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Tekken 5 Cheats for PS2
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Tekken 5 PS2 Cheats

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Tekken 5 Cheats

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Tekken 5

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

Getting expensive items for free 87%
You can get a number of the high priced items for free when you play
"Devil Within" a 2nd time after you have already completed the
quest. Various expensive items will be scattered around throughout
the game.
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Eddy Gordo 87%
Eddy is an extra costume/outfit you buy for Christie for 500,000G.
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Tekken Roulette indicator 87%
Although Tekken Roulette occurs randomly, you can still tell which
matches will end with it. During the match, look at the top left
corner of the screen. If you see a red light pulsing right to left
where "Stage xx" is shown, the match will end with Tekken Roulette.
Information in this section was contributed by Tukama Stanley.
Hint: Hidden story mode interludes:
Do not always be quick to defeat the story mode interlude opponents.
In some cases when you lose, you can see a different movie as part
of the story.
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Ganryu 87%
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode 7 times with
different characters.
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode 9 times with
different characters.
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode 6 times with different
Ling (school girl version):
Win fifty times in versus mode. Highlight Ling, then press RP at the
character selection screen.
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode 8 times with
different characters.
Roger Jr.:
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode one time.
Wang Jinrei:
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode five times with
different characters.
Star Blade arcade game:
Complete Arcade Mode with all fighters.
Alternatively, in the fourth level of the Devil Within mini-game,
there is a door covered with rocks that is across a big hole. You
cannot reach it by jumping. When the devil's bar is full (the red
one). press L1 + Triangle to transform into Devil Jin. Now, stand
looking towards the door and press L1 + Square to shot a beam. That
beam will destroy the rocks and a path of floating steps will
appear. Go through the door and you will find a little space ship
rotating in front of you. Touch it to unlock the Star Blade arcade
game without winning Arcade Mode with all characters.
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Mokujin: Alternate fighting sounds 87%
Hold Down before a match while playing as Mokujin. When hit, you
will hear the sound of a wood block being struck.
Hint: Xaioyu: Look like Chun-Li:
You can customize Xaioyu to look almost like Chun-Li. To do this, go
to "Character Customize", choose Xaioyu's pink costume/outfit (press Left
Punch or Right Punch ). For the head, choose "Chinese Chignon". For
Color 1, choose "Black". For Color 2, choose "Blue". For Color 3,
choose "Black". She should now resemble Chun-Li from the Street
Fighter series.
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Lei: Defeating Jinpachi 87%
Crouch and keep pressing X. When Jinpachi is sending out fireballs,
duck by using Tiger Fang (press Down/Left, Square, Triangle).
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Feng: Defeating Jinpachi 87%
As soon as the final match begins, press Up/Right + Circle to knock
Jinpachi down. When he is down, hold Down and keep pressing Circle
to do a Perfect. This occurs because Jinpachi is too slow to get up
before you do another kick on his body.
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Money $$$ Money 86%
You can earn money in arcade mode. If you play higher ranked CPU
opponents, you will be rewarded with a higher amount of G after
defeating the opponent. The money earned per fight in Arcade Mode
ranges from 800G to about 4000G. In Arcade Mode, you will also
encounter random roulettes which will multiply your winnings.

The fastest way to get some money in the bank at 1st is to unlock
the endings for all characters by completing story mode with
everybody. This gives you 100,000G per character for the 1st time
through only.Information in this section was contributed by Kris P.
You can also collect money while playing 'Devil Within' and are
rewarded an extra 100,000G upon completing the quest.
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Jinpachi Mishima: Movies 86%
Fight your way through story mode until you finally reach Jinpachi.
Lose to him and let the time counter go to zero. The game will show
a movie of him after that.

