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Singles 2: Triple Trouble Cheats for PC
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Singles 2: Triple Trouble PC Cheats

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Singles 2: Triple Trouble Cheats

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Singles 2: Triple Trouble

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Nudity 94%
This will affect a critical system file for the game. Make a back-up copy of the
file before you edit the heck out of it.

Locate the /Program Files/Singles2/Config/ directory and find the Game.* file.
Edit that file using a text editor, such as Notepad. Locate the following code
and make the following changes to your file:

# min window size
minWindowSize = 320 200
# min/max window aspect ratio
minWindowAspectRatio = 0.56
maxWindowAspectRatio = 3.59
# pixelate (instead of black bars)
pixelate = true
# shall breasts and genitals be pixelated in
# uncesnsored versions? (for exhibitions)
fullPixelation = false
defaultDictionary = langIntEnglish.cfg
defaultDictMissing = langIntEnglishMissingWords.cfg

This should get rid of the mosaics over the naughty bits.
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Singles 2: Triple Trouble 324836If I have Vista, will my computer play Singles 2? Answers: 1
Singles 2: Triple Trouble 300810How to get rid of simon Answers: 0
Singles 2: Triple Trouble 412208Hi I was wondering when I load my Singles when I get my started when i'm at the home then I can not see the people only there Eyes and lips what do I do I have tryed everything updated stuff everything still nothing but Eye and lips help me please so wont to play Singles 2 Answers: 0
Singles 2: Triple Trouble 686905I have a problem with the dinner.I complete all the tasks for the ´´What´s cooking?´´, but when I invite Anna to the dinner she and Josh take their plates with food and Josh doesn´t want to move.He has that big red X sign when he´s holding his plate and won´t move.I click on the oriental yellow table and select ´´Eat´´ but the X appears again.Please help me! Answers: 0
Singles 2: Triple Trouble 813690I ve invited josh for dinner around 7pm, and they just didnt take their food! I dont know why T-T I think I arranged everything(candles, tent etc)right. please help me Answers: 1
Singles 2: Triple Trouble 992611I cannot invite someone even if our logn term friendship is maxed out.Help? Josh campagin and I wish to invite Nicolas Answers: 0
Singles 2: Triple Trouble 172858Where do I get the tent for the candlelight dinner Answers: 2
Singles 2: Triple Trouble 36857I can only see the mouth of my character when playing the game what should I do? Answers: 0
Singles 2: Triple Trouble 37629How should I arange the livingroom for the party? Answers: 1
Singles 2: Triple Trouble 32036What should I do if a character refuses to come home> Answers: 0
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