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Deer Hunter 2005 Cheats for PC
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Deer Hunter 2005 PC Cheats

Rating: 2/5 VOTE

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Deer Hunter 2005

Rating: 2/5 VOTE

Various 97%
Description: The following trophies and more can be unlocked by performing the actions below.

Seasoned Hunter TrophyComplete 10 Hours of Gameplay
Master Hunter TrophyEarn 100 Points
Gold Skin TrophyGet a Gold Skin for all 14 Weapons
Bronze Grand SlamShoot and bag 1 buck from each species
Silver Grand SlamShoot and bag 1 Record Book buck from each species
Gold Grand SlamShoot and bag 1 World Record buck from each species
GS Autoloader/Lever/Bolt Rifle20 bucks of each species
GS Pump Shotgun & Rifle/Muzzle Loader/SS Rifle/Crossbow/Double-barreled Shotgun15 bucks of each species
GS Handguns (and other Bows)10 Bucks of each species
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Fastest Hunter Ever 96%

Press the "~" key, and type "/cheat theflash" without quotation marks. This allows you to run like the wind. But the downside is, deer run faster, too. Also, you know that slow movement the crosshairs do when you hold the rifle too long? That goes faster and makes it hard to shoot. NOT a recommended cheat.
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Let it Shine, Let it Shine, Let it Shine! 96%
Press the "~" key, and type "/cheat shine" without quotation marks. This now causes the sun to shine brighter on your hunt!

Happy shining trails!
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Cheat mode (demo version): 91%
Press ~ to display the console window during game play in a single player map, then enter one of the following codes to activate the listed cheat function. *** Enabling some codes will empty your bag.

Full screen thermal view/cheat predator
Bullet cam/cheat matrix
All creatures on GPS map/cheat aliens
Prey becomes passive/cheat daredevil
Rainy weather/cheat rainman
Sunny weather/cheat shine
Move very fast/cheat theflash
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Cheat List 90%
Description: To enter a cheat code, you need to enter a single-player map, as cheats cannot be enabled in multiplayer. Press the tilde key (~ or the key above TAB). A chat window will apear. Enter the following cheat codes for the desired effect:

/cheataliensshows all animals on your GPS
/cheatdaredevilprey is passive (will not run from you)
/cheattheflashmove at lightning speed :)
/cheatshinesun shines brighter
/cheatrainmanit begins to rain
/cheatmatrixwhen you shoot, you will follow the bullet in bullet-mode
/cheatpredatorwhen you look through a scope, you will see your prey in thermal mode
/cheatdhramboyour shots become more accurate
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I Am The Invisible Hunter 57%
Press the "~" key, then type in "/cheat daredevil" without the quotation marks. This makes you completely non-existent to deer! Congradulations, you can now walk right up to that big buck and shoot 'im to down 'im!
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You Can Run But You Can 55%
Press "~" when in the hunt, then type in "/cheat aliens" without the quotation marks. This cheat allows you to see all the animals, including birds and small animals (rabbits, turkey, etc.) on your GPS.
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The Deer Die Faster 52%
If you shoot the deer in the ear its die even faster and you get bonus points!
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I see you.... but why are you glowing? 51%
Press the "~" key and type "/cheat predator" without the quotation marks. Now, notice as the screen turns dark blue... a red line comes down the screen slowly, "blip, blip, blip." That monster 12 point buck you've been spying on turns to a redish orange glow, completely visible against the darkness of its surroundings... what's going on? CONGRATS, YOU'RE NOW IN THERMAL MODE! ^_^

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The Mystery Cheat 48%
Oooh welcome to The Mystery Cheat's page... press the "~" and type "/cheat matrix" without the quotation marks. WHAT HAPPENS?!... nobody knows...
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Rainy Day 44%
If you like rainy days, this cheat is for you! Press the "~" key and type "/cheat rainman" without the quotation marks. Now it will start to rain!
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Deer Hunter 2005 962078Why when I try to go online to hunt it tells me no servers found ? Answers: 0
Deer Hunter 2005 989130Wow, no clue if anybody still checks this! 8 years later! But this game is still fun to the day! Anyways...checking if anybody knows the max points you can get in this game!? I'm stuck at 58, and I keep killing bucks, but no luck! :( Answers: 1
Deer Hunter 2005 990888Why can I not see the hunt button Answers: 0
Deer Hunter 2005 395773Get a server Answers: 1
Deer Hunter 2005 778193Do you have to be online to see the world record buck Answers: 1
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