Complete story mode with Lei Wulong and defeat Jinpachi. After that,
do not skip the side movie and Jinpachi will tell Lei about himself
and how he ended and how he was in the King of Iron Fist Tournament
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Anna Williams 86%
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode 2 times with different
Asuka (school girl version):
After playing as Asuka at least fifty times, highlight her at the
character selection screen, then press Triangle.
Baek Doo San:
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode 3 times with
different characters.
Bruce Irvin:
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode 4 times with
different characters.
Devil Jin:
You can unlock Devil Jin by either completing the "Devil Within"
side game or playing a number of games in Arcade Mode, vs. mode or
story mode. About 200 games in Arcade Mode seems to unlock him after
you have unlocked all the other characters.

Alternatively, complete story mode with fifteen or twenty characters.
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Kazuya: Easy Jinpachi dodge 86%
When Jinpachi does the blast, press Forward. Kazuya will step far to
the side. Be careful; if you do it too long, Kazuya will step into
it and take maximum damage.
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Jin: Easy Jinpachi dodge 86%
To make this easier, set RP and LP in the "L1" slot. When Jinpachi
does the blast, press Away + L1. Jin will do Force Block. The blast
will go through Jin, but not do any damage.
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Gaining ranks quickly 86%
In order to gain ranks quickly you must play opponents of the same
rank as you are. When defeating CPU opponents of the same rank as
your character, it usually only requires 3 to five wins to get a
promotion. After your fight has ended in Arcade Mode, you can select
one of 3 opponents with the D-pad. You cannot always select an
opponent with the same rank, but do so when one is available. You
will have your character rank maxed out quickly.
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Law: Defeating Jinpachi 86%
Keep pressing Square to punch and Triangle(2). Now, press
Triangle(2) again.
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Julia: Look under skirt 86%
Choose practice mode. Select Hwaorang as player one and Julia as the
practice dummy in her Indian clothes (press Triangle). As Hwoarang,
use a special attack to knock down Julia. Julia may be facing belly
up or down. When she is down, move behind her to see under her
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Theater Mode 86%
Theater Mode is unlocked up after you complete story mode once with
any character. At that time, you are able to listen to the stage
soundtracks, view the movies of the character used to complete story
mode, and the attract movies (Arcade Intro, PlayStation2 Intro, and
E3/TGS trailers). As you complete story mode with each character,
the movies will become available in Theater Mode. Getting all movies
requires you the complete story mode with both Kuma and Panda, as
well as Christie and Eddy (although Eddy's ending is identical).
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Jin: Devil Within moves 85%
5x Punch Combo: Press Square(5).
Demon's Paw: Press Break into a run and Square.
Spinning Flare Kick: Press Break into a run and X.
PK Launcher: Press Square, X.
PPK Grounder: Press Square(2) X.
4X Kick Combo: Press X(4).
Jumping Uppercut: Press Square + Circle.
Double Lifting Kick: Press X + Circle.
Air Chop: Press Circle(2), Square.
Throw: Press Square + X.
Kazama Fury With Uppercut: Press L1 + Square.
Double Roundhouse: Press L1 + Kick.
Change to Devil Jin: Press L1 + Triangle.
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Marduk: Defeating Jinpachi 85%
Keep pressing Circle while crouching or standing.
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Tekken 3 reference 85%
On the 1st and 2nd stages of Devil Within, you will hear Jin's
stage music from Tekken 3 in the background.
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Lee: Easy win 85%
Use Lee's Acid Storm 3 times (Right, X(4), Circle).
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Law: Easy win 85%
Press Triangle(2), then use the Blind Elbow combo (press
Triangle(4)) 3 or 4 times.
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Yoshimitsu: Defeating the Boss 85%
Put RP RK on R2 at the controller configuration screen. Now, put RP
LP on R1. When you fight, press Forward + Triangle. If he has spun
around, press R2 to smash his head on the ground. This will take a
