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Cold Fear Cheats for PS2
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Cold Fear PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE
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Cold Fear

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Concept art 84%
Win the game under the normal difficulty setting.
Extreme mode:
Win the game under the hard difficulty setting.
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Cold Fear 454741How do I get through mission....Find Anisthenko? Answers: 1
Cold Fear 362416I need some cheats codes for cold fear european, anybody can helpe me? Answers: 1
Cold Fear 466811How can I save my progress on the PS2? What button do I press? I have pressed them all & none of them save the game....... Answers: 1
Cold Fear 541727Where are the generators Answers: 0
Cold Fear 769913How can I defeat Anna's father? Answers: 0
Cold Fear 936313Where I can find DR. kamsky's laptop? Answers: 0
Cold Fear 938318Why I can open the sdave game Answers: 0
Cold Fear 231092Whats with the big skeleton? does it do anything? can you kill it? Answers: 1
Cold Fear 201898How do you destroy the shapless ones Answers: 0
Cold Fear 543463How can I kill annas father Answers: 0
Cold Fear 88061How to get unlimmited ammo? Answers: 1
Cold Fear 53400What are cheats for cold fear PS2 Answers: 0
Cold Fear 12563What do you do when anna gets infected with exocells Answers: 1
Cold Fear 211829Where can I find other ammo besides the the place that blew up? Answers: 1
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