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Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII Cheats for PSP
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Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII PSP Cheats

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII Cheats

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Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE

Games in the story mode 100%
You can search games when story mode.

-1st game:Market:First shop, in front of your eyes:Collect fallen materias by pressing X.
-2nd game:Midgar, market, Church entrance, LOVELESS Avenue:shiny thing, wood, tire, Shinra army helmet:collect materials to make a flower wagon
-3rd game:Market:Kid:Chase the kid that stole your wallet
-4th game:On the way back to Shinra:Shinra army fight:fight them until your HP reaches 1, then watch, then, fight, then watch again.
By: Hackmaster257(372)
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Wutai spies 100%
I will tell you how to chase 6 wutai spies. But, talk to them three times.

1st wutai spy:when you see a truck at LOVELESS avenue, turn left. he's running around.
2nd wutai spy:shinra infantryman on market(sector 5)
3rd wutai spy:entrance, man that pops out the elevator and says:"wrong floor again".
4th wutai spy:Girl at the top of the stair in sector 8
5th wutai spy:Black skinned man in the exhibit room looking at a rocket.
6th wutai spy:Boy in black jacket in the park that says"I am a wutai".
By: Hackmaster257(372)
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Magic Pot DMW 98%
When you encounter the rare and hard-to-find Magic Pots in the game, you are going to have to be well-prepared to fight them. Thatís because you need to attack them in a certain order with certain attack types, but the payout is worth it, because you will net a Magic Pot DMW. An easy way to acquire this DMW is to head to Mission 10-2-3 (Master Tonberry) and find the Magic Pot there. Now, attack it in this order, and the DMW is yours: Fira, Gravity, Jump, Assault Twister.
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New Game++ 98%
To unlock a New Game++ option, beat the game with a New Game+ file and save after the ending and credits have concluded. You can then play through the game again with your items, gear, Materia, and more from your previous quest.
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Sephiroth Foreshadowing [Easter Egg] 97%
When you get to the part of the game where you have to assemble Aerithís flower cart, you should instead head back to the SOLDIER building and go to Lazardís office. Walk up to his desk, flip the camera around, and look at his computer screen. Youíll see a picture of Sephiroth there, foreshadowing events to come.
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Genji Helm 95%
You can acquire the Genji Helm in the Network Shop Shade, a shop that can be found on mission 9-5-4. It costs a million Gil, it equips No Cost MP and No Cost AP, and adds a permanent Libra affect.
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Item Fusion Tome 95%
How to unlock: complete mission 7-2-1.
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Conversation With Hojo 95%
When you reach the Fusion Chamber and have a conversation with Hojo, he will ask you a series of questions. While there is no wrong answer to any question, the amount of SP you come out of the conversation with will actually depend on which answer you provide him. Below are the three questions he will ask you along with the SP point value of each possible answer.
When asked Which do you admire more?, answer Sephiroth for 300 SP or Angeal for 100 SP.
When asked What do you think Shinra needs most right now?, answer more SOLDIER operatives for 200 SP or more science and technology for 400 SP.
When asked Which do you believe to be more befitting a SOLDIER member?, answer a person who gives it all for 200 SP, or a person unafraid to challenge Shinra for 300 SP.
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Rifle Fun in Nibel Plains 95%
There comes a point late in the game where you are inserted into the Nibel Plains and are given a rifle to take out enemies from afar. Thereís a level-up system on the rifle thatís explained before you kill the first enemy. While it seems that you canít possibly level up the rifle entirely before you reach the conclusion of Nibel Plains, you can actually backtrack at certain points to make enemies respawn. By doing so, you can accumulate seemingly-endless amounts of experience to be used on your rifle.
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Money $$$ Farming 93%
How to: A great way to get as much money as you want is by attempting the following. Once you acquire the spell called Quake, head to the Master Tonberry quest. Use Quake in every battle, which should deal the maximum 9,999 HP of damage while using 58 MP. An Ether costs 200 Gil, but a dead Tonberry is worth 500 Gil. You should therefore make a profit of 700-1,200 HP per battle. Repeat this process as much as you can to theoretically make as much money as you want.
Addition from dinamo_badblueboys:
Additionally, you can just kill the Tonberries on mission 10-2-3 and not have to use any MP, therefore saving any spent money. They only have 8,000-10,000 HP, and are easy to kill without Quake by the time you acquire that spell.
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Fusions 90%
You can fuse materia.