lot of health from him. When he shoots his blast, press R1 then jump
quickly. Sometimes he will do them twice. Another way to inflict
damage when he does the blast, press Up/Forward + R1. Yoshimitsu
will do a helicopter move and slash him.
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Configure arcade games 85%
Hold Select at the "Press Start" screen for an Arcade History game.
An accurate representation of the game's DIP switches will appear,
allowing you to customize the game as done on the actual arcade
Random character selection:
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode 9 times with
different characters to unlock the "Random" option at the character
selection screen.
Final Stage 2:
Play 200 Arcade Mode matches. Alternatively, successfully complete
Devil Within mode.
Hint: Alternate replays:
As soon as you defeat your opponent in the final round, the replay
video appears. When the replay of the final round is being shown,
press X + Circle, Triangle, or Square. After the replay of the final
round, your character will perform a finishing move. Depending on
what buttons you pressed during the replay, you can see any of your
characters perform any desired finishing move.
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Glitch: Life to Boss 84%
When you do Soul Siphon on the Boss in story mode it will give him
your life.
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Glitch: Trapped 84%
When you play Tekken in Tekken History, sometimes you cannot get out
and will have to restart.
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Pac-Man reference 83%
Choose the space stage in any mode. After the announcer says
"Fight", you can see Pac-Man moving to the left behind the
characters in 8-bit form.
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Anna: Look under skirt 81%
Choose practice mode and select any character as player one. Select
Anna as the practice dummy. She can be in any costume/outfit, *** To
unlock Anna, complete her story in story mode. You may choose any
stage. Knock her down with a special attack. Her back should be
facing you while she is down on the ground. Now, move behind her.
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Easy Way for Asuka to become Tekken Lord 78%
The Easy way to do this is to just press the right arrow and hold X and the enemy will just get hit (This Has no effect on Tekken 5 DR AND Tekken 6 OR TEKKEN 6 BR) The enemy will step away until he/she gets hit and won't attack but sometimes it will but just weak ones and will fail to dodge it no matter how high the rank is but remember use some other attacks if you keep getting hit once until the enemy is a bit goofed and do the move I said again. Do this like hundreds of times in Arcade Mode and she is Tekken Lord!
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Unlocking all characters 77%
Keep completing story mode with different characters until everybody
except Devil Jin is unlocked. There are no hidden "off screen"
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High power move of king 70%
Step 1:do cobra clutch
step 2:press square then circle then triangle than x
step 3:hold circle and keep pressing square and triangle together until he do two or three steps.
step4:then press square and then triangle then both square and triangle together and repeat the whole step 3or 4times.
step 5:then press triangle then square then x then circle.repeat the step 1or2or3 times.
It works for me every and my friends made it by ourselves.
By: SALIMI(87)
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Jin kazama best combo (one hit combo) 70%
Press l2 l2 l2 circlre triangle r2 r1 l2
Tekken 5 cheat video Cheat Video
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Hint for players choosing 'king'. 69%
During king's long grabbing moves if he stops even when you have pressed the right buttons ,try repeating each step 3 or 4times .this works for me every time.
By: SALIMI(87)
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One kick dealth 68%
L1,r1,l2, l2
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Beat Jinpachi with jack-5 64%
Its realy easy, just keep shoot misslies on him, and he wil knocket-down
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Hi guys
i got a dark lord and a divine fist on tht game and so mANY charecters with hight rank
sure you can get it too !
try using theese things :
play as devil jin or jack-5 or raven
devil jin cheat:
use fly mode then pass your oppnet then shoot fire
and they cant get you !
u just hit em and they suck =)

