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Haunting Ground Cheats for PS2
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Haunting Ground PS2 Cheats

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Haunting Ground

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Easter Egg Dancing Golem 100%
In the mausoleum area of the game (mid-way through) there is a golem that turns
in response to the commands cut into the mimeograph (typewriter). Create a
keyplate with the letters SALTATIO for an interesting effect. You may want to
save the game first.
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Unlockable: New Costumes/Outfits 100%
Skimpy: Win the game.
Alternate Dog: Win the game.
Alternate Enemies: Play the game on Hard mode.
Cowboy: Win the game.
Frog: Win the game on Hard mode.
Stuffed Dog: Win the game on Hard mode.
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Unlockable: Hard Mode and Secret Room 100%
Win the game once to unlock both Hard Mode and the Secret Room. Both will
be appear on the main menu.
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Debilitas' Smudged Key 67%
If you defeat Debilitas using the Chandilier, He begins to adore Fiona, and wont chase or hurt her anymore. After the boss battle, return to his shed and he'll be standing next to his Altar, simply walk towards him and a cutscene will trigger where he gives you a key. This key unlocks the locked stall in the rest room that you opened by typing ''REST" on a plate key. (the locked door with the red box next to it) after unlocking the stall, it'll lead you down some stairs until you reach a room with a table with metal boots and the castle gate key. Yep, THAT gate key! you can now obtain ending C and end the game.
By: ObscureGamer(95)
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Haunting Ground 271218How do you get past the earth doll with the slot in his chest that Fiona can't move? Answers: 3
Haunting Ground 274497How do you beat the maid Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 946747What is the code to the dial water pipe Answers: 0
Haunting Ground 205205I have reached a place that have a water pipe infront of a locked door.seems like need to turn on the 3 dices on the water pipe correctly to unlock the door...any idea which dice with which logo is correct to unlock the door?thers 3 logo on each dice...-,I and I- Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 412158How can I put the 4 colors of mandragora ? Answers: 2
Haunting Ground 446777Whats the code for the chest plate on haunting ground Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 447069Im at the part when the maid is cooking supper and fiona and hewie are wondering around aimlessly-what do I do from here? Answers: 0
Haunting Ground 486033In Debilitas place, where can I find the pinch key? Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 486034Examination Room, how to open cabinet cupboard? it's locked Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 486037Examination room, cabinet is locked, how to open it? Answers: 0
Haunting Ground 500475How do I get out of the watertower Answers: 3
Haunting Ground 516118How do I get the d ending? Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 516647How do I get the d ending? Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 638172Rest room entry Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 678649I am in a part where in fiona is going up to a tower , & when I am on top of the tower I am getting a cut scene where in she gets hit by a soldier statue by a bow Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 685554Im stuck in mansion with maid after me. How do I get behind mesh?.how do I open truth+deception doors? Where does film reel go please help Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 687050Where can I get the book for haunting groud Answers: 0
Haunting Ground 800412How do you kill Recardo Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 826462How do you kill that ugly big guy in the haunting ground Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 857238Whats the order of the square things on the floor that have yellow blue red and green Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 880911I'm stuck in a mansion w/ a maid after me.How do I get behind mesh?How do T open truth or deceptions doors.Where does film reel go please help! Answers: 1
Haunting Ground 901739How do I use the diorama Answers: 0
Haunting Ground 917065What is the differance between the red and white godstones? Is there an differant impact on the way the game pans out depending on wich one you chose? Answers: 0
Haunting Ground 920430I'm stuck in color room, when there are have different color doors like, yelow, green, blue, red, and grey door, we always in the same place altaugh I habe been open the doors. And a young lorenzo always attack us. How I can defeat him, and go out in that room? Answers: 0
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