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Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum Cheats for PS2
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum Cheats

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Duplicate monsters 100%
This trick requires 2 controllers. First, create a new profile
(P2) in campaign mode. Save P2 before you do any battles. Now, exit
to the main screen. Select versus mode. Load your main profile (P1)
and P2. Go to the Entrance Hall and go to P1's Manage Monster. Go to
"Build Unit". Put the monster you want to duplicate or level up into
your Capsule Stock. Press Circle(3) and select your battlefield.
Before you start the battle, have P1 ante the monster you just put
in your Capsule Stock. Start the battle and on P1's 1st turn,
surrender. Now, go back to the Entrance Hall and save P2, but do
not save P1. Now, return to title screen. As long as you do not
save P1, both profiles will now have the monster. You can repeat
this process until one of your profiles has as many of the monster
as desired. In about 10 minutes, you will get 3 of the same
monsters into one profile, which is useful if you want to get 3
Harpies or 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons to fuse together. Also,
versus mode is great place to do the fusions, because there is no
threat of an enemy attack. Use the next tip to level up your
monsters for fusions.

Get the monster you want to level up into P2, as described above.
Now, start the campaign. Use the desired monster to take out all
but one of your opponent's monsters. Now, use the desired monster
to take out your opponent's symbol. By doing this, you can take a
level 1 monster to level 4 to 5 by the end of the 1st area.
Against Joey alone, by taking out 3 of his monsters and his
symbol you can get 160 experience points and what is given for the
battle experience.
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Magician Of Black Chaos 98%
To get the Magician Of Black Chaos, you must have a Dark Magician.
The easy way to make him evolve is get him to level 3. Now, stop
using him. When you reach area 5 and face Kaiba, you should use the
Dark Magician. Have him almost to level 4 like 15 exp. to go. Know
when he summons the Blue Eyes White Dragon and find a monster to
weaken it so you can use your Dark Magician. When he kills the Blue
Eyes, he will be level 4. Make sure nobody can kill him. You must
wait until the field turns from light to dark. Then when you are on
the dark ship, go to Your Dark Magician. He should have evolve.
Select it to get a Magician Of Black Chaos
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Area 4 98%
Dark Bakura: Uses 4 Dark and 3 Thunder types. Use Light and
Earth types. Board: Dark: 50.
Seto: Uses 4 Light, 2 Earth, and one Fire type. Use Thunder,
Dark, Water types. Board: Light: 50,Dark: 60, Wind: 20.
Shadi: Uses 2 Wind, one Fire, one Light, one Earth type. Use
Wood, Water, Thunder, and Dark type, Board: Light: 50, Wind: 20.
Ishizu: Uses 2 Dark, 2 Wind, one Earth, and one Wood type. Use
Light, Wood, Dark, and Fire type. Board: Light: 56 Wind: 50.
Dark Marik: Uses 3 Wind, 2 Fire, one Thunder, and one Dark
type. Use Wood, Water, Earth, Light types. Board: Dark: 70.
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Defeating Tristan 98%
To defeat Tristan, get or buy fire , wood , and thunder.
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Area 1 98%
Joey: Uses 4 Fire types. Use Water types. Board: Light: 15.
Tristan: Uses 2 Wood and 2 Thunder types. Use Fire and Earth
types. Board: Dark 14.
Duke: Uses 3 Dark and 2 Thunder types. Use Light and Earth
types. Board: Light: 20.
Tea: Uses 3 Light, one Water, and 2 Wood types. Use Wind,
Fire and Thunder types. Board: Dark: 26.
Grandpa: Uses 3 Wood and 2 Light types. Use Fire and Light
types. Board: Dark: 22.
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Area 3 98%
Marik: Uses 4 Dark, 2 Water, one Thunder type. Use Light,
Wind, and Earth types. Board: The square you land on the elemental
symbol is the boost for that square.
Bandit Keith: Uses 4 Dark and 3 Thunder types, Use Light
and Earth types. Board: Dark: 60.
Pegasus: Uses 2 Wood, 2 Light, one Water, and one Earth type.
