprung 588636How do I get becky to seduce elliot Answers: 0
Sprung 646290How do you get past conquering conor? Answers: 0
Sprung 732876How do you get conor to go out with you? Answers: 0
Sprung 748988How do I get passed kiki to get to break Answers: 0
Sprung 774646What do you say to Shana when your trying to get Elliot and Shana together? PLEASE HELP! Answers: 0
Sprung 854115How to impress connor's friends plz help Answers: 0
Sprung 933907How do you past the hot tub rub on sprung Answers: 0
Sprung 492729How do you pass the level Hormone Havoc? Answers: 0
Sprung 492735If Becky got the modeling job and she has to impress Conor's friends so you can still date him, how do you talk to Elliot? Answers: 2
Sprung 397891How do I get kiki into the hot tub Answers: 1
Sprung 446622How do I get danny to leave so I can go see becky without hurting anyones feelings? Answers: 1
Sprung 583595How can I get shana to give brett candy a second time? Answers: 1
Sprung 125991How do I get passed the part where becky has to get conor to kiss her? Answers: 3
Sprung 130309How do you persaude conor to go out with becky Answers: 1
Sprung 42741On the scavenger hunt when your brett how do youy get a dragon tattoo Answers: 1
Sprung 5937How does brett win the babe hunt? Answers: 1
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