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Spider-Man 2 Cheats for DVD
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Spider-Man 2 DVD Cheats

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Spider-Man 2

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Hidden clips (Collectors Edition) 100%
Insert Disc 1. Enter the "Special Features" menu, then select the
"Commentaries" option. Highlight the "Off" icon in the "Technical
Commentary" section. Press Right, Up to highlight a hidden spider.
Press Enter to view a clip featuring Sam Raimi promoting the movie
in Japan. *** This feature is available in the Region 4 version.
Insert Disc 2. Enter the "Making The Amazing" menu. Press Up to
highlight the Doc Ock tentacle. Press Enter to view a clip of
sum1 performing one of Alfred Molina's scenes. *** This feature
is available in the Region 4 version.
Insert Disc 2. Enter the "Gallery" menu. Press Up until Spidey's
sense is highlighted, then press Enter to see Alfred Molina singing.
*** This feature is available in the Region 4 version.
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Spider-Man Creator Makes a Cameo 100%
In the scene where Spider-Man and Doc Ock are fighting on the clock tower, Doc Ock throws a clock hand at Spider-Man and it falls to the ground. When it hits the ground, we see 2 people moving out of the way to avoid being hit. One of the them happens to be the creator of Spider-Man, Stan Lee.
Other Cameos:
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Reference to Spider-Man Co-Creator 100%
There are 2 references to Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko. The 1st is that Peter Parker's landlord is called Mr DITKOvich. The 2nd is that while Hoffman and Jameson are thinking up titles for the new villain, Hoffman suggests "Dr Strange", a superhero who was also co-created by Steve Ditko.
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Scott Spiegel 100%
(writer of Evil Dead 2 and fiend of director Sam Raimi) plays the man on the balcony when pizzas are dropped there.
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Bruce Campbell 100%
(played "Ash" in the "Evil Dead" films, as well as Brisco County, Jr. and others) appears as the rude usher to MJ's theatre show.
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