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X2: X-Men United Cheats for DVD
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X2: X-Men United DVD Cheats

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X2: X-Men United

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Some of the other mutants make an appearance 100%
When Mystique is hacking Stryker's files, there is a list of the real names of some mutants. Below is a list of those names along with their mutant aliases:

1. Guthrie, Paige (Husk)
2. Guthrie, Samuel (Cannonball)
3. Harada, Keniucho (known as The Silver Samurai)
4. Kane, Garrison (Weapon X)
5. LeBeau, Remy (Gambit)
6. Lensherr, Eric M (Magneto)
7. Maddicks, Artie (Artie)
8. Madrox, Jamie (Multiple Man)
9. Mahn, Xi'an Coy (Karma)
10. Maximoff (2) (Wanda and Pietro, Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. Names weren't specified)
11. McTaggart, Kevin (Proteus)
12. Moonstar, Danielle (Moonstar)
13. Munroe, Ororo (Storm)

There are also folders on the other computer:
1. Omega Red: The Russian Super Soldier
2. Muir Island: The Scottish Mutant Research Facility
3. Project Wideawake: The Sentinal Project
4. Franklin Richards: The Mutant Born son of Sue (Invisible Woman) and Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) of the Fantastic Four
5. Cerebro: Built by Xavier and Magneto in order to track mutants.

Also, in the bar scene with Mystique and Magento's guard, a man by the name of Henry (Hank) McCoy is shown on the Bar's may also know him as Beast!
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