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Final Fantasy 1 And 2: Dawn Of Souls Cheats for GBA
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Final Fantasy 1 And 2: Dawn Of Souls
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Final Fantasy 1 And 2: Dawn Of Souls

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Unlockable: Toad Mini-Game 100%
If sum1 in your party has the Toad spell and levels it up to level 16 - the
snowcraft mini-game will change to the Toad mini-game. The difference is that
you get better items/gil and if you can finish the mini-game with no misses,
then you will get the almighty Masamune sword. You can also get other powerful
items such as the Genji armor/gloves.
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FFII Mini Game 100%
While in the Snowcraft on the Snowplains, hold B and press A 22 times to unlock
a game of memory. *After you complete a game, you will win gil and/or items
depending on your performance.
Submitted by - ike_dizzle
Unlockable: Sound Test
Beat both games to unlock the sound test.
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Unlock Slide Puzzle Mini-Game (FF1) 100%
When playing FF1, after defeating the pirates and getting the ship, hold A and
press B repeatedly while on the ship to play a slide puzzle game.
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Get Rat Tail Using Canoe 100%
It's best you follow this hint if you've played the NES version or had at least
one playthrough for FF1 on Dawn of Souls since known landmarks are used.

After defeating the Lich in the Earth Cave, the party can speak with the Circle
of Sages in the town of Crescent Lake for a canoe; with it, the party can now
cross river terrain.

Take the ship out of the Aldimeer (Aldi Sea) then north to the island where the
Castle of Ordeal is. Enter the river terrain and then get on land to access the
castle. Note that the enemies here are probably more powerful than low and
mid-level parties can withstand, so come prepared.
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Pravoka Point of Peril 100%
When Playing FFI, you can travel east and then north of Pravoka to a little
pinnacle where you can fight monsters that are much harder to beat and aren't
supposed to be found until later in the game. This little cheat/glitch thing was
carried over from the original Final Fantasy.

Editor's *** Save the game before you try this, or get wiped on the bottom of
a Giant's butt.
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Sound test 100%
Complete both games to unlock the sound test option.
Hint: Final Fantasy 1: Bonus puzzle game:
Enter the ship, hold A and press B(55). Arrange the tiles in order
from 1 to 15 to collect 100 Gold.
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[Easter Egg] Link is Dead 100%
When in the town of Elfheim, if you go behind the sanctuary there are 3
gravestones, the one on the left has a message saying "Here Lies Link" which is
the hero of the Zelda series.
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Final Fantasy 2: Mastering 98%
To master any weapon or magic, use it every turn of every battle and
equip 2 of the weapons (for example, 2 swords, 2 shields, 2
axes, etc.). You will get to level 16 easily.
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Map Screen 98%
Press B + Select on the map screen to view the World Map. This shows your
position and locations.
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Final Fantasy 2: Recommended party 98%
To get an very good party, train Firion in Swords, Guy in Axes/Black
Magic, Maria in Spears/White Magic, and Leon in Swords. On the Soul
Of Rebirth, train Minwu (Mindu) in Staves/White Magic, Scott
(Gordon) in Swords/ Black Magic, Josef in Fist, and Richard (Gerath)
in Swords.
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Final Fantasy 2: Concentration card mini-game 98%
After getting the snowcraft, use it north of Salamand. During the
game in the snow area, hold A and press B(22).
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Kingdom Hearts 98%
Not really anything special, a reference to Kingdom Hearts. On the 27th Floor of
the Whisperwind Cove is a boy in "toy Town" (the place with all the houses, in
and out) The character with blonde hair says, "I've Been having these weird
thoughts lately..". Just like the Intro to Kingdom Hearts.
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Unlockable: Dungeons 98%
Each time you defeat a fiend it will unlock a secret dungeon. There are 4 of
them and they include boss battles from other FF games.
Defeat Kraken near the canal by Melmond to unlock Lifespring Grotto.
Defeat Lich near the Temple of Chaos to unlock Earthgift Shrine.
Defeat Marilith near the Dragon Islands to unlock Hellfire Chasm.
Defeat Tiamat in the rivers by the Ice Cave to unlock Whisperwind Cove.
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Final Fantasy 1: Blood Swords 96%
To get the 2nd most powerful Blood Sword, go to Pavel's house
after you are halfway through the game. He will give you all of his
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Final Fantasy 1: Defeating Chaos 96%
Chaos, the last Boss, is very difficult to defeat. Use the Blood
Swords that were obtained at Pavel's house, etc. and he will die in
2 hits.
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Final Fantasy 1 Mini Game 50%
After getting the ship from the pirates in Pravoka, go sail in it. When your on the boat, it doesn't matter where you are, hold down A and press B 23 or 24 times (can't remember but I know it's 1 of those 2!count if you must) It will open up to the 15 tiles game. to win, you must put the tile into order from 1-15.
Contact me via CheatMasters (DJThundaStriker) if your having trouble defeating the game in time.(I have gotten past 30 sec)
By: DJThundaStriker(28)
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Final Fantasy 1 Fastlane (sort of) 50%
Regardless of the storyline, skip some of the fiends and go this route:

