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Robots Cheats for PS2
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Robots PS2 Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Cheat Codes 100%
Description: Pause game play, then quickly press one of the follwing combinations for the desired effect. A sound will confirm correct code entry:

Big head mode - Up, Down(2), Up, Right(2), Left, Right
Unlimited health - Up, Right, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Left
Unlimited scrap - Down(2), Left, Up(2), Right, Up, Down
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Extra bounce 100%
After you win the 3rd boss (the one with the steam rollers and metal razor sharp teeth) your will be extra health and an extra high bounce where you use Rodney friend as a trampoline!
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Defeating Ratchet's robots 100%
When you get to Ratchet's huge robots with big blue eyes, try to destroy as many of them as you can. Wait until one of the robots' eyes open up and turn blue. Shoot the blue eye before it closes back up with one shot. The next part is much more difficult. You must battle Ratchet on top of his machines. Be careful -- he can do 3 moves: order his robots to attack you, throw a bomb at you (which you can shoot to destroy), and jump from one robot to another. When
he stops on a robot, shoot him quickly. Do this process a few more times and he will be defeated.
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Cheat List 98%
Description: [Pause Game] and enter these codes for the desired effect:

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Half-pipe holes 98%
On the "Half-Pipe" thing when you are rolling around, you can fly over the holes in the side by going as fast as you can and jump over the side with the hole.
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Rodney says jokes 98%
When you destroy a bad robot, sometimes Rodney will say jokes.
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Make Ronny's butt burn 98%
Slide a lot of times and Ronny's butt will burn. However, this will not reduce his health.
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Completion Bonus 96%
Win the game to unlock the 3 mini-games (Jack Hammer's Oil Rush, Transit System, and Zip Line Challenge) at the main menu.
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Make Rodney's butt burn 95%
Slide a lot of times and Rodney's butt will burn.
However, this will not reduce his health.
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Robots 214181Where do I find Fenders head in the robots game for PS2? Answers: 1
Robots 503190Where do you find all blueprints in middle town for the man in the shop? Need One MORE! Answers: 1
Robots 306462I am stuck in the city. Where you are helping out a man where you have to destroy the green post boxes. I can destroy them all except one. Can someone please tell me where they are or send me a picture f where they are. Or something helpful. Thanksyou x Answers: 1
Robots 219402I'm stuck in the last level, bigweld. HELP! Answers: 1
Robots 933475Where do you find the 10th gold sracp? Answers: 0
Robots 326497I cant fins the rest of the blue prints for the guy in robout city I have 3 I have yet to find is there a way to get to the other side that is behind the guy I have to get the blue prints for? please help. Answers: 1
Robots 551002Im stuck on the bit when you go into the green robots shop and he asks you to find all of his pod on the pod tracks were are they all because I can only seem to get 4 Answers: 1
Robots 593641Stuck in the chop shop HELP! Answers: 2
Robots 600569How do I retrieve the last piece of Tim's toolbox from in front of the fan in Bigwelds factory ? Answers: 2
Robots 661368When you get to robot city, for the man i've got 15 blue prints where is the pink house and my other thing is how do you get back to the station? thank you Answers: 0
Robots 701664Can anyone tell me where to find the gold bolts in the chopshop, I have one to find to complete the level Answers: 0
Robots 764033Where is the pink house Answers: 1
Robots 772977On robots how do you move the magnet at the chopshop when you leave the first room? Answers: 0
Robots 783279I have entered the City on Robots but cannot go further. Can see a ticking clock. What do I have to do please Answers: 1
Robots 789171How do you get the last peace for tims tool box near the magnet box on the ski wire Answers: 0
Robots 788994Im stuck on the Tims toolbox part with the box with the magnet on it please help Answers: 0
Robots 827308Were is jack hammers so you can give the blue prints to him Answers: 2
Robots 877052Can you skip a level? if you can then please help me ! Answers: 0
Robots 928250I need to find one more gold scrap to get out of this room and cant find it. Do you know where it is at Answers: 0
Robots 954538How do I find all ten gold scraps in Rivet town. I know it's the first level, but I haven't played the game in a while. Could someone give me a list of the places? Answers: 0
Robots 960955How do you get all the control pieces in 'city journey' Answers: 0
Robots 981449I needed to find 16 blueprints for a remote control in robot city. I found all of them. How do I return to the station to give the blueprints back? PLEASE HELP ME! Answers: 0
Robots 613421How do you get back to the station to return the blueprints? HELP ME PLEASE! xx Answers: 1
Robots 40443How do you complete the game Answers: 1
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