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Pokemon Emerald GBA Cheats

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Pokemon Emerald

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

How to get bages 38%
Beat the gim leaders
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Back to home page! 38%
Press start + select + l + R to get to the home page.
By: Rocknroller(618)
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GET FEEBAS Always works!: MAY 37%
To get Feebas you first have to get to fortree city , then must have a good rod, and you know the waterfall by weather in. go up falls. and keep surfing you surf near the acro bike path and tgo up al way then turn around and dwon 1 step and use good rod facing you fish there 5 times it will appear I am sure of it!
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Get a MEGA BALL 36%
To get a Mega Ball put any male pokemon holding a ultra ball and any female holding a master ball in the day care
wait a 4min. and ask the man. he will give you an egg once it hatches it will be holding a mega ball.
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How to catch a flygon 36%
First you must catch a trapinch then evolve into vivrava at level 35 and evolve into flygon at 45 i think this might help you catching all pokemon

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How to catch feebas-the easy way 36%
If you want to catch a feebas you DONT have to say a certain code in dewford but you have to say SOMETHING then fly to route 119 and fish with a SUPER ROD in every square

to evolve it once you have caught it feed it INDOGO or BLUE pokeblocks and you will have a mitolic happy catchings
By: TheRegiKing(866)
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2 ways to get more than one starter 36%
Trick no 1
trade onto another gameboy turn off then choose another one then trade back

trick no 2
put your starter in the daycare centre with a ditto !
By: TheRegiKing(866)
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How 2 catch the regi's 36%
OK in order to do this you need to open their caves. If you don't know how to read braille to bad!
when you get their health to the red throw an ultra ball press A B L R @ the exact same time you should catch them. I dicovered this purely by accident.
I' submitted trainer card color upgrade. did you get the satue if you did good 4 you if you didn't that prooves it never trust weird looking poor quaility web sites
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Johto Starters 36%
To Get A Johto Starter You Got To Complete The Hoenn Pokedex - 202 Pokemon
Prof.Birch Will Call You On Your PokeNav To Go To His Lab. There You Will Find
Chikortia, Totadile And Cyndaquil Choose One And Get Training !

I Choosed Totadile And Now It's A Feraligatr !

My Johto Pkmn Team In Emerald

Donphan Lv.55 Atk : Earthquake, Dig, Fissure, RapidSpin
Houndoom Lv.53 Atk : FlameThrower, OverHeat, Smog, Bite
Feraligatr Lv.59 Atk : Surf, HydroPump, Bite, WaterFall
Shuckle Lv.54 Atk : RockSmash, SecretPower, Yawn, Snore
Miltank Lv.56 Atk : MilkDrink, BodySlam, HyperBeam, Mega Punch
Smeargle Lv.62 Atk : HydroCannon, FrenzyPlant, BlastBurn, VoltTackle
By: LeonardoFoo(21)
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Fight steven everyday 34%
Go to meteor falls then surf then use waterfall then enter make this short go to the place where you can find TM23 IRON TAIL and there theres a new cave there and inside is steven but... save 1st before you battle him because his pokemon is all 70+
By: bitoy666(1349)
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Shiny pokemon 33%
K if your wondering how ta get shinypokemon without cheating with a action replay you can do this.
say like your heading fr one dirction keep going that way dont turn direction just keep going on and you should find atleast one shiny if not then try another direction.
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How to get to the top of sky pillar easy! 33%
Well first get a pokemon that knows dig. a trapinch if u do not evolve it by pressing (B) when its evolving it will learn it at like 40 or something around there. anyway go to sky pillar and get in and use dig and simply our there 10 24 2:)
By: Pokemaster35(1036)
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How to get munchlax 33%
If you like snorlax (fat pokemon) then you'l like munchlax.munchlax is 1 of the rarest pokemon in pokemon emerald and just about every other pokemon game.

