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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Cheats for PS2
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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory PS2 Cheats

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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Elite mode 98%
Win the game to unlock Elite mode, which starts
the game with only the knife and unloaded guns.
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Ledge grab 98%
In order to do a better ledge grab, press X, then when the spy puts
his legs up on the thing he is hanging from, press Forward while
tapping A.
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Bathhouse: Finding the bombs 98%
After going through the gate when chasing Shetland, the 1st bomb
is directly to the left of the gate that you enter. Go left through
a little crevice and you should see a red light flashing. Go to it
and disarm it. When you do that, one of Shetland's gaurds will walk
up the stairs. Kill him. To get to the 2nd bomb, go up the
stairs. Turn left then turn right and look straight ahead. You
should see another red flashing light down below the walkway. Hop
over the ledge of the railing and disarm the 2nd bomb. When you
are done disarming the bomb, jump on to the railing and pull
yourself up. Two guards will be to your left, walking on the
walkway. They will probably hear you; get ready to kill them. It is
fairly difficult to kill them without losing a lot of life, or at
least dying. After you kill them, go down the walkway to the back
wall. About halfway you will see another red flashing light. Jump
across the little gap and disarm it. A guard will come through the
back door right when you disarm the bomb. Kill him, then go through
the door and meet Shetland. You will then have to make a critical
choice; note: pull the trigger. It would be a good idea to quicksave
the game whenever you disarm and kill the guards.
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Catching Shetland 94%
Have your sniper zoomed-in on the guard. When there is a fight,
shoot, run, and catch Shetland. Now, end the mission.
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To unlocked all the stages 68%
Press and hold R1+R2+L1+L2 and press the circle five times and press the square button five times. you can here a sound if the cheat is succssesful
By: pjesrael(20)
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Cant Be Seen By AnyThink 21%
Notthink Can See You Not Even The Light Can See You
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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 338899How do you find ammo Answers: 2
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 321709How do I activate the towers it keep saying im too late Answers: 0
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 520078How do I disarm laser bomb Answers: 1
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 763266In the Bank level, there is no window in the presidents room, let alone an open one. Also, there is no door across from the exit sign that I am supposed to use. What do I do after I get all the authorizations? Answers: 0
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 395191How do I beat the two player hydro tunnel? I keep losing at the laser part Answers: 0
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 634173Where is the ammo on the level with the missiles? Answers: 0
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 874391How do you get passed the level 2 with no ammo Answers: 0
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 896724What is the profile code name Answers: 0
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 931109How do I access to the codes that opens doors in the bank level Answers: 0
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 220122How do I get past the level cemical bunker / labitories Answers: 1
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 166899How to disarm lasers Answers: 1
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 36048How do you complete cyber cafe Answers: 0
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 26146Where do I go from the top of the light house? Answers: 1
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 26145Where do I go once I'm atop the light house in level 1? Answers: 1
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 101625I need more SC-20k bullets where can I find some? Answers: 3
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 185253In two player mode level train station/ hydro tunnel how do we get down stairs without one person dieing or up to where the men are after we set off the alarm from the computer on the third floor Answers: 1
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 765097On the battery level when I get to the room where the missile is where do I go from there and how ? Answers: 0
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 21655I'm having a real hard time trying to get access to the pistol. in fact the only weapon i can use is th sc-20k. What am i doing wrong? Answers: 1
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 181486In the beginning of the jungle level after killing to two guards near the hole in the ground, how do you progress beyond repeling down to the ledge and killing the dog? I can see all the way down but do not know how to get down there. Answers: 1
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