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Madagascar Cheats for PS2
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Madagascar PS2 Cheats

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Rating: 4/5 VOTE

How to get the pinnapple in baquat level 100%
Use Alex and jump then wait and jump again.
By: zelda master(70)
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There are many mysterious things in the game and I will share all of my mysteries with you.

-In ''coming of age'' if you walk around the large tree with Melman,You will find 2 mysterious caves.One of them is hidden but if you go inside the other one,a large spider will pop out.Why on earth are those caves being guard by evil spider?

-In ''back to the beach'' why is there a dolphin?I understand that it gives you coins but is there something else to it?What about Melman's grave?What is it doing there.What if Melman stands in his grave for a minute?Will he die?

-In ''mysterious jungle'' why is Marty's crate there?I understand that Marty left it there but what if Alex stands near it for a minute?Will he hear Marty speaking to him?

-In ''penguin mutiny'' when Skipper goes to the animal crates,why does he hear only Melman speaking to him?Why don't the other animals talk?Are they sleeping or did Melman tell them to keep their mouth shut or he will poison them with one of his medicines?

-In ''the banquet'' why are all the lemurs telling the animals to find fruit?Are they using the animals as their slaves?

-When Marty knocks out the zoohunter,why does he appear at the ship.Did his ghost track them down?
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In the level called "Back to the beach",at the end,Gloria is supposed to kiss Wilbur in the lips but Melman is the one that does it.HOW DISTURBING!
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Gross fun! 100%
When your in the banquet level, get marty and go in front of any lemur that's on the ground.Tap the triangle button and it will look like marty is kissing them.
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Gloria's hint 95%
When its time to use gloria in (new york chase) level 3 you'll destroy many cars. Then when you get your ''butt bounce'' power, you can jump on the cars and smash them.
Notice hit from 30-35 cars and you'll get bonus coins
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Glitch: Appearing and disappearing hay barrels 95%
Play the 1st level. When you get to Gloria's Pad, kick open the
left gate. Destroy the hay barrels in the Penguins' Pool then go
back to Gloria's Pad. Look through the left gate and the hay barrels
will be there. Go back to the Penguins' Pool and they will be gone.
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The Banquet 90%
Go to the main lemur that is on the drum where all the food lies.
Chat to him 10 times in a row to earn food. *** This can only be
done 2 times.
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Bird Flying mini-game 86%
In level 3, go in the right subway entrance to find one of the
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Invincibility 82%
Press Up, Down, X(2), R1, L1, R2, L2, Triangle, Square, Circle
during game play.
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Armor madness 78%
In the first level where you get to race gloria finish the race then go back to were you smashed the hay stacks to your right hand side there should be three smashed popcorn machines opposite that there should be a hut kick and the colour of the door is a green machine walk to it and wait for a sign to pop up saying ''talk/use and press the circle button''
By: kwasia(1359)
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Level select 75%
Press R1(2), Circle, L2, L1, X, Triangle, R1, Triangle during game
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Characters and abilities 75%
Some abilities need power cards to be able to use them.
x-jump,xx-double jump,square-roar,circle-claw
x-jump,xx-long jump,square-kick
x-jump,xx-helicopter spin,square-spin,triangle-headbutt
x-jump,xx-butt bounce,square-roll,triangle-hip check
x-jump,square-belly slide and slap(if next to person)
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Hidden Coins in King of New York 73%
With Marty, go up on the treadmill and run on it for 1-2 minutes, then get off and you will have instant coins! ^_^
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Have more fun in Madagascar! :D #1 71%
Do you want to have more fun in Madagascar?
Here's some fun ways to play! :D (I'm not telling you what happens when you do these things. It's a surprise!

