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Spider-Man 2 Cheats for PSP
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Spider-Man 2 PSP Cheats

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Spider-Man 2

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Defeating Vulture 98%
Stay in the construction area on top of the building. Remain in
between the 2 buildings that Vulture cannot get to you. After
awhile, his health will get down to green. He will land, and this is
when you can attack him. Do it quickly; you only get five to 10
seconds to punch him.
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Defeating Mysterio 96%
You 1st need to know which hologram is him. To do that, you look
at the faces behind all of the holograms. The one that is smiling
will have the real Mysterio directly in front of it. Do not touch
him while the 3 fireballs are orbiting his head. When he tries
to shoot you and no longer has them orbiting his head, go in and hit
him. When the fireballs return, back off. Keep repeating this. ***
Do not forget about the other holograms; they are just as powerful.
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Level Select 96%
Once you 100% win the game and start a new game with the name FLUWDEAR and the level select option will be available.
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