get a ditto(to get ditto tou have to beat the elite four)and a snorlax (female)and give it a lax insceance,or get 2 snorlax 1 male 1 female and give the female a lax insceance.put both in the day care and wait a bit....... then get the egg from the day care man.
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Lugia by Iavgotregigias6 33%
First complete the heonn pokedex then somewhere there will be a underwatter cave go find it its underwater near sootiplas city go inside and there will be lugia when caught use dig at the back of the wall go in there will be entie
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Cloning Pokemon And Items! 33%
To clone pokemon and items go to the battle frontier. put the pokemon/item in the pc. save in front of it and the go to the link multi battle woman. she will say"before you can proceed your game must be saved." say ok and then when she asks do you want to save your game after the time gap say no. check the pc. the pokemon is cloned!
another method is to go to a pokemon centre, save your game in front of the pc and deposit the pokemon to be cloned. then save and halfway through, reset your console. when you reload your game there will be 2 pokemon, 1 in your party and one in the pc.
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Catch Any Pokemon Without Fail! 33%
When You Throw Any Type Of Ball, Press And Hold B. The Higher The Pokemon's Level Is, The Harder You'll Have To Push. I Bet I'll Have To STAND On The B Button When I Try To Catch Groudon And Kyogre. P.S. This Doesn't Always Work And Works In All GBA Pokemon Versions. If This Helps, You're Guarenteed To Catch Even Those Toughies!

Hope This Helps, Samzapp
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How to get Celebi 33%
Apparentaly your supposed beat the battle frontier then go back home and the TV will be flashing press A and it will tell you about a mysterious flying green pokemon go find him then
By: hazza 360(5)
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Get articuno,keep mind reader,make it lv up til it gets sheer cold,use mind reader before sheer cold and you got urself an instant KO
By: ray1613(13)
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Pokemon Emerald Version Unlockables: Special Pokemon 33%
Beldum: So to Steven's house after you beat the Elite four.
Castform: Defeat the rival team at the weather institute.
Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Tododile: Once you complete the 202 Pokemon of Hoenn. Professor Birch will call you on your Pokenav.
Deoxys: Receive the Aurara Ticket, and go to Birth Island.
Groudon: Defeat the Elite Four, and go to the land lair.
Ho-oh/Lugia: Acquire the Mystic Ticket, and go to Navel Island.
Kyogre: Defeat the Elite Four, and go to the sea lair.
Latios or Latias: Once you beat the elite four, watch the T.V. downstairs in your house.
Latios or Latias: Mix records with a Ruby or Sapphire with the Eon ticket, and go to Southern Island.
Mew: Acquire the Old Sea Chart, and go to Faraway Island.
Rayquaza: Acquire Magma and Aqua to get Kyogre and Groudon out of the cave, and go to Sky Pillar.
Treeko, Torchic, or Mudkip: Assist Professor Birch free the wild pokemon.
By: baxter155(95)
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Every pokemon shiny 33%


code every pokemon shiny

By: anotine6(4)
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Easy master ball and rare candy 33%
Have a bunch of meowths in your party with pick up at lvl. 90+ and walk around until you find them
By: shorty14(141)
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Pomeg berry glitch 33%
First get 3 hp ups and use it on one pokemon
2nd. get your pokemons hp down to 1
3rd. deposite all your pokemon sept the one that has 1 HP
4th. use a pomeg berry or two untill you see your pokemon has 0 hp
5th. you can walk with no pokemon!
you can experiment allitle like I did
By: noah159(200)
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@@crazy@@steal poke 33%
First get your weakest 3 pokemon and rent pokemon when your about to go in press l and you will keep the pokemon.
By: TheRegiKing(866)
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Hint for newbies. 33%
Here is a hint if you are a newbie. your starter pokemon is usually a male but sometimes it is a female. and it is very rare if your pokemon is a female.
By: argetlam(186)
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1. get wailmer pail where the first gym is in flower shop.
2. beat the poke leage and go to the battle frontier.
3.go to where the old lady is by the battle palace.
4. use your wailmer pail
5. vs. and catch sudowoodo
6. put in day care with ditto
7. get the egg
8. let it hatch and BOOOOOM you got a bonsly lv. 5

