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Pokemon Box: Ruby And Sapphire Cheats for GC
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Pokemon Box: Ruby And Sapphire GC Cheats

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Pokemon Box: Ruby And Sapphire

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Completion bonus 96%
Successfully collect all Pokemon in either Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon
Sapphire to unlock an alternate border in adventure mode.
Swablu with False Swipe Egg:
Store 1 Pokemon.
Zigzagoon with Extreme Speed Egg:
Store 60 Pokemon.
Skitty with Pay Day Egg:
Store 500 Pokemon.
Pichu with Surf Egg:
Store 1499 Pokemon.
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How to unlock all eggs 93%
False Swipe, Swablu Given to you at the start of the game.
Extremespeed, Zigzagoon Given to you when you store 60 Pokemon.
Pay Day, Skitty Given to you when you store 500 Pokemon.
Surf, Pichu Given to you when you store 1499 Pokemon.
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Wynunts galore! 57%
Here is the way to get many wynunts. First go to Pacifilog town. Then there is house with an old man in it. Talk to him and he will either say one of two things. He will say "I do not see the island today please come back tomorrow", or he will say "I see it do you want to sail with me to the island?" Select yes and you will be at the island. remember there are only wynunts at the island so you will not get any legendary pokemon there.

Hope this helped.
By: Mr. Man
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The Best elite four beting pokemon. 50%
A level 64 TO 90 Blaziken. He worked for me he took down
the Elite four all by himself.These are the moves he knew
at the time.Renturn, Fire Blast ,Mirror move and Sky uppercut.

well I hope this helped you it did me.

this was from Marc Junod.
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The rigis:two ways! 46%
This is how you get all of the rigis:first you need a wailord and a regiclnth. heres the first way:when you have the two pokemon, go to the desert (close to meville city)and go down. then you see a cave with rocks around it. go will see rigirock. secont way:go to pacifidlog town then go left.dont see anything? dont worry. surf and go down. then use dive(you have to beat the eighth gym) and your underwater.go down and you see anicent says use dive. then your in the sealed chamber. you see more anicent writeing. it says use dig then you see more writeing. it says wailord first and rigiclanth last. then ther is a earthquake! then there are three doors.go in all of them and capture them.

hope this helped!
from: mister man
p.s:sorry if I spelled some words wrong.
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Jirachi and deoxis 41%
You can catch them in space... beat the poemon leage 66 or more times, go to mossdeep space station, when he says successful rocet launch number 66 or over, hell ask you if you want to go to space, you can catch deoxis there. If youve figuired out, everytime you beat the pokemon leage it equals 1 space launch. After one hundred or more space launches, you can go to space and catch a jirachi!

good luck, make sure you save your master ball for this, its alot rarer than latios or latias!
By: Cheatster(17)
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Is there only one corsola or more. 33%
Go to evergrand city near the lake or a pound that pound flows to be a waterfall if you fish for pokemon you could ethier surf or stay sanding okey the use a super rod and you might encounter a love disk wailmer wish cash and finall corsola you can catch as many as you want I warn you don't trade your bellosome.
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Infinite master balls 29%
Dceeec34afeadc26 is the code for infinite masterballs in gameshark gameshark code and your masterballs are 99 and would ' nt get few its still 99 everytime you use it and used it to every pokemon you want to capture it will work because its a cheat and the code is also the code to capture pokemons
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