jack-5 cheat:
just shoot missile to em !
bang bang bang
shoot fast while you can!
and they cant hit you so easy
so hard they can hit you !

cheat of raven:
raven cheat is so easy guys
just use blind ghost atk
and atk !
it dies and you win

money making :
use jack-5 at goldrush
very hard mode
then shoot missile to em and you make lots of money

another way to make money:
use jack-5 at tekkken dojo
kill em with tht mode
till last dojo : heaven dojo
you get like 4m
then next
use easy 1
with jack-5
train till fire dojo
then kill jinpachi in the fire dojos' ranking tornament
you get about 1m
then next you see you got 5m !
and more
is 6m!
b4 the players of you killed in dojo
then get money from gold rush or arcade mode

tested 100% works

By: tk master(12)
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Unlocking Devil Jin 58%
If you want to unlock Devil Jin play arcade mode in 200 battles. NOTE: It will count up your battles so you don`t have to do it all in 1 try.
By: daballager(399)
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Hwoarong:easy win 57%
Trick 1(Slow win)

1.when the fight begins,quickly press < x
2.when the enemy is at the air,press O V V V
3.when the enemy at the ground,press > X
4.repeat step 3.
5.when the enemy get up,repeat this trick until the enemy is dead..

Trick 2 (Fast win)

1.when the fight begin,quickly press < X
2.while the enemy at the air,press v+< and O + X (Hwoarong special attack)
3.when the enemy at the ground,press > X
4.repeat step 3.
5.when the enemy get up,repeat this trick until the enemy is dead..

Trick 3 (Stylish)

1.when the fight begin,quickly press > X
2.when the enemy at the ground(far),press >>X
3.when the enemy at the ground(near),press >X
4.when the enemy get up,press ^+> and O O O
5.done with step 4,press O V V V
6.when the enemy get up,press O < twice
7.The enemy will dead.
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Cheat 54%
Press at circle then you have another outfit of eddy gordo
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Deviljin tip 54%
HINT:in devil within if have low health don't ever do deviljin
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How to unlock roger jr/anna williams 54%
Roger jr: finish story mode with jin kazama.anna williams:finish story mode with roger jr
By: jin 73(8)
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Hint:Feng:Easy Wins 53%
When you select Feng, as soon as your battle begins, hold down and press circle as fast as you can untill the match is over. If it works, you should get a perfect.
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Escaping at Arcade Histories easily 53%
If you want to end the arcade history that you play, hold down select, then press start. because sometimes when you press both buttons simutanously, it will not work.
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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Unlock everyone 52%
Unlock everyone with a cheat enter up x x down x triangal R2 L2
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Devil Jin 52%
To unlock Devil Jin you have to beat story/time atack fifteen to twenty times.I did it with a freind its alot easier.Oh yer I almost for got you can olso beat Tekken Devil within or fight in 200 mathes in arcade mode.NOTE: you have to have every one unlocked
By: belgogen(31)
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Unlockables and Cheats 51%
Tekken 5 Cheat CodesAlternate Mokujin sounds
To hear different hit sounds for Mokujin, hold DOWN on the D-Pad or joystick before a match in which you are controlling him. Mokujin will now sound like a block of wood when damaged.
Cheat Effect

Arcade History Dip Switches
While at the Press Start screen for any of the Arcade History games, hold the select button and you will be given a list of dip switches. You can use these for such things as changing number of rounds or unlocking hidden characters, such as Baek in Tekken 2.
Cheat Effect

Choose Victory Animation
After winning a round and you see the replay showing, pressing each button( [X], [O], etc...) will result in a different victory animation. This also works when the opponent wins.
Cheat Effect

Play in 'Devil' mode in 'Devil Within' mini-game
This allows the player to play as Jin in permernent Devil mode without having his life bar drained out. The devil bar will be considered as his laser bar. The downside of this code is that it kills of you opponents faster thus unable to reach a higher combo rate.
Note: You must clear Devil Within under Medium difficulty with all the Evil Symbols collected. Then start a new Devil Within or Stage Select.