by: logan
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Stealing Pokemon From Battle Frontier (AR Required) 33%
First of all,u need a teleporting code that activates when you go through a door while holding L or R Or both.go to the the battle factory with one pokemon that is weak(trust me)choose any level you want(i would recomend lv 50 just if it it is a stage 2 pokemon like charmeleon who cant evolve in level 100)and after you picked the pokemon,hold the buttons while the man takes you to the door and you get teleported!thats how you steal pokemon,very simple except I cant belive I wrote alot!
By: GregarWolfBoy12(59)
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How to get regice, regrock and regstill 33%
The key to locating these people are on route 134 stay close to the bottam of the water. dive down at sealed chamber and work out the brailla alphabet. when you work it out go to route 105 to get regice, route 111 to get regrock and route 120 to get regstill
By: dylan04(359)
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Catch many zigzagoon and add it to your party, do many steps then, check your pokemon team you will notice that your zigzagoon have hold item.
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Obtain pokemon pikachu female with light ball 33%
Press L+A
By: renzel(22)
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Pokemon ranger shadows of almia 33%
Press a and b together then you catch pokemon easy
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Pokemon Emerald Version Hint: Get to Steven Faster 33%
To get to steven faster (you will find him in meteor falls) you have to do the following: 1. Get 2 level 100 Relacinths and 2 level 100 Wailmers. 2. Go to the entrance of meteor falls (with the pokemon mentioned before). 3. press a,b,r,l,select simulountaniously and voula! you at the area where steven is ready to battle you.
By: baxter155(95)
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How catch a SABLEYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(and how find steven) 33%
If want to catch a SABLEYE go to the granite cave in dewford island go in the cave (TIP:talk to the man if entering the cave he will give you flash if beaten 2nd gym)go down one time use flash and go a platform higher if see a stone go to that platform that stone is a everstone walk so long on that platform sableye will come use 2 times rocktomb and use a great ball but this is the cave where is steven
By: gamefreak1(590)
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Farway island southern island and navel rock 33%
Hey guys I am going to give you gameshark or code breaker cheats ( I deleted them so I don't remember...)
Farway island

Southen island

Navel rock (ho-oh and lugia)

that's it I guess
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Rc 33%
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Want 2 hav wynaut easily?????? 33%
First go to lavaridge town talk to the old lady beside the hot spring then she will give you an egg then let the eggs hatch by walking when the egg is hatching it will be wynaut!

Hope I hElpEd! ^^
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Palkia in Emerald NO CHEATS OR GAMESHARK!!!!! 33%
Chances in Finding Palkia:1/15470.Find Palkia in Petalburg Forest
around the place you find a Miracle Seed. U'll find her there.
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Latios 33%
When you catch rayquaza go to your house and walk randomly through the grass until you your at the end and latios should apper

by elite 4 master
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Catch Mewtwo 33%
Use Gameshark Code D027D341 E184CF59
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Entei suicune and raikou 32%
Get them in colosseum and simply tade to get them u find suicune in the under and raikou shadow and entei mt.battle(im replaying mine i beat it and got raiou and entei but not suicune and tyranitar got erased.
By: Pokemaster35(1036)
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How to get all the pokemon from Ruby, Fire, Red and Leaf Green 32%
You must have a link cable and two GBA then you connect the two GBA and go tot he pokemon center, go upstairs and talk to the lady she will let you in, you can talk to your friend and trade with your friend to get all the Pokemon ruby fire red leaf green
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Cacth chiling 32%
Go to the top of mt.pyre then a while you well find 1
By: tidus123(19)
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How to battle regirock 32%
Go to the center of the room and use FLASH and save then go in and use timer and ultra balls(i dont remember how to unlock them just how to open it)
By: Pokemaster35(1036)
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Liechi berry 31%
The leachi berry is on MIRAGE ISLAND
By: Corza(232)
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Laugh girl LAUGH 30%
In rusburo city, just above the pokemon centre, there is a house with 6 windows. go in there and go 2 the second floor. there is a little girls dad who needs 2 get his dauter 2 laugh. i cant tell u a word cause there r loads of words u can say. but i can tell u the website on were 2 get it. it is called ta da.
By: muiolo(111)
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Mew and seek 30%
Go get the old-sea-chart,then go to faraway island. It will play a game of Mew and go seek. the she will battle you. paralize her throw a master ball and SHE IS ALL YOURS! But she might flee if you attack her it happened to my friend.
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Easter egg 30%
Anywhere where there are characters move in any direction and their color will turn darker. its fun.
By: argetlam(186)
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@@ A BIKE @@ 30%
You get a bike in mauville right of the pokecenter. you can choose --

