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Batman Begins Cheats for PS2
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Batman Begins PS2 Cheats

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Batman Begins

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Unlock World's Greatest Detective Suit 92%
Win the game on any difficulty.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlock Caped Crusader Suit 91%
Win the game on any difficulty.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

All Gallery Of Fear entries 91%
Win the game.
Hint :Defeating Ra's Al Goul:
To defeat Ra's Al Goul at the end, make sure you defeat all of the
ninjas that are around him. He will not die until you do so. Also,
when Ra's Al Goul is trying to attack you with the sword, it is best
to use counter.
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Movies 91%
After completing certain levels, movies will become unlocked. This
includes movie footage and interviews.
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Unlock all Movies and Interviews 91%
Win the game once.
Unlock everything in Gallery of Fear
Win the game once.
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Unlock Dark Knight Suit 90%
Win the game on any difficulty.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlock 2 Batmobile missions 90%
Win the game once.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Batmobile missions 90%
Complete the Batmobile level to unlock the time attack
and extra missions under the bonus option.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Alternate costumes/outfits 88%
Win the game to unlock the Caped Crusader, Dark
Knight, and World's Greatest Detective costumes.
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Rid of attention! 49%
If the force of the men is to great just hide to confuess them the fear level will go down but you can attack them with a fear divice ex:flash bang then do stelth attack (o)
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Cheat 48%
Low Game Time-Batmobile Levels P891-TWQY-M69PV 4F60-1VCH-HBTAV
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How do you beet dr. crane? 38%
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Batman Begins 764280What is the code in level 5 Answers: 4
Batman Begins 318371I am on the Arkham Asylum stage. Where do I go after I get to the top of the building and ask Alfred to locate room 45, where the explosives are at? Answers: 1
Batman Begins 583191Im on black market construction 4 and im stuck wat am I supposed 2 do? Answers: 1
Batman Begins 277302In batman begins im up to the part where you hav to jump on the lights over the water how do you do it cuz I always just miss? Answers: 3
Batman Begins 303955On the Docks how do you get into the ship without getting shot? Answers: 3
Batman Begins 361055How do I free Alfred in the burning ktchen at wayne mansion Answers: 1
Batman Begins 364595At the docks, theres a large box with a metasn rope that leads you up, however, the door does not open and there is nothing to climb across the other side? Answers: 2
Batman Begins 397097CAN anyone tell me how to sneak past the guards to rescue rachael in the misson Arkham Underground? I always kill the first guard when he comes behind the place and I sneak near to him and stealth him after that I don't know what to do next? Can anyone help me? Answers: 1
Batman Begins 522811Im stuck in the end of the game when I have to defeat Ra's Al Ghul :S anybody knows how to defeat him? Answers: 2
Batman Begins 598138How do I get out of the room with alfred to proceed to the batcave Answers: 0
Batman Begins 764642How do you replay missions when finnished game Answers: 0
Batman Begins 809552My game akhram aslyum it is struk in loading what should I do Answers: 0
Batman Begins 850040How to avoid the trigger beams for the second camera in the black market level Answers: 1
Batman Begins 864246How I defeat all enimies in short blood Answers: 0
Batman Begins 865984How do I get to the ladder for the crane? Answers: 0
Batman Begins 917486Is ps2 is waste product in sale when ps3 is developed becoz all games are introduce into ps3 only and ask so? Answers: 0
Batman Begins 931881What is the cheat code of level 5 1227 is not working I want it correct pls Answers: 0
Batman Begins 932205How do you throw flash bang in dejavu Answers: 0
Batman Begins 938785How to escape from the reputation area Answers: 0
Batman Begins 954440Where is the Second Feed pipe in the Level 5 ? Answers: 0
Batman Begins 964879My game is stuck on ps2 in mission 1 at half whati am supposed to do is my game cracked Answers: 0
Batman Begins 969711I want to know the password to save the two men in the game Answers: 0
Batman Begins 993799How long does it load before it starts Answers: 0
Batman Begins 201476Im stuck I cant figure out, how once im on the crane to get to Falcone without getting shot? Answers: 3
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