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Predator: Concrete Jungle Cheats for PS2
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Predator: Concrete Jungle PS2 Cheats

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Predator: Concrete Jungle

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New Costumes/Outfits 98%
Alien Hunter: Kill all snipers in the mission A Night to Remember.
Bad Blood: Destroy the large computer at the start of the mission The New Flesh.
Maul Upgrade: Destroy the large computer at the start of the mission The New Flesh.
City Hunter Costume: Kill 50 aliens in the mission Bug Hunt.
Dark Blade Clan: Ignore the 1st enemies and kill a man instead on the mission Extinction.
Jungle Hunter costume: Kill the Irish boss in the mission Midsummer Night's Massacre.
Ritual Armor: Destroy the 3 trucks after following El Hongo. The 1st truck is by a billboard at the start of the mission. THe 2nd truck is in a carpark, and the 3rd truck is at the southeast edge of the level.
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Bonus Missions 98%
*** Bbonus mission hints are sometimes available in stages, but not always. Accomplishing a bonus mission will unlock an attribute or costume/outfit bonus that is viewable in the Trophy Room or on the costumes/outfitsscreen.

Midsummer Night Massacre: Kill the Irish gang's boss. He is on the 1st street and easy to locate.
Copycat: Head towards the waterfront and locate an enemy with a bonus mission icon over his head.
Dead Man Walking: Locate and open 2 explosive crates. One is near where the Predator starts the mission, on a rooftop. The 2nd is in a parking lot near where the weapons van is crashed.
Death In The Family: - At the top of the mansion's stairs, head past the red curtains and take your new trophy.
Under The Gun: After completing the timed section of the mission, locate 3 pick-up trucks with weapons on their beds. Destroy all three. Two of the vans are near the multi-tiered parking structure where the Predator started the mission. The last van is parked on the street next to some of the gang cars.

Skin Trade: Before taking out all the pimps, terminate 8 prostitutes.

Sink The Shipment: An entry gate near the shed with the Pulse Mines and Maul has many Les Serviteurs ogling some ex-porn star hookers. Terminate the Serviteur leader. Causing any moderate amount of noise or undue attention will cause the enemy to flee from the spot.

Raze The Depot: Near where the Predator starts, there are several enemies in an inaccessible room. One of them is the bonus target. Take him out when the chance arises.

Night To Remember: In the museum courtyard where Borgia's lieutenants are, take out all the window snipers.

Extinction Event: Stay cloaked and head through the 1st gate to kill the corrupt police chief.

Escape: There is a weapons scientist in a depressed area of the lab. Killing him will fulfill this objective. You may want to do that after using him to unlock the retinal scanner door.

Rescue: Use any of the Borgia security guards to open all the retinal scan doors (the scanner extends, and there is no cut-scene movie). Kill the Juvenile-9 leader being held prisoner to complete this mission.

Ten Thousand Ways to Die: Locate and activate the 3 cloaked beacons. Tech view will make them easy to find.

Come To MOTHER: Destroy all 4 upgraded battle armor in the room where the main lift is.

Hot Time/Old Town: Stealth kill the black ops in the recreation without causing them alarm. Use the Voice-lure to draw them out and get behind them (or snipe them).

If It Bleeds: Disable the cooling fans in order (from one to four).

Bug Hunt: Kill enough aliens to complete the bonus before returning to MOTHER's chamber.

In The Flesh: Destroy the computer in the upper levels. It may be a good idea to do this bonus mission during the boss' 1st phase.

Submitted by Wurdman and GuardianFlash
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Weapon Upgrades 96%
Description: Weapon upgrades are cumulative and you do not need to get them in any particular order to "up your guns". All weapon upgrades are out in the open and are just hard to find.

Copycat: An elevated walkway between buildings has this upgrade. High jump to reach it.

Dead Men Walking: There is a weapon upgrade near one of the 2 bonus mission crates (the ones that explode).

La Famiglia: On top of the mansion. Atttempt it after disabling all the guns and using the greenhouse on the left side of the mansion as a step-up.

Under The Gun: Near the multi-tier parking structure where the Predator started the misson. Use the destroyed floors to reach it.

The Machine Men: On the track past where the Machine Men initially started off.

Monster Squad: On the west side of the map, there was one of the lift power boxes inside a small tunnel (on the ground) in the previous stage. The weapon upgrade is in the fire.