Use Fire, Thunder, Wind, and Dark types. Board: Light: 60.
Bakura: Uses 3 Dark, one Wood, one Earth, and one Wind type.
Use Light, Fire, Dark, and Wood types. Board: Dark: 26, Wind: 20.
Odion: Uses five Earth, one Light, and one Fire type. Use Dark,
Thunder, and Water types. Board: Light: 50, Fire: 20, Earth: 20,
Wind: 30.
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More experience points for monsters 97%
To get more experience for a monster, have that monster destroy your
opponent's symbol. They will get anywhere between 50 to 100
experience points.
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Easy monsters 96%
This trick requires 2 memory cards and controllers. Get some
monsters up a few levels and multiple monsters. Remember to save the
game. Now, start a new game with a different name and save it on
memory card two. Next, go to versus mode and play against memory
card two. Choose to ante monster cards and only let one player win.
This is a very quick way to receive 3 Harpie Ladies or Blue Eyes
Whide Dragons.
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Area 2 96%
Mako: Uses Earth, Water and Light types. Use Dark, Thunder and
Wind types. Board: Light: 36.
Rex: Uses 2 Thunder, 2 Dark and 2 Earth types. Use Earth,
Light and Dark types. Board: Light: 20, Dark: 20.
Mai: Uses 4 Wind and 3 Fire types. Use Wood and Water
types. Board: Dark: 20, Wind: 15.
Weevle: Uses Wood, one Water and one Thunder types. Use Fire, Wind
and Earth types. Board: Dark: 30.
Mokuba: Uses 4 Thunder and 2 Wind types. Use Earth and Wood
types. Board: Dark: 25.
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Harpie Lady Sisters 96%
You must have 3 Harpie Ladies in order to fuse the Harpie Lady
Sisters monster. Because only 2 Harpie Ladies are available for
capture on Mai Valentine's Valley of Howling Winds board (and never
in the shop), you must play through the game twice to get all three.
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King Coliseum 96%
Pegasus: Uses 2 Thunder, 3 Light, 2 Water and one wood
type. Use Earth, Thunder, Wind, and Fire types. Board: Light: 55,
Dark: 25, Water: 15, Wind:35.
Ishizu: Uses five Light, 3 Wind types. Use Thunder and Wood
types. Board: Light: 40, Wind: 30.
Marik: Uses 4 Fire, 2 Earth, and one Wind type, Use Water,
Dark, and Wood types. Board: Light: 55, Water: 40. *** You can
and should use fire types, the board will become a Fire zone and
give Marik's fire types a huge boost and other types will take
field damage.
Shadi: Uses 4 Dark, 2 Thunder, and one Fire type. Use Light,
Earth, and Water types. Board: Will start at Dark 60, but one of
the Great Dragons breath will turn it to different elements.
Seto: Uses 2 Water, 3 Light, one Earth, one Wind, and 2
Fire types. Use whatever you like. Points are unlimited, but
remember AP is not. Choose a few monsters that give you a nice
amount of AP when you summon them. Board: Light: 80, Wind: 30, and
also Water. However, when the clouds cover the sky the board
becomes Dark: 80. This is the board to evolve certain monsters.
When you win the game, keep playing to get different
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Map advantages 96%
Certain map attributes can cause physical damage to your monsters,
such as lakes of lava and crackling electrical arcs. Only monsters
with the same attributes as these dangerous spaces can pass through
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Defeating Joey 96%
The 1st fight in the game is with Joey. He uses fire-based
monsters. Use water-based monsters to battle with. Place your token
near the bottom corner where the hills slopes down. Place your
monsters surrounding your token to protect it. Make sure you summon
all your monsters before you move their positions. Once you and Joey
summon all the monsters. The field will flood some of the arena,
giving the water-based monster a field power up. Allow Joey's troops
to get close to the water so that you can maintain the power bonus.
After a few more turns, the field will flood even more. If Joey's
monsters were near the water, the location where they were at is
probably flooded, causing them to get weaker while you maintain your
increased power. Keep hammering away at his monsters for victory.