1. Go to the TREADMILL. Stay on for a few minutes.
2. Get your three power cards. When someone is at the fence, use your NEW POWER at the FENCE. It's funny!
3. Kick lots of stuff. There is a SODA MACHINE. KICK it.
1. Go to a BUTTON in the ground. STEP on it. Then water will shoot out of the pond. WALK over to the WATER and go ON TOP of it.
2. PRESS the SQUARE button at PIGEONS and PEOPLE.
1. AFTER the RACE, KICK at Gloria's friends. HILARIOUS!
2.There is a MINI-GAME in the room with a GREEN door.
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How to pass the penguin level 68%
When you're facing the sailors with your gun, shoot them two times while they're still standing for maximum results.
Notice when they ask you to sneak pass them with your cardbox on u, just walk infront of the sailors they'll not notice u
By: kwasia(1359)
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Best character 68%
So far the best character is alex even though he's quite scared sometimes he is the most strongest and frightening character amongs al of them
By: kwasia(1359)
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How their outfit looks on them 65%
Alex's finger a yellow foam finger
Gloria's bikini starfish dat she wears like a bra
Gloria's flowers redfish flowers dat she wears on her head
Marty's glasses a nice red star-shaped glasses
Melmans clock a broken clock he wears on his head
By: kwasia(1359)
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No, don't do it! Also, hidden coins! 63%
In Penguin Mutiny level, there are mainly three things to avoid:

1) Avoid Big Louie, the big guy with the tool

2) Don't go into the box to stay away from the sailors, just go into the room and take all of them out. Don't use the tranquilizer, because they will come right back again. If you use the tranquilizer before taking them out, the sailors will multiply in number! Oh, no! Then, when all the sailors are knocked out, get the key and open the hunter's door BEFORE going onto the room with the hunter. Go back and get into the box now, and go into the hunter's room. Get that key, then get out the way you came in. It's safer. If you want to, you can even go right in front of the hunter when in the box! That coward, he doesn't even look down! HAHA!

3) After you make the toilets leak, don't go into the toilet room again. Big Louie is standing RIGHT THERE! In front of the door! He'll get you.

Now I have some hidden coin facts! ( Still in Penguin Mutiny)

1) Before going into the final stage, either before or after getting on the ladder, I forget which, go around the ship and you'll find coins!

2) Look in the lockers! You'll either find coins or life tikis. Also, only do the lockers that are light colored green, and only the ones that are cracked open a bit.

There you go! Enjoy not getting caught, and getting coins or tikis!
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'Foosa, what is wrong with you?' 50%
In the last level, where you face the foosa king the 2nd time, when he doesn't have fire on his back is when you can attack him. Use the claw ability only- it is more efective.(if you aren't on this level, keep trying o reach it!)
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Cool hints 50%
Gray flowers-go to where the parrot is and go straight then you will see a fork in the road take the left one

seafoam flowers-go back to where you started the level and turn to your left hand side. you will see it there
By: kwasia(1359)
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Hidden Coins 45%
If you can't find all of the coins in "Marty's Escape" try kicking stuff like hay bales and elephant statues. (Not all of the hay bales will have coins. You can tell by the colour difference. The ones with coins are more of a golden colour.)
By: kanningirl(354)
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Where the flowers are in the banquet 43%
Red flower-on the other side of the first rock
blue-on the opposite side of the second rock
green-just go straight
periwinkle-behind alex
By: kwasia(1359)
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All power ups 32%
Press the button: o,xx,o,triangle, L1, sqaure, R1, L1 to get all power up for all character.
By: Mrclean214(918)
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Hidden Coins (for the penguins) 31%
In the Penguin Mutiny level, you will pass some lockers here and there inside the ship and some of them will have coins or life tikis in them. Only the lockers that are light grey and slightly opened will have goodies inside of them.
By: kanningirl(354)
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Go through stuff 19%
Jump 2 times than jump 3 times
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Madagascar 423976Still can't find how to 'get to the end' after saving the 5 lemurs, have tried one rock to another ''where is the end please Answers: 1
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Madagascar 576576I can jump right to the end, and can't work out how to get on the final ledge in Melman level of Coming of Age where Marty chases him to eat Morty. I get on the last whirlwind and it takes me to one ledge, how do I get to the last near the cage? Answers: 1
Madagascar 654175Hi, my game has a glitch and so I want to get to the next level but cant see how to...I have used the cheat code to get to the next level but it doesn't work...r1,r1,o,l2,l1,x,triangle,r1,triangle...I do this code and nothing changes...what am I doing wrong please? Answers: 2
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