Rescue: There are 4 upgrades here. If you attempt to do the bonus mission here, you wind up opening all the doors and having acccess to all the bonus upgrades and missions.

Ten Thousand Ways to Die: There is a weapon upgrade on the side of one of the final buildings (you will be able to see it but cannot reach it (forcefield) until you defeat the upgraded battle armor.

Hot Time/Old Town: On top of the church. use gecko ability to reach it.

If It Bleeds: At the 1-2-3-4 junction where the power core is, the weapon upgrade is on the lower level, where the mines are.

In The Flesh: The upgrade is at the end of one of the very narrow bridges at the edge of the arena.

Submitted by Wurdman and GuardianFlash
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Maul Upgrade 96%
How to unlock: Destroy the large computer at the start of the mission The New Flesh.
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Destroying 4 containers of Blue Goo (Raze the Shipment) 80%
In order to blow up ANY containers of Blue Goo. What you need to do is just whack it a bunch until it starts flashing and sirens go off. Then you just need to get to a safe point. On the Raze the shipment mission for instance you need to first find the Goo containers inside the ship and then when you find them and whack them a bunch of times you have to escape to the ship's deck.
By: GameGhost(192)
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Getting all costumes 78%
In order to recieve all of the costumes for the Predator, you need to complete ALL of the bonus missions. For each bonus mission you complete you will get a new costume usually or an upgrade.
By: GameGhost(192)
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Easy way to beat Stone Heart 75%
Get your Maul out and your wristblades.Get some distance and shoot him intell he gets close to you.Dodge his attacks then when he starts roaring, start cutting him up.
By: mankind15(224)
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Defeating Ulysses Robots 71%
To beat the giant robots you have to jump on their backs when the jump icon appears over their heads. This is only possible when you're behind them and you're locked on to them. Most likely you must be invisible to destroy the Ulysses but if you are locked on and you keep jumping around them over and over you can get them. If you can't turn invisible or aren't a very clever jumper, then you can shoot mines and the plasmacaster at them to temporarily disable them. (4 mines destroy them easily but jumping on them gives you an execution bonus with the extra added bonus of saving mines). Some of the Ulysses bots in the later levels are too advanced to be jumped up on and killed. Be ready to blow them apart.
By: GameGhost(192)
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Dead Men Walking Voice mimicry 71%
This is a bit difficult but in order to complete the level you need to do this. First off, you need to set it so you are using Voice Mimicry instead of your medicomps. Then keep your eyes open for a guy in front of the Dead Men's hideout with a vocal icon over his head. To record his voice for the password all you have to do is press the voice mimcry button and his voice will automatically be recorded. After you have recorded the password the door will have the voice icon on it. Change your focus to the door and press the voice mimcry button and you will tell the doorman the password (you don't need to move at all to do this, you can record the voice and tell the password all from where you are initially crouching).
By: GameGhost(192)
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Escape : tips for this level. 71%
Make sure you don't kill the zombie/clone/monster guys. They are weak and unarmed. If you kill them they will be considered dishonorable kills. (this won't affect your score much but it will be a blemish on your record when you beat the game)
By: GameGhost(192)
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Flaying a Victim/ Making a trophy 57%
In order to flay a victim (make a trophy out of them) you just need to grab them (you need to be unarmed without any type of weapon) and then take them to the designated spot that is marked off with the red Predator symbol (usually up on a building). After you have brought the victim up to the designated spot a cut scene will come up showing the predator skinning his victim and he will have hung up the flayed person (trophy). After you have flayed and hung up a victim/trophy that spot will no longer be available to hang up another person.

(It's not possible to flay a victim if it is not a mission objective)
By: GameGhost(192)
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Beacons 57%
In some levels you have to activate beacons as a requirement or as a bonus, you need to use your tech-vision to see them and you must be unarmed to activate them.
By: GameGhost(192)
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Raze the Depot: strategy 57%
You can disable all of the cameras and make your life a whole lot easier by doing this. On the ground floor to the northeast of where the predator starts, there is an alley where there is a bio-scanner, grab the guard near the other entrance of the alley and use him to disable the cameras. (the alley is near the power feed generators to the northeast side of the lot)
By: GameGhost(192)
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Unlock all costume 55%
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