To defeat Joey get or buy water and other monsters that can go on
land, because thewater goes up and down.
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Start each round with all your monsters 94%
Usually when a monster or capsule is destroyed, you cannot use it
during the next round. However, if you start the next round and
bring up the menu with "End Turn", "Unit List", etc. and go to
"Surrender" and select "Try Again", you will restart the level with
all your monsters available for use.
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Special monsters 93%
Some monsters are only unlocked in Grandpa's store if you have met
specific criteria. For example, the Sinister Serpent is only
available for purchase once you have obtained 50 Water-type
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Enemy list 92%
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Bandit Keith
Part 4
Yami Marik
Yami Bakura
Part 5
Yami Marik
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Ultimate symbol 78%
The best symbol is the dark symbol. when you get its affect rate up to 100, your dark monsters will get massive boost to attack power, destroying an enemy monster in one hit. also, thunder monsters defense is increased, which helps keep them alive, since they already have super high attack power. Finally, when you fusion the 5 pieces to get Exodia, his attack is 600+, and his health (PP) is 500+ (at lvl 7+), making him the best monster in the game, the raised attack power only be accomplished with a dark symbol though.
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Fusions-hint 64%
Darkfire dragon-firegrass+lvl5 petit dragon
flame swordman-flame manipulator+lvl4legend swordman masaki
flyin penguin-penguin soldier+lvl2 penguin knight
harpy lady sisters-3harpys lvl3
blue-eyes ultimate dragon-3 lvl2 blue eyes
twin head thunder dragon-2 lvl4 thunder dragons
By: pacdude3000(116)
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Blue eyes ultimate dragon 63%
First destoy blues eyes the first time you face seto. then after you bet him get blue eyes .then do the same the second time you face him in king coliseuim. then finally get all of them to lv 2 and you can fuse them to make blue eyes ultimate dragon
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Dueling Kaiba (King Coliseum) 60%
First, you need to assemble your team. The MP that you use to get monsters is unlimited, the AP used to move them is 999. This means you can, and should get your best 10 monsters.
Get at least 2 Thunder monsters to damage Kaiba's 3 Light monsters as much as possible. You'll want some Wind or Water (or both) monsters due to the lakes on the field. You will want a decently leveled Dark monster for later on. I recommend Feral Imp LV. 5 or higher. Now the remainder of your team should be whatever Attribute your symbol is.
Kaiba's team is 3 Light monsters, (2 Blue - Eyes White Dragons and Skull Guardian), 2 Water monsters, (Grappler and Suijin) and 2 Fire Monsters, (La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp and Meteor B. Dragon) he also has 1 Earth monster (Destroyer Golem).
One way to win is to gather your army and wait for Kaiba to make the first attack and then counter and destroy his monsters. Another way would be to take some Wind monsters and go around Kaiba's army while your main army fights his. Take your Wind monsters and destroy his Symbol. My favorite way is to just fight him head on in the middle of the map and move your monsters around to where they get an advantage.
There are only 3 monsters you need to worry about, both of his Blue - Eyes White Dragons and his Meteor B. Dragon. If you can hit Meteor B. Dragon twice with a decent leveled Water monster or high leveled Fire monster (LV. 7 to 9) it should go down quickly. Although if it starts attacking your monsters your in for a world of hurt because it has a high attack power. The Blue - Eyes White Dragons are very difficult to destroy because they seem to be able to take almost any attack. Attack them as many times as possible in one turn to destroy them eventually. If you manage to survive until the clouds come, Feral Imp can do decent damage to them considering his level. Almost every monster you have will be able to severley damage Kaiba's Blue - Eyes White Dragons when the clouds show up because they get a huge field disadvantage.
That's all I've got to say, if it doesn't work, alter your team slightly.
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Dark magician girl and curse of dragon 50%
Beat area 2 and go to the shop curse of dragon will be there two
By: ANTHONY78090533(79)
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Summoned skull 42%
After you beat area 1 go to grandpa's shop and look for it
By: ANTHONY78090533(79)
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Monster 1 code 30%
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Best symbol 14%
The best symbols are
But the fire is better because the fire monsters have a high attack
and when you get the effect strength to 100 your fire monsters well get a super super attack that makes you destroy your opponent capsules or his symbol with only one hit depending on your monster attack power ( you can do that with a strong wind monster too). and the wind monsters well get a high attack too but not like the fire monsters.

And if you take the fire symbol it well increase the wind monsters power more than if you take a wind symbol.

The fire symbol increase the fire monsters power and the wind monsters (all the wind monsters have a good power and movements) and decrease the power of the wood monsters (it is alright because the wood monsters not so power full).

The wind symbol increase the wind monsters power and the fire monsters(but the fire symbol increase them even more) and decrease the power of the water monsters.

finally I advice you to choose the fire symbol and with a good strategy and well thinking you can guarantee victory in every duel in no time
By: spider 122(63)
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