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Cry Freedom Cheats for DVD
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Cry Freedom DVD Cheats

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Cry Freedom

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Hidden Trailer 100%
Click on [Filmography] and then [Kevin Kline]. When you see the [Fierce Creatures] in the film list, press [Up] and the line under it will highlight. When you click on it their will be a hidden trailer for "Fierce Creatures".
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Cry Freedom 433732Additinal sceenes have been added to the escape of donald and the family. why is the woods famil home shown. Answers: 0
Cry Freedom 479796What does steve biko believe the most serious problem facing the blacks in south africa Answers: 0
Cry Freedom 773186What does the students in Soweto do? Answers: 0
Cry Freedom 773187How does Biko have to identify hiself under South American Law? Answers: 0
Cry Freedom 904138Why is steven biko banned by the south african government Answers: 0
Cry Freedom 977224How are the police and justice system presented in the film? Answers: 0
Cry Freedom 996826Who writes and edits the writing of these questions for cheat masters? Answers: 0
Cry Freedom 996801What is a sacrifice for ideals? Answers: 0
Cry Freedom 998482Biko's death maybe helped to change the South Africa's political situation Answers: 0
Cry Freedom 479766Where does biko hide the inciminating documents Answers: 0
Cry Freedom 773189Who is Nelson Mandela? Answers: 0
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