First, you need two materias, then, the item(if you have item fusion tome.).

Combine materia like:
-Fire and thunder:BLIZZARD
-Fire and airstrike*:HELL FIRAGA
-Drain and HP Up+++**:DRAINGA
-Assault twister and thundara:THUNDARA BLADE
-Drainga HP+100% and HP Up HP+10% and 20 Hi potion:DRAINGA HP+130%

*must be bought from store
**must done some mission to get it
By: Hackmaster257(372)
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Fast way to get to level 42 by end of game if not higher 100%
Do all the missions until they are all completed
By: gamerking89(7)
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Shinra Manor Combo 89%
At a certain point in the game, you will arrive with a very ill Cloud at Shinra Manor and will have to find new clothes for him. There are four rooms in the manor that you will find are locked as you explore, and if you look through the keyholes of the locked doors, you will see certain items that when counted will give you a combination to a safe which holds Vital Slash Materia. Hereís how to find the digits (From the Editor: this submitter gave us a combination, but in fact the combination is randomly generated on each game, hence you will have to find it on your own by doing the following).

First DigitKnowledge Overflowing (In the room nearest Cloud, you will find a room full of bookshelves. Count the books on the shelves for this number.)
Second DigitUnfamiliar Faces (In a room on the first floor you will find eerie apparitions floating in a room. Count them for this digit.)
Third DigitTasty Reminders From Home (The 2nd locked room on the 2nd floor will hold dumbapples and cans of juice. Count them.)
Fourth DigitOn All Four Legs (The other locked room on the first floor holds a bunch of chairs. Count them up for the final number.)
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Harvest tons of gils!!! 88%
Keep doing missions and stories. When you encounter enemy, sometimes, when you kill them you might get an item. And keeeeepp doing missions and story, then, sell what you don't need. Then, done. you've harvested tons of gils.

Advice:a. Doing missions are better. When you complete one mission, you will get some item.
b.Don't forget to search the item box! you might get a wonderful item in it.....
By: Hackmaster257(372)
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Fun game at Hojo's lab 86%
When you are in the mission to secure Hojo, talk to him only one time, then, you can do games under this:

1st game:Next to Hojo, there is a machine with a green screen. press X in front of it, then throw the switch. Then, a countdown will begin. press X when it reaches 0(after 3, you will not see 2,1,and 0.). Then, the machine will give you SP if the mako is enough.

2nd game:Stand in front of the machine where the 1st Hojo is, then, press X again. Then, you have released Hojo's experiments on the lower floor. Kill all of them in ONE shot, you will get the jail cell key. You can use the jail cell key in the jail-like place.

3rd game:Stand in front of Hojo's pod, then get in. Hojo will ask you some question. Answer them up to you, then you will get XP, also, the character you answer will be closer to you(Angeal/Sephiroth).

4th game:Stand in front of the machine next to the 2nd game, then, press X. You will fight enemies. Fight them. But suddenly, when you finished fighting them, the game stopped.
By: Hackmaster257(372)
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Super Fast Gil/SP 85%
Unlock 9-6-6, then steal or mug Minerva's Phoenix Downs. Sell the whole run for nearly 5K gil, and repeat until you've got about 10 million gil. Buy Dualcast from the Net Shop Shade (99 until you run out of gil) and convert each into SP for ~1,800,000 per 6 thefts! Repeat as desired.
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Unlockable : Genji helm 74%
First beat missions 9-5-4. when you beat those missions you will get shop called network shop shade
By: yippe89(314)
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Unlockable :Genji armor 73%
Get your DMW complete and all of them to 100%. the helm will allow you to get 99,999 hp
By: yippe89(314)
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Hint : 9,999 71%
If you want 9,999 hp you will need the material fusion. If you have that you will need two leveled up hp up++ and fuse them with 25 elixirs. If you need elexirs do mission
By: yippe89(314)
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How to level up by 66 70%
If you have the Curse Ring acc. equip it and just do a lot of battles with it (and I mean a LOT) the exp obtained will just stay there and then after that use the DMW again... it will let you level up many times in a row! (depending on how long you battled with the cursed ring on)
credit goes to Crow132 from youtube
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII cheat video Cheat Video
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The best materia 61%
Costly punch:
It can easily perform 99999 damage with little effort

