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Imperialism II: The Age of Exploration Cheats for PC
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Imperialism II: The Age of Exploration
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Imperialism II: The Age of Exploration

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

GameTips 100%
Tip 1
In general, don't bother trying to win over the New World with money or diplomacy. Instead, be as politically incorrect as possible, and send in the troops to grab as much territory as possible before the other great powers can.

Tip 2
As soon as you develop rifle technology, turn away from producing expensive cannons and instead concentrate on infantry. Ten infantry units can take out a fort as quickly as the cannons, and they are also a lot cheaper to produce.

Tip 3
Be careful when it comes to playing power politics. The aim of the game is to conquer half of Europe, but do not let others benefit from your work. AI players are more than willing to scoop up major powers that you have softened up or cut off from the riches of the New World.

Tip 4
Weaken other empires one after the other until you are ready to make the big play and capture those last few crucial provinces.
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