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Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams Cheats for PS2
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Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams PS2 Cheats

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Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Animal choices 100%
After you get the Dream Shaker, Moon Juju will tell you to pick an
animal to enhance your powers: Piranha, Jaguar, Dragon, or Eagle.
The Piranha is not powerful. The Eagle can only kill one at a time.
The Dragon has extremely short range. The Jaguar is the best choice.
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Money $$$ Money 100%
While playing the Yorbell game, get 3 Orange Yorbells to get
more money.
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Tutorial level 100%
In the tutorial level, you must have blue potions to go under or
float over walls. When you reach the end of the level on ether side
of the tutorial, you must have red and blue potions or you will die.
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Defeating the Dream Guardian 100%
At first, dash up the spiral staircase. Jump to dodge his attacks
until you go through the door. You will fall. Just keep dodging his
attacks and he will die.

When fighting the Dream Guardian the 2nd time, 1st dodge his
attacks. When the boulder comes, go up and down and repeat the
pattern. Now, dodge more attacks. When he shoots the red blasts,
just move around.
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Dinky mini-game bonuses 98%
Go under Juju potions. Select "Universal Card". Now, put in the
following numbers for bugs, crystals, and fruits.

Balloon Head Showdown: 48, 62, 19
Barrel Blitz: 1, 105, 81
Big Air: 233, 127, 204
Catapult Chaos: 103, 33, 20
Change Tak feather color: 4, 9, 23
Chicken Tennis: 202, 17, 203
Chuckin' Chickens: 18, 71, 50
Commercials: 6, 16, 6
Concept art: 30, 37, 51
Dart Tomb Dogdem: 83, 43, 142
Dead Juju character: 55, 171, 35
Fauna character: 44, 13, 0
Flea Fly: 22, 6, 17
Frog Derby: 281, 62, 149
Game music: 14, 17, 7
Glide Ride: 131, 61, 179
Gloomleaf arena: 68, 13, 8
Increased manna magnet: 3, 27, 31
Introduction sequence: 8, 2, 5
JB character: 16, 19, 38
Krash course: 5, 41, 41
Lok character: 2, 2, 5
New particle effects: 31, 18, 2
Snowboard Air Time: 233, 127, 204
Sound effects set 1: 4, 55, 36
Tak FMV sequence: 30, 21, 88
Tak suit pictures: 11, 4, 17
Tlaloc character: 99, 363, 2
Vine Climb: 8, 1, 37
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Defeating Tlaloc 98%
At first, Tlaloc will shoot blasts at Dead Juju, Lok, and Jibolba.
Run over to Jibolba and press Circle to switch bodies. Now, kill
all the Nightmare Creatures. Next, switch with Dead Juju and do the
same thing. Now, switch with Lok and do the same thing again. Now,
Tlaloc will lose his barrier. Attack him. Tlaloc will now change
strategies. He will send Nightmare Creatures at your friends. Kill
them all, then attack Tlaloc. Keep repeating this process until
Tlaloc is defeated.
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Control opening sequence 98%
While the game loading, move the Right Analog-stick Up or Right
Analog-stick Down to make Tak's head grow and shrink.

On the loading screen, while Tak is running by, hold Left or Right +
X to make him run slower.
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Defeating Pins and Needles 98%
They will attack you from the rift. Dodge them until they appear.
Attack them and keep doing this until they make Moon-Dust dummies.
Use Juju Lighting Strike (L1 + Square + Circle). Do this 2 or
3 times. Also do that to Needles.
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Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 279741After the level were you get the staff peace and powers how do you get across the bridge Answers: 0
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 244982How do you get the barrels to blow up the entrance to the caveqvg Answers: 1
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 283936How do the barrels benifit in "GLOOMLEAFSWAMP? Answers: 1
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 665700After the first cave with the darts shooting at you, how do I get out of the arena? Answers: 1
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 257823I have been on level pacyderm shrine and dont know where or what to do Answers: 0
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 309196How do I open the door in the shrine Answers: 0
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 444951How to ynlock the bear and squarl on dinky games Answers: 0
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 556873I am stuck on the Rift River level how do I pass it? Answers: 0
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 763134As a morphed squirrel how do I get to the other side on cyre mountain Answers: 0
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 927525I am stuck at the part with the boar. in which you cover yourself with the smell of skunk weed and get a pit with the guys that fire things at you. how do I get passed this? Answers: 0
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 982543Jumping on bear stomach and grabbing rope Answers: 0
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 6557How do you get out of, or across skyrock crater? Answers: 1
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 145138Where are the barrels in wetland lake? Answers: 1
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 109613How to unlock all powers Answers: 1
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 351293When chasing the rift to the wanderland I keep runnibg out of mana can you help Answers: 0
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 107362Why I pass the first part when the squirl dont premit the bear pass at the honey bees home? Answers: 1
Tak 2: The Staff Of Dreams 82264How do u get through skyrock crater Answers: 1
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