Cheat Effect
Hold down L2, Select and R3 while selecting Start the Devil Within mini-game in Devil mode

Play as a female version of Mokujin and Panda
At the character select screen.
Cheat Effect
Press X while selecting Mokujin Chooses Female Mokujin
Press X while selecting Kuma Chooses Panda
Tekken 5 UnlockablesUnlockable Characters
Unlockable How to Unlock
Baek Beat the game in Story Mode 3 times
Anna Williams Beat the game in Story Mode twice
Bruce Irvin Beat Story Mode 4 times
Wang Jinrei Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 5 times with a different character.
Heihachi Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 9 times with a different character.
Mokujin Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 8 times with a different character.
Ganryu Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 7 times with a different character.
Kuma Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 6 times with a different character.
Roger Jr. Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode once, with any character.
Devil Jin Complete the Devil Within game or fight in 200 matches.
Eddy Gordo Eddy is an extra outfit you buy for Christie (500,000G on console instead of the 400,000G price tag on the arcade version).

Unlockable Stages
Unlockable How to Unlock
Final Stage 2 Play 200 matches in arcade mode or beat the Devil Within game.

Stage Select for Devil Within
Beat Devil Within once to unlock the stage select feature.
Star Blade in Arcade History
You have to unlock Star Blade from Devil Within. Go to the first room in Stage 4-2, there is a breakable wall underneath the higher ledge. Transform to Devil Jin and press L1+Square to blast at the wall.
There will be some tiles appear after the wall is destroyed. Jump over the tiles and move on to the next room. There will be a spaceship from Star Blade in the middle of the room. Collect it and continue to beat Stage 4 to unlock Star Blade.

Jinpachi's movie
To unlock Jinpachi's movie in Theater mode, you have to lose to him and get a game over using any character in Story Battle mode.
Unlocking Random
When you unlock Heihachi you will also unlock Random for Character selection.
Theater Mode
Finish Story mode once using any character to unlock Theater mode. Movies for each character will be unlock once you finish their story.
Asuka school uniform
I got the school uniform for Asuka by purchasing her additional costume at the customization menu. You actually get two costumes when you make the purchase. At the character select screen, pick Asuka with triangle to get the school uniform, pick Asuka with circle to get a black geisha costume.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Asuka school uniform triangle button (after purchasing her extra costume for $500,000)
Asuka black geisha costume circle button (after purchasing her extra costume for $500,000)

Unlockables for completing Devil Within Mode
Complete Devil Within mode to unlock the following features:
Unlockable How to Unlock
Cathederal Stage Complete Devil Within Mode
Final Stage 1 Complete Devil Within Mode
Final Stage 2 Complete Devil Within Mode
Devil Within Stage Select Complete Devil Within Mode
1,000,000 Gold Complete Devil Within Mode
Devil Jin Playable Complete Devil Within Mode

