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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Cheats for Xbox
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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Xbox Cheats

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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

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Mansion Of Madness: Defeating the Boss 100%
To defeat The Princess, side-step in one direction while aiming up
and turning. The closer that Cortez is to the fountain, the greater
the chance to avoid being swiped. When the Boss is about to die,
step back and fire the last shots to avoid the final death blow.
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Defeating the tank 100%
Go to any ramp and stay out of the tank's sight. Use the Telekinetic
Glove to take the ammunition when it spawns and attack the tank with
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What Lies Beneath: Defeating the Boss 100%
Use the Ghost Gun and position yourself carefully. Find a rock that
shields Cortez's legs while allowing him to fire back. The fire
attack from the Boss must drop to the floor before moving forward.
The rock will protect you from most of the fire damage. Use a melee
attack to kill the bats and allow the Ghost Gun to damage the tank.
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Rescuing The Jungle Queen 100%
Enter the prison cell on the other side. Create a line of vertical
holes on the metal drum begining from the top. This results in a
large pool of gasoline. Shoot the lantern that hangs from the
ceiling to blow it up.
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