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Silence of the Lambs, The Cheats for DVD
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Silence of the Lambs, The DVD Cheats

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Silence of the Lambs, The

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Photographs 100%
Insert Disc 2. Advance to Title 12 to view Clarice photographs.
Advance to Title 13 to view Hannibal photographs. Advance to Title
14 to view behind the scenes photographs. Advance to Title 15 to
view Jame Gumb/Catherine/Precious photographs. Advance to Title 16
to view cast and crew photographs. Advance to Title 17 to view FBI
Academy photographs. Advance to Title 18 to view special effects
photographs. Advance to Title 19 to view other miscellaneous
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Contents 100%
6 = Silence of the Lambs Trailer
7 = Silence of the Lambs Trailer
8 = Hannibal Trailer
9 = Silence of the Lambs Teaser
10 = Silence of the Lambs Teaser
11 = Anthony Hopkins Phone Message
12 = Clarice Photos
13 = Hannibal Photos
14 = Behind the Scenes Photos
15 = Jame Gumb/Catherine/Precious Photos
16 = Cast/Crew Photos
17 = FBI/Acadmey Photos
18 = Special Efects Photos
19 = Various Other Photos
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Hidden trailers 100%
Insert Disc 2. Advance to Titles 6, 7, 9, or 10 to view trailers
from the movie. Advance to Title 9 to view the trailer from
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Instructions for Accessing Features 100%
The back of the box boasts a host of special features including trailers, stills galleries and a Anthony Hopkins Phone Message. These cannot be viewed from the menu. To find them, insert disc 2 and using your keypad skip straight to tracks 6-19.
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Phone message 100%
Insert Disc 2. Advance to Title 11 to hear a phone message from
Anthony Hopkins.
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