ACRO- a slow bike but can do bunny hops and ride while doing a wheelie
MACH- a very fast and efficient bike - cant do wheelies
By: TheRegiKing(866)
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Get A Strong, Mysterious Pokemon Easy! 29%
First of all, everyone gets a different pokemon every time! What you need to do is you need to beat the entire Pokemon Leauge! Then go to Larvaridge Town and take a Hot Springs Bath for EXACTLY five minutes. Then immediatley fly to Pacifidalog City talk to the girl who talks about the six dots opens three doors. Then go to the Sky Pillar, (the top; located next to the Pacifidalog City) and click on all visible rocks, nothing will happen by the way. Go back to Pacifidalog City and go back to the girl you talked to before, and she will give something, a pokemon!
The pokemon she gave me was:
The Pokemon she gave my friend was:
The Pokemon she gave my brother was:
Mewthree X

Good Luck! :)
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Easiest way to get al lthe starter pokemon for hoen 29%
You will need another game either rubey or saphire or emerald its all the same then pick hte game htat you dont car about and start a new game with it then pick hte sarte pokemon and trade htem the whole thing takes aboutt 2 hours.
By: liamdevereux(8)
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Shiny Pokemon Hint 29%
Okay, I just caught a shiny SUNKERN in the safari zone, remember that shiny pokemon are Extremely rare pokemon, want to know how to raise them properly in about 10 - 20 minutes? If you do Follow my steps, this includes maxing out your stats and getting them to level 100 fast!

1. Catch a Shiny pokemon, unless you already have one
2. go to lily cove city and buy 1 of each Protein, iron, zinc, calcium,carbos, and HP UP
3. Go to battle Frointer
5. duplicate 10 times,
6. get 10 Rare candys
7. Follow from step 3.

And there you have it, your rare shiny pokemon's stats will be maxed out and you will have him at level 100 all in about 20 - 30 minutes

P.S. You might want to duplicate this pokemon if you accidently let it go or you somehow lose it! TREAT IT WITH RESPECT!
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How to get kaore easy 29%
First complet the game then talk to the guy in the wheter inturty.Get a netball then go to the sea will fight kaorg get to low hp then use a netball
By: tidus123(19)
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How to get all pokemon even in sinnoh!!! 29%
This cheat is the easiest one to get all pokemon
you need a magikarp and train it up to lv.100
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How to get lot and lots of money 29%
1.keep on doing the pokemon legue 2.find lots of ster dust and nugets battle pepole when they want to by tidus123
By: tidus123(19)
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What I have done is put my raquaza holding an amulet coin in my first slot and beat the elite four heaps of times . I have bought hundreds of stuff..
By: TheRegiKing(866)
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Ultimate team 29%
The ultimate team is