Tekken 5 Easter EggsHidden Yoshimitsu Scene
To see this interesting scene featuring Yoshimitsu and Raven start a story mode game and choose Yoshimitsu. When you get to the fourth fight which should be against Raven, loose on purpose. A funny scene between the two combatants should come up.
Hidden Marshal Law scene
While playing with Law in story mode, lose the fight against Paul to get a short scene.
Hidden Anna Scene
In the fourth Story Mode match against Lee, lose to him on purpose and you'll see Anna being insulted by him.
Tekken 5 SecretsKill a Frog
In the Secret Garden Stage. If you look closly at the ground some where you will notice there is a Frog. If you or your opponent gets knocked in the air and lands on the frog it while die and its angel will float upward.
Play as Schoolgirl Ling
Ling has a fifth costume that can be selected by pressing the "L1" button.
Secret Ling winning pose.
When dressed in Ling's schoolgirl outfit, win a battle and as soon as it plays the replay hold down Triangle and Square and you will see her secret pose.
Tekken 5 GlitchesEasy level ups in Arcade Mode
When playing arcade mode simply quit the match before you lose the second round and you won't get a demotion or lose any experience.
By: efhilt(544)
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Julia:look under her skirt 50%
Select practice mode. Choose Hwaorang for one player and choose Julia as your enemy in her indian clothes ( press triangle) . when you use the special attack to knock down Julia . Julia may be facin` belly up or down. when she is, move behind her to see under her skirt .
By: thevampire(363)
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Air Flight by Marduk 50%
While your enemy is in air press Triangle+circle when it reaches to approximate downward. Marduk will caught him and throw him away
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Superman character 49%
Press L1,L2,X,O,O,L2,R3 at the tittle screen
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Unlock Devil Jin 48%
Choose random eight time in team battle
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Play as devil jin 46%
Unlock every characters in story mode then play arcade mode 80 times
By: 99ako(32)
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Anna:look under her skirt 45%
Select practice mode and choose any character for player one .select Anna as your enemy she can be in any costume then knock her down with a special attack then her back will be facin` you while she is down on the ground. then move behind her and you will get what you want.... oooooooooooooooh coooooooooool
By: thevampire(363)
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The korean dude 44%
To defeat the khownanga or whatever, nu must do a low kick. for ps2 or ps3, down o, and for other controllers it is the right middle button.
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Unlock jinpachi 42%
Press triangle on heihachi
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Unlocking hanachi 42%
Beat story/tTime attack mode 9 times, its pretty easy so dont stress and you will have him in no time.
By: belgogen(31)
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Tekken5 39%
Go to customize menu and type in will have infinity money
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Walk towards the master....(joke óNLy) 37%
Unlock All Standard Characters W4A9-QUXQ-66NUU 9BRF-1K18-RXM2M
Theater: All Movies Unlocked 4AEF-32QC-2KR76 N1VG-UJ97-T3YPN GHKK-X43K-42538
Infinite Character Select Time 56MZ-E8Y5-DKDF0 AND2-1YJQ-HYQBT
Background Modifier Codes.. DJMR-V0YV-8TRAU
Dragon's Nest C0V6-6PGD-PCR8G 0MVM-407X-6AA5Q
Burning Temple 7Q5K-JK9K-7A2RV HCX8-4XTJ-F8W4R
Waterfall 9QJ3-XVEG-P5ZYH 18AF-T8ZN-XC8X4
Urban Jungle 8G3J-WVQE-ZHH6N 80WR-V5JM-38WEP
City at Sunset U4WA-7MH9-0TGNE GNX2-5HJ9-4NDEZ
Moonlit Wilderness 9M61-RP2P-3TVVK 2RBQ-JRY0-VD7B1
Secret Garden RN3A-TAJH-BQG47 7KUV-24UQ-F2J7C
Unholy Cathedral 1GUG-G0CB-6UC2J HZVE-5E19-JG728
Acid Rain C98U-85JH-6G7N0 74J6-DH27-5NXHY
Polar Paradise M724-1DYY-7TWP8 7RHV-RM6R-C0VZM
Hell's Gate MP2K-PFE3-3F0YZ 2DJ9-V57Q-M3DFH
The Final Frontier 3P7B-9W6V-96FGD DQWP-YTQH-X523N
Poolside J7W0-VFR1-V80W7 7BRT-4J49-NQYM0
Wasteland DH8Y-2ATA-0DVTV T9W7-M20W-89UG9
Final Stage JDW1-22M6-AG65C 2227-DH8N-9TC18
Player 1 Codes MZ6H-MT51-6QMC2
Health Codes.. PQMW-RE9B-8ET4F 8UQH-1851-EZQPC
Infinite Health ZYEM-KDXE-0RE24 XCE9-4H02-CCKR9
Low Health 6WEB-N55J-VURHP VC29-0A09-6QR7V
Start with 25% Health RX8E-6CDZ-BMJJB PT5T-ZVC6-DQ04X TNGP-KC6J-7DMCG
Start with 50% Health 9RFE-529H-8H7GU PT5T-ZVC6-DQ04X J8NH-WVMA-BQP2H
Start with 75% Health V7GE-2EPJ-UBM4K PT5T-ZVC6-DQ04X F7UN-GWYE-ZNFX5
Always Play As.. HX01-UEGE-3QK8D 8UQH-1851-EZQPC Do NOT use with Skin or Move Modifier Codes
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Montemayor 35%
Flying jin
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Payl costume 2 34%
By: 99ako(32)
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