obtain: Fuse any fist materia with any DMW materia.
By: io922(483)
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Unlockable: genji shield 61%
This shield is a powerful piece of gear that you can find in missions 7-6-6. you have to fight the magic pot using the following attacksinthe order I say: gil toss, costly punch, 99,999 damage, and octaslash. the shield will permanently make you have omni status guard, absorbss elemental damage, and keeps permantly active barrier and mbarrier but only if its equipped.
By: yippe89(314)
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Reduce damage dealt on you to zero. 58%
Complete the Yuffie the treasure hunter missions to get a materia called SP Master. It takes the damage that would of been dealt to you but instead its taken out of your SP. This is VERY useful against Minerva.
By: io922(483)
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How to get Tri-Thundaga, Flare, Electrocute, Smart Consumer, and Tri-Fire 57%
Complete the Notice missions that Yuffie gives you. You will earn the materia in this order- Tri-Thundaga, Tri-Fire, Electrocute, Flare, and Smart Consumer. There was another materia but I don't remember what it was. You obtain the materia at the end of the mission, so you don't have to worry about getting treasure chests.
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New game+'s. 54%
New Game+
Beat the game and wait until it tells you to save after the credits.

New Game++
After beating a data with new game+, save the game after the credits when prompt and you will start a new game++ data with all of the items you had in the previous save.
By: io922(483)
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Max stat materia fusion 53%
First take the materia that you want and fuse it with a DMW materia with a fat chocobo feather. Next take the end result fusion materia and fuse it with another DMW materia with 99 pheonex downs and you should get this.

materia: your materia +999%hp

If you want another stat then fuse the 999%hp materia with another DMW with dark matter, gysal greens, adimantite, hero drink and you should get a +100 of what ever attribute that the item you used supports
By: io922(483)
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MP Will Decrease 50%
Really. MP WILL decrease if you use things that consumes MP. Such As Fire, Thundaga, Blizzard, Quake, etc. causes your MP decrease. And, to recover it, you can use an elixir or something else. And don't use MP too much. It will get empy, you can't use things that consumes MP, then, I don't know..... Maybe you can survive without MP..... But, I can't.

Updates: 26 March 2012:My Birthday. When 26 March I will give you the video of MP Will Decrease.
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Easy HP+ percentage 50%
Use Potions, (about 99), Then Hi-potions, same as potions, X-potions ( as many as you are willing to spare) And Elixirs, (try to use as many as you can, once you fuse these items, you cant use them again) Results may vary, I had used it on my Wall materia, Currently at +550% HP, (without fat chocobo feathers :P)
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The curse ring 45%
When you start the game after doing the fight with the monster you will go back to the briefing room and do some things but when you are asked to get an item in the item pod you will receive an item then do the next task but don't do the next task just keep on clicking on the item pod nothing will happen so just do it again and again (about 20 times of clicking) you will receive the curse ring.
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Go clouds strifes story mode 43%
When you beat the game it shows cloud like zack on the title screen press x,o,x
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Early Zack with buster sword 33%
If you're still early in the game (when zack's hair is still normal and he still has his normal sword) go to the mission 9-6-6 against Minerva, when you start the mission you'll see that zack's hair will change after the death of angeal and he will have the buster sword
but if you finished the mission of course his hair and sword will go back to normal
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MP will decrease (UPDATE) 25%
And this time...... for the video of th cheat MP Will Decrease! See the video: Cheat Video
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII cheat video Cheat Video
By: Hackmaster257(372)
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All items and materia 20%
When you start the game, press pause abd enter the following: right, left, right, left, up, and exit the pause screen. you should have all the materia (including vital slash) and all the items in the game.
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Level up by 10 18%
When you are playing the game, press pause and enter: up,up,down,right,right,right,left and press pause again. you should have leveled up by ten levels. (you can only do it during a battle.)
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One hit kill always 17%
While in a battle press pause and press: right(2x), up, down(3x), and left. you should achieve one hit kills for that battle.
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