your starter

with this team you can flog the elite 4 smash legendaries and more
By: purdz(224)
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The beging of the game 29%
When get emerald you should get the grass one to defeet the frist gmy leder and secand
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Pokemon emerald 29%
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No battle in the victory road?! 28%
First, you need all the dragon pokemon you can get in emerald without trading. that mean that you must have: flygon, vibrava, shellgon, salamence, bagon, altaria on team. all of them must be at least lv 60. use repel the first second you enter the victory road. cycle around. hariyamas can't be repeled. when you meet one, catch it with a dive ball. the battle wally (that is the only trainer you need to battle) when wally send out gardivor, use flygon's dragonbreath. before the attack hit gardivor, turn off the power. turn it on agian. when wally comes up to you,(before he battles you) press start very quickly. then use 5 repels and give a rare candy to a pokemon that will lear an attack the next level. don't learn that attack. then save the gave. when it says "saving, do not turn off the power, turn it off. open it back on. wally won't battle you. when you meat the first trainer, quickly press start again. (she won't battel you) the use 10 repels and attack a tm to every of your party pokemon. save. when it says "saving do no turn off the power" turn it off and no more trainers will battle you in the victory road.
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Getting a mew it works 27%
Enter the cheat or hints here!To get mew you can use any master code. so if you have an AR max this will work. ok type encounter mew or somthing like that now the code is 401245E0
7D57E544 now you have that ,choose it and start the game where ever you go water caves grass deserts ect. it will be the level of where you are. (it works I do it but the issue is no matter what HE NEVER OBEYS YOU I hate that part and sorry if spelling is wrong I was in a hurry)
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Skeptile is better than Blaziken at beating the E4! 27%
IT'S TRUE!!!!!
Let me show you...

E4 Sidney:

Blaziken: No prob: Watch out for Absol's aerial ace, though
Skeptile: Not so good, But does well against Crawdaunt. Also watch out for aerial ace.

E4 Phoebe:
Dusclops X2
Banette X2

Blaziken: Not a good choice. Ghosts have elemental moves. Also, Lv 51 Dusclops has Earthquake which has a power of 200 on Blaziken! So not good.
Skeptile: Better. More resistances, but ice beam will do the trick.

E4 Glacia:
Sealeo X2
Glalie X2

Blaziken: Average actually. Fighting would do it, but Sealeo and Walrein are ice and water, so watch for water moves, and Sheer cold.
Skepile: Good on Sealeo and Walrein, but Glalie will hurt.

E4 Drake:

Blaziken: NO GOOD.
Skeptile: NO GOOD, but OK on Kingdra and Flygon



So overall, Skeptile is Better!
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Cheat: Walk through walls, trees, buildings, ect 26%
Ok if you want 2 do this you have a very low chance of it working and you can only try it once per day so good luck!
1: Get pokemon fron l.v 5 to l.v 10
2: then press and hold L, R, A, B, and wich way you want to go on the directional pad
3: then you can go to the place where the old man is and has stuff blocking the way
Well I hope you can do it cause it almost worked 4 me so GOOD LUCK! :P
By: ItachiIsHot(22)
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How to catch groudon and kyogre in emerald 25%
After beating the elite 4 you have to go to the weather institution near by
fortree city. then you have to talk to the pokemon researcher in the 1st floor he will tell that a drought or a heavy rainfall in a particular route
.If he tell its a drought in a route , you have to go to that route there will
be a cave formed if you go inside it you will find groudon.if he tells rainfall ,u have to go to that route ,there will be a dive portion, if you use dive there will be a cave go inside it,u will find kyogre
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1 first go to battle frontier,go to battle tower
2 second goto the pc on the far right of the screen and withdraw 5pokemon you want to clone(AND ITEMS[optional]) and 1other pokemon for the lady
3 wait 1second,make 2new boxes: 1called CLONED & the other: CLONING. then put all cloned pokemon in the CLONED box and all the 1s you wanna clone in the CLONING box [optional] [for best results ONLY]
4 NOW with your 5 cloning pokemon, deposit them in the CLONED box. Then exit the PC,save the game,overite previous file.
5 Almost: goto he lady that says MULTI LINK BATTLE [closest one to your left] choose yes no wire or any other objects required] choose OPEN LEVEL
6 IMPORTANT! once she says save game press YES , BUT [U MUST BE CAREFUL] after when it overwrites press YES [MOST IMPORTANT PIECE!] NOW when it says saving, overwriting file,DO NOT RESTART [A+B+SELECT+START] turn it off,wait 1sec, turn it on,FINALLY go back to your PC, select MOVE POKEMON,look in your party and CLONED box and ALL pokemon and items'll be there [EVEN WORKS WIRH NON-GENDER AND LEGENDARY POKEMON LIKE: MEWTWO!]
By: ray1613(13)
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The ultiate poke-teamshock wave,fly,thunder 25% need the following pokemon:kyogre at about level 45,zapdos at about level 70,mewtwo at about level 74,latios at 100,rayquaza at 100,and a groudon at about 70!* will take some time 2 get to that level..but I got there so could you!(=

