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World Of Warcraft Cheats for PC
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World Of Warcraft PC Cheats

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World Of Warcraft Cheats

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World Of Warcraft

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Money $$$ Money 82%
This works easily if you have high experience in Herbalism, First
Aid, Skinning, Leather Working, etc. Get the materials needed for
what you want to make. For example, for First Aid, kill lots of
humanoids for linen cloth, wool cloth, etc. Now, just sell the
materials to an NPC. If you want more money (for example for
Skinning and Leatherworking), make something out of the leather,
then sell or auction it off at the nearest auction house.
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Westfall chicken (30 copper or so) 65%
First, go to the 2nd most north farm in Westfall.
second, walk up to chicken near farmer.
third, target it and do /chicken
forth,keep"Chicken dancing" untill he looksat you quizzicly-may take a while
fith, accept quest from chicken
sixth, talk to farmer outside and get cicken food
lastly turn in quest to chicken. Right cllick on egg. TA-Da! One chiken
By: XPSJJJ(96)
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How to get into a fun guild fast!!!! =) 43%
Try talkin in general channels. most guild recruiters r lookin for peeps to join their guild.
also if you know a friend who play WoW then u should get him to get into his guild cause its always fun to be in a guild with friends....... i can say from experience
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WOW : How To Get On Top Of StormWind Gate 40%
Go to the hill

get your horse or mount

get as far close to the gate as possible on hill

jump onto little crack in the corner then jump repeatedly

your on top!

(i like too jump onto people lol)
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Fast cash or 80g in 1 day 38%
First go int to stocades rfd rfk or scarlet monistary
get a runner if you are a low lvl
kil every one and get as much cloth as you can do any of the dungons 3times though
auction all your cloth and in the morning you will have 80g in your mail box and if you get some one to make them in to bolts of what ever cloth it is I sell for more
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Become level 80 and full talents on each type for any type 21%
The charcter turns to level 80 and all talents for any type of charcter press up down down left and b and b
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World Of Warcraft 274362Ok I have a windows vista and I have put the game on my computer but for some reason every time I go to make a charecter this message pops up saying that the sever is down or stuff like that and it will kick me of the game. Why? Answers: 1
World Of Warcraft 275912Wat is DM and wer can I get it Answers: 2
World Of Warcraft 311719How do I get a voidwalker im a lvl 12 warrlok undead (srrt bout my speeling I need more grammor practice) right now im in or nere crossroads my charectars name is mightgreg so if you can help look for me or answer this thanks Answers: 1
World Of Warcraft 449576Is there any way you can undo your skills like herbalism or skinning? Answers: 3
World Of Warcraft 546085Do you need the internet to play WoW? Answers: 2
World Of Warcraft 233606Were do I put the cheats from the cards Answers: 1
World Of Warcraft 235180Where do you get a pet in world warcraft the organial Answers: 2
World Of Warcraft 299438Im a lvl 21 human warrior wats a good way to lvl Answers: 3
World Of Warcraft 444967Is there any cheats for world of warcraft that let you instantly level up Answers: 5
World Of Warcraft 468227Where can I find copper bars? Answers: 2
World Of Warcraft 531142What is grinding and how do you do it Answers: 1
World Of Warcraft 548564Where do you get a pet from Answers: 1
World Of Warcraft 758410My friend was trying to run me through instanses but it says I have to download wrath of the lich king downloadable content and I already downloaded it any reason y Answers: 0
World Of Warcraft 832139Where is booty bay tabart Answers: 0
World Of Warcraft 977237Does anyone has the ACTUAL cheat codes? I have spent lots of useless ours online triying to find them. I would realy aprciatte if someone could postt dem or send me a link to the website to find them. Answers: 0
World Of Warcraft 988655I was in the middle of a quest and some how fell into the water im a level 5 and got to where I was on a horse from my previous quest so I have not mount and can not figure out how to get back to where I was because I cant jump over the shipwreck without the mount or a horse so what do I do? please I cant do anything I need help Answers: 0
World Of Warcraft 1000159Are doing single player quest than grinding monsters better for leveling? Answers: 0
World Of Warcraft 1000160Can you get smithing as a profession and if so where? Answers: 0
World Of Warcraft 203253How do I get a cheat for extra shadow spell damage to gloves or some other type of armor? PLZ TELL ME HOW TO Answers: 1
World Of Warcraft 140371I need a code to get a riding turtle I will pay 5 g for a code. Tineana Answers: 1
World Of Warcraft 147125How can I go from lvl 1-60 in a couple of days? Answers: 2
World Of Warcraft 46189Does anyone know how to download the 12.0 demo for world of warcraft? Answers: 1
World Of Warcraft 164430How do you become a gm Answers: 4
World Of Warcraft 137385Plz!im desperate!i need code for blue tabrd.,red tabrd.,and murloc suit! Answers: 2
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