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Metal Gear Acid Cheats for PSP
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Metal Gear Acid PSP Cheats

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Metal Gear Acid Cheats

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Metal Gear Acid

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Jehuty card 100%
Enter JEHUTY to get a card featuring Jehuty from Zone
Of The Enders. This card will destroy all equipment and equipment
level-ups in the current room.
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XM8 card 100%
Enter XMEIGHT to get a weapon card with 50 attack, 60%
hit, 5.56mm bullets, 6 shots, 70% reaction, move 6 spaces, and
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Viper card 100%
Enter VIPER to get a card featuring Black Arts Viper
from the Metal Gear Solid on the Game Boy Color.
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Karen card 100%
Enter KAREN to get a card featuring Karen from
Mika card:
Enter MIKA to get a card featuring Mika from Snatcher.
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Bikini model clip 98%
Enter ELYTS or MAEB to see clips featuring Japanese
bikini models. *** These will cause Snake to get a nosebleed, but
has no effect on Teliko.
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Okay, there are mainly 3 Bosses in Metal Gear Acid: LEONE, LA CLOWN, & FLEMMING/METAL GEAR. The First boss is LEONE. He is very slow and can only shoot his gun 1 time, but there are 3/4 Soldiers with him, So it would be wise if you took them out first, then used SNAKE & TELIKO Together to take LEONE out (Get SNAKE to distract him while TELIKO shoots him from behind) The Second boss is LA CLOWN. She is very tricky to beat, but you basically have to use your wits to beat her. And last but not least, you have the Finale Boss: METAL GEAR. SNAKE & TELIKO get seperated when FLEMMING activates Metal Gear. Snake Gets Thrown Off, whereas TELIKO jumps in. You really have to work as a team to beat him:SNAKE shoots the arm while TELIKO destroys the computers, but after what it seems like forever, you will get him
By: S0LIDUS(63)
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