then you need the following moves:
kyogre=surf,waterfall,hydro pump and...........SHEER COLD!the k.o. move!(=
zapdos=shock wave,fly,thuner and drillpeck
mewtwo=swift,recover,flash and psychic
latios=dragon claw,fly,puster purge and psychic
rayquaza=dragon claw,fly,extremespeed and hyper beam(for k.o. only)
groudon=fire blast,rest,fissure and solarbeam

now will take time...but I worked almost 2 years for this and if you have enough luck...youll get as lucky as I have(= so there you...good luck=
By: jasonfan15437(148)
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First hiding place. 25%
Grawdons first hiding place is route 116.
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Catching milotic (strait up) 25%
Catch a feebas (dont use a masterball) (dont use rare candies)
he wont be a high level so use an exp. share and beat elite four.
By: TheRegiKing(866)
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Catching a rare feebas and evolved it on milotic 25%
Listen guys: the technique there is patience......
well first thing to do is change the phrase in dewford town and then fly to weather institute...down on that bridge....use surf.....move left left up up and use old rod.....
the most effective rod is old rod because only magikarp and feebas will appear...
if it is not still appearing this is my 2nd technique/.....

try to go to squares..use old rod,,,count 5 pokemons that will appear and if feebas will not appear move to other square....

the best technique is my 2nd suggestion because I use it with just 1 day or less.....

and now evolving it...if you catch a feebas try to see his nature if it is quite nature,,,it loves indigo or blue or else try to breed him and if,quite nature appear congrats..use pokeblock blue or indigo......and level feebas after it maximized his beauty it will evolve

By: vonn13091(5)
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Pokemon Contest Advice 25%
Okay, when the blend master comes to lilycove city, blend the berrys below with him. use my DUPLICATING ITEMS WITHOUT DUPLICATING POKEMON Cheat to duplicate these rare berry's.

1. Durin Berry - Give to Golem - 6 of each
2. Watmel Berry - Give to Jigglypuff - 6 of each
3. Iapapa Berry - Give to alakazam - 6 of each

Use the following pokemon to win smart, tough and cute contests easily

Golem lv 62
Moves: Explosion, Defense curl, Tackle, Double edge.

Jigglypuff lv 50
Moves: Defense curl, Sing, Double Edge, Rollout

Alakazam lv 50 - 70
Moves: Reflect, Confusion, Disable, Psybeam

After you give the berries to each of the pokemon, talk to the chairman at the pokemon fan club at slateport city, show them those three pokemon, he should give you a scarf for each of the pokemon, now go win the contest!
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First you need to get a relicanth and a wailord.then you need to go to the sealed chamber and use dive in front of the white writing on the wall go up tp the farthest wall and use dig while relicanth in front and wailord last then go up to the farthest wall press a and it will say it sounds like three doors opened somewhere in the distance. Go to where the three berrys are growing inbetween fortree and lilycove then go to this rock fomation and have wailord then use dig by the side faceing toward you then go in to the middle and use flash the door will open go in save before you battle and have alot of ultra balls ps have a blaziken with double kick usethat once lv 40 through 43 any higher youll kill it. good luck catching. BY: THE KING OF POKEMON
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Pokemon emerald hint 25%
Catch rayquaza press b+A LV 99
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Rece 25%
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Catching an abra!!!!!!!!!!!! 25%
If you have a master ball and dont have raquaza cath it. But with that master ball you can catch abra and evolve him at level 20.(catch abra on dewford island).
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If you want to clone your pokemon!!! 25%
Go to battle frontier and put your pokemon in the empty box nine turn off game
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HOW TO START OUT WITH A STARTER AND A...................................CELEBI!!!!! 24%
Start a new game,be a boy and name yourself ash.ok after the first battle,when he gives you the starter,go to a pc and celebi willbe in the first box!
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Easy way to get lugia 22%
If you have a game cube and Pokemon XD once you completed that game and got lugia(out of the game not from special event)after you've purified it go to the Pokemon center in that game go down stairs and get lugia in you're party if you have a link cable put one end in your game cube and the other in your game boy (with emerald) and turn it on then get a Pokemon that you can get again then talk to the girl down stairs she'll ask if you wanna trade Pokemon say yes than trade lugia for your other Pokemon in emerald
By: coolcelebi(359)
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Where to get jirachi,celibi,articuno,ho-oh,mew,mew-two and moltres 21%
You get them from nintendo events or trade from other versions you cant find them in the game but you could use a gameshark so I have heard
By: TheRegiKing(866)
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Faraway island 21%
In this island you can catch Mew