Rescue the princess 1st.
Next work your way to the northeast and fight the Pirates in the town you find.
(This earns you a ship)
Go to the southern town, across the bay.
Build up your supplies until you have 99 of:
Sleeping Bag
Find your way southwest to the hole at the tip of the peninsula (by now you should be above level 15).
Save and go directly after the crown - nothing else.
Come out of the cave, and go north to find and fight the Dark Elf King.
(This gives you the Crystal Eye)
Cross the bay and go to Matoya's cave.
(Trade the eye for a Jolt Tonic)
Take the tonic across the bay and give it to the minister in the princes room in the castle.
(This gets you the Mystic Key)
The Mystic Key unlocks the treasure rooms in the first castle (where you started)
(This gets you Nitro Powder)
Go to the cave at the west end of the upper landmass, get all the treasures, talk to all the dwarves. One of the dwarves blows open a canal for you...
(Now you can get outside of the original ocean area that I call the "BAY")
Take the canal, go northwest to the first town. Find the earth cave, beat the vampire and get the star ruby.
Find the next cave, to go get the rod of earth from the old man. (You needed the star ruby to pass through it)
Before finishing the earth cave, get in the ship, go south, then cross the sea to the west. Get out at the southern of two docks on the coast you find, and go to the town in the center of the lake. Stock up on HI-POTIONS here (99 of them)
Go back and beat the Lich in the earth cave.
*Killing Earth Elementals is a fast way to get gold and level up. There is one in the treasure room northeast of the entry to the earth cave on its first level.
Return to the town in the middle of the lake and get the canoe.
Go to the NORTHERN dock on that coast, and find your way to the cave of ice. Get the Levistone, then head south and get the airship from the desert.
Park the airship next to the third town you found (where the sleeping prince was) and canoe back to get the ship.
Use the ship to get to the castle of ordeals and get the rats tail.
Use the airship to take the rats tail to the dragon king (cave on one of the small islands next to the castle of ordeals) *This advances your party members - you should do that at the lowest level possible
Get the fairy from the caravan, return it to the pond in Gaia (to get the Oxyale), go to Onrac and conquer everything in the sunken shrine (to get the rosetta stone, and open lifespring grotto).
Take the stone to the sage in Melmond to learn Lufenian.
Get to Lufenia to gain the key to the tower in the desert.
Beat the fiend in the tower to open whisperwind cove.

In lifespring grotto and whisperwind cove are two monsters of interest because they drop items you can use in battle:
Orthros - RUNE STAFF (Casts HEALING , which heals all party members a LOT)
These enemies are on level ten or twenty, depending. In lifespring grotto you have to deal with Gilgamesh 1st, and he sucks...

But if you get these items, exit, and go in and get another one, you can have one for each party member and they don't use up magic points when used. Once you have THEM - then go on to do the rest of the fiend quests. This works real well when using four warriors, or four thieves instead of a diverse party
By: GreywolfHunting(151)
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All enemy spells 31%
In ff1 when you can use black magic that attacks all enemies (Fira, Thundera). only use them while facing a large group of enemies. It would kill most of them if not all of them.
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Random enemy battles 9%
Press b(22 times and a 10)to fight any enemy in the area you are
By: constansil(4)
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