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Twisted Metal: Head-On Cheats for PSP
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Twisted Metal: Head-On PSP Cheats

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Twisted Metal: Head-On Cheats

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Twisted Metal: Head-On

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Invincable-Ammo-weopons! 100%
Infinite Ammo
Hold L-R And Press triangle-triangle-down-down-left

Hold L-R and press right-left-down-up

Infinate Weopons
Hold L- R and press triangle-triangle-down-down

Killer Weopons
Hold L-R and press x-x-up-up

Mega guns
Hold L-R and press x-triangle-x-triangle
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Killer weapons 100%
Press X(2), Up(2), L + R during game play.
Press Right, Left, Down, Up, L + R during game play.
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Infinite weapons 100%
Press Triangle(2), Down(2) during game play.
Mega guns:
Press X, Triangle, X, Triangle during game play.
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Greece Deathmatch level 100%
Complete the Greece mini-game.
Egypt Deathmatch level:
Complete the Egypt mini-game.
Paris Deathmatch level:
Complete the Paris mini-game.
Rose Deathmatch level:
Complete the Rome mini-game.
Tokyo Streets Deathmatch level:
Complete the Tokyo Streets mini-game.
Tower Tooth Challenge level:
Win the game with any 4 characters. The Tower
Tooth Challenge level will now be unlocked in challenge mode.
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Cheat mode 98%
The following codes are entered during game play in single player
mode. They have no effect in multi-player or online modes.
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Dark Tooth 98%
Complete story mode in single player mode.
Play as Hammerhead:
Complete the Tokyo Rooftop mini-game in story mode.
Play as Mr. Slam:
Complete the L.A. mini-game in story mode.
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Cousin Eddy and Gene Ruttish 98%
Complete the L.A./Cousin Eddy mini-game in story mode.
[Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2]
Play as Crimson Fury:
Complete the Monaco mini-game in story mode.
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Axel 98%
Complete the Russia mini-game in story mode.
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Unlock crimson fury 63%
In story mode at monaco find the teleporter that has purple-pinkish rays and teleport using it and that bonus game is to survive 2 laps while destroying 10 cars above and once you done that you will unlock crimson fury
By: bitoy666(1349)
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Unlock mr.slamm 59%
In story mode at paris find a house and ram the door and behind that door is a teleporter with purple-pinkish rays and teleport using it and that is a bonus game called chopper napalm that means you have to shoot down helicopters with napalms but better hurry-up because you need to finish it under 3mins. to unlock mr.slamm
By: bitoy666(1349)
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Infinite health 56%
Up down left right right left down up then press left and right trigger at same time
By: snoman(72)
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Unlock hammerhead 53%
In story mode at tokyo rooftops find the teleporter that has purple-pinkish rays then teleport using that then thats bonus game and it a race against 8 motorcycles beat them at 1st place at 3 laps and after that you will unlock hammerhead
By: bitoy666(1349)
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