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Banjo Pilot Cheats for GBA
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Banjo Pilot GBA Cheats

Rating: 3/5 VOTE
Banjo Pilot Cheats

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Banjo Pilot

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Cheat mode 100%
The following Cheato menu options can be unlocked after collecting
the listed number of Cheato Pages by racing.
Battle track 1: 100 pages
Battle track 2: 100 pages
Humba Wumba: 100 pages
Purple Glowbo GP: 150 pages
Green Glowbo GP: 250 pages
Bottles The Mole: 500 pages, and finish in 1st in all races in
Bottles GP with all Jiggies
Rare T.T.: 800 pages, and finish all times in Bottles' and
Grunty's Time Trial mode
Photo Album: 999 pages, and all Platinum trophies, all Jiggy
Challenges and Time Trials completed
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Quick start 100%
Press A immediately before a race starts.
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Bonus characters 100%
Defeat a character in the listed battle race to make them
available for purchase from Cheato.
Grunty: Broomstick
Humba Wumba: Jiggu
Jolly: Pumpkin
Klungo: Skull
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