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Viewtiful Joe 2 Cheats for PS2
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Viewtiful Joe 2 PS2 Cheats

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Viewtiful Joe 2

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Unlockables 100%
Game Unlockables
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Rainbow V Saved game iconComplete all 37 chambers
Red V Saved game iconWin the game on kid or adult difficulty
Reel SelectWin the game once
Ultra V-Rated ModeWin the game on V-Rated mode
V-Rated ModeWin the game on adult mode
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Unlockable Chambers 98%
Complete the tasks to unlock the chambers which are bonus
levelsUnlockableHow to Unlock
Chamber 1Complete Reel 1, Act 4
Chamber 10Complete Chamber 1 and enter the bonus scene
in Reel 4, Act 2
Chamber 11Complete Chamber 2 with at least an "A" rank
Chamber 12Get a "V" time rank in five consecutive scenes
Chamber 13Use just one life from the start to finish of any scene
Chamber 14Complete Reel 4, Act 2
Chamber 15Get a "Rainbow V" rank on the UFO fire scene in Reel 4,
Act 1
Chamber 16Complete the last scene in Reel 2, Act 1
without using VFX
Chamber 17Complete Chamber 8
Chamber 18Complete Chamber 9 and buy the Sliding
Chamber 19Defeat Long John in Reel 3, Chapter 2 with at least an "A"
Chamber 2Complete the slippery floor scene in Reel 5,
Act 1 with more than 4 lives left
Chamber 20Complete the kitchen scene in Reel 1, Act 3
with a "Rainbow V" rank
Chamber 21Complete Chambers 3 and 12
Chamber 22Complete Chamber 13
Chamber 23Complete Reel 7, Act 3 with over 200,000
Viewtifuls saved
Chamber 24Get Joe thrown out of the bathroom 10 times in the
Monorail scene in Reel 3, Act 1
Chamber 25Do not use VFX after the gear scene ends in Reel 3, Act 2
until the next one starts
Chamber 26Complete Chamber 17 and Story mode on the
kids difficulty setting
Chamber 27Complete Chamber 18 and buy the Redhot Kick
Chamber 28Complete the switch scene in Reel 7, Act 1
with over 30 seconds remaining
Chamber 29Collect all the Film Canisters in Reel 5, Chapter 1
Chamber 3Get killed by a Rocker
Chamber 30Get a "Rainbow V" rank in five consecutive scenes
Chamber 31Use the Ukemi move successfully 10 times in Reel 7, Act 1
Chamber 32Complete Reel 1, Act 4
Chamber 33Complete Chamber 24
Chamber 34Complete Reel 1, Act 4 without getting any
Film Canisters
Chamber 35Complete story mode on the Adult difficulty
Chamber 36Complete Chamber 27 and complete story mode
on the Kids difficulty setting
Chamber 37Complete Chamber 6, complete story mode on
the Kids difficulty setting, and get an overall "D" rank 3 times
Chamber 4Complete any scene with one life left
Chamber 5Complete Reel 2, Act 3
Chamber 6Complete Chamber 1
Chamber 7Collect all 250 film canisters in any reel
Chamber 8Get a game over and do not reset
Chamber 9Complete Reel 3, Act 1
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