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Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell Cheats for PC
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Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell PC Cheats

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Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheat mode 100%
Press ~ to display the console window during game play under the
insomnia or daydream difficulty setting. Now, enter one of the
following codes to activate the listed cheat function.

Full ammunitionpkammo
Full ammunition and healthpkpower
All weaponspkweapons
Extra goldpkgold
Toggle disappearing bodiespkkeepbodies
Toggle disappearing decalspkkeepdecals
Toggle demon morphpkdemon
Toggle weak enemiespkweakenemies
Toggle excessive gibspkalwaysgib
Toggle God modepkgod
Toggle hastepkhaste
Toggle weapon modifier modepkweaponmodifier
Toggle weapon specularweaponspecular <0 or 1>
Change crosshaircrosshair <1-32>
Change player namename
Set field of view (zoom)fov <0-255>
Set HUD sizehudsize <0-3>
Set mouse sensitivitymsensitivity <0-200>
Set multi-player frag limitfraglimit
Set multi-player time limittimelimit
Show position in levelpos
Toggle smooth mousemsmooth <0 or 1>
Toggle weapon renderingshowweapon <0 or 1>
Change maximum UDP packet size, as multi-player admin
maxpacketsize <20-1400>
Change setting for actions send per ms, as multi-player admin
Change team in multi-player modeteam <1 or 2>
Changes settings for my player synchro, as multi-player admin
Changes settings for physics items synchro, as multi-player
admin updateparams_physicsitems
Changes settings for player synchro, as multi-player admin
Changes settings for projectiles synchro, as multi-player
admin updateparams_projectiles
Exit game to desktopexit
Load map in multi-player modemap
Quit game to desktopquit
Show channel packet stats, as multi-player admin netstats
Tell everyone that you are not ready in multi-player mode
Tell everyone that you want to break match in multi-player
mode break
Toggle camera interpolation for multi-player clients
camerainterpolation <0 or 1>
Toggle player movement predictionplayerprediction <0 or 1>
Toggle running speedmeterspeedmeter <0 or 1>
Benchmarking test in single playerbenchmark C5L1
FPS display in single playershowfps <0 or 1>
Kick player from server, as multi-player admin kick
Kick and ban player from server, as multi-player admin bankick

Set max number of players on server, as multi-player admin
Set max number of spectators on server, as multi-player admin
Toggle power-up dropping after map change, as multi-player
admin powerupdrop <0 or 1>
Toggle power-ups, as multi-player adminpowerups <0 or 1>
Toggle weapons stay if collected, as multi-player admin
weaponsstay <0 or 1>
Toggle damage to teammates, as multi-player admin teamdamage
<0 or 1>
Toggle bunny hopping, as multi-player admin allowbunnyhopping
<0 or 1>
Toggle bright player skins, as multi-player admin
allowbrightskins <0 or 1>
Toggle forward rocket jump, as multi-player admin
allowforwardrj <0 or 1>
Change game mode on server, as multi-player admin gamemode

Reload current map, as multi-player adminreloadmap
Toggle spectator mode for multi-player clients spectator <0 or
Startsvoting for multi-player clients; for example callvote
maxplayers 2 callvote
Agree or not agree to callvote for multi-player clients vote

Play listed movie file for multi-player clients demoplay

Record listed movie file for multi-player clients
Stop playback of current demo for multi-player clients
Player commits suicide for multi-player clients kill
Connect to specified server for multi-player clients connect

disables/enables client prediction in multi-player mode
prediction <0 or 1>
Latency in milliseconds, can be negative, in multi-player mode
Set number of milliseconds to pass between sending your action
packets to server in multi-player mode actionsendperiod

Show network info from the start of the connection in
multi-player mode netstats overall
Show help for the command in multi-player mode netstats help
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