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Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Of Blues Cheats for GBA
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Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Of Blues
GBA Cheats

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Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Of Blues

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Unlockable Icons 100%
DarkComplete: Get All 12 Dark Chips
Forte's Icon: Beat Forte SP in Nebula Hole Area 6(Random Encounter)
GigiComplete: Get All 6 Giga Chips
MegaComplete: Get All 60 Mega Chips
P.A.Complete: Use All 30 Program Advances
Protoman's Icon: Defeat Neubla Gray.
StandComplete: Get All 180 Standard Chips
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Defeating Blizzard Man 98%
With Snowball 1, he will roll out a pair of snowballs at you. With
Snowball 2, Blizzard Man himself will become a snowball and roll at
you. He will strike the back row and cause a pair of snow drifts to
build up on 2 random panels on your side. With those are there,
you will lose access to the panels. They will, however, eventually
melt. With Frost Breath, He will jump to the front column on his
side and try breathing ice on you. You have 2 columns and he has
four. If you do not kill him within one phase, he will heal and drop
a pair of snowballs on you, doing 40 damage per Navi. Blizzy does
not really do much, so attack as desired. After the fight is over,
Blizzard Man blows up and the whole area is cleared of Dark Panels.
The 1st Liberate Mission has been a success. You will get a
Blizzard Man B chip from Proto Man when you defeat Blizzard Man.
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