Code is:82CBD483
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Obtain 5 master ball 21%
Press L+R+Select
By: renzel(22)
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Bad rare candies 20%
I am willing to share something about rare candies. You may think that they are awesome, and that they are good for training, right? WRONG! They do train your pokemon up and all, but they do not train your pokemon's stats as well as you training your pokemon up yourself. it is just like how if a wild pokemon is the same level as a pokemon you trained up yourself, the wild pokemon would be weaker than the pokemon you trained up yourself. So, only use rare candies if absolutely necessary.
By: Albangalo(3)
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Easy lvl. 100s 20%
Once you have good enough pokemon you can give the pokemon you want lvl. 100 an exp. share, then battle and beat the elite four many times and after a while it will be level 100![the key is to never send it into battle so it doesn't faint.]
By: fireballLuigi42(378)
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How to get 1,000,000 20%
Put up up up down down down left right start
By: warsong(28)
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Jirachi 20%
94000130 FFFB0000 D5000000 00000181 B2101D40 00000000 C0000000 0000000B D7000000 000233EC DC000000 00000006 D2000000
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How to get rod 20%
Old rod-talk to the fisherman in dewford near the gym
good rod-talk to the fisherman in route 118
super rod-talk to the fisherman in sootopolis city near the space center
By: renzel(22)
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Easy way to catch pokemon 20%
When you trrow a pokeball it opens and you press l,r,a,b,and right at the same time and have a 60% of catching a pokemon
By: deep9882(3)
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How to get 100 pikachus to beat evrey trainer 19%
If you now were lilycove is near it there is a safarizone and you go in to the safarizonyou only need one pokemon pin your party you pay money to get in now when your in you are in you look evrey were and find 6 pikachus at a time when you have 100 you can beat every trainy in the pokemon world.
by ams5star
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Pokedex Complete 18%
93cc476a 8c7b6c01 03650473 df38618e 67c11314 8556956f bb87c867 94118b68 f6be2d41 c51b2ef3 fa701ea5 7d896f37 c9adf3d5 20700d38 974ddbcc 406cf0ac
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Guide to getting mew 17%
Now we know mew is a very tough challenge due to its low level and transform well I looked up about it and made a cheat for getting him easier first get like a level 50 MAGIKARP that only knows splash(i would use an exp share to level it up)so it can withstand mews attacks wait for mew to use transform and it will only know splash! XD now you can not worry for around 30 turns (causw you know he will run outta PP) then get a level 10 dark or ghost I dunno what its weak against and then hit mew oucne and it should turn on red if it faints use a weaker pokemon then put it to sleep with a oddish and voila use ultra balls on it and your done you got a new mew havefun catching mew
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Strategy: Train to lv.100 easy 17%
First catch any legendary you want. Then train it by fighting all other legendary pokemon. then repeatedly beat the elite 4 using that pokemon only. I got level 100 groudon in 3 days.
(Mine was just breed and at lv. 8 when I started) Groudon is reccomended.
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Get masterballs type (masterballs) in pc 14%
0820052740 0001
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Mew 11%
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How to get 1,000,000.00 10%
First you enter the cheat L+R+SELECT+A+B+START. This will work 100%.
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Dont get the mach bike 10%
Dont get it if you do you cant get your pokemon to lv100 from the day care center
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