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LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game Cheats for PS2
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LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE
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LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

Extras 92%
These codes unlock extras in dexters diner

silly guns-NR37W1
classic guns-L449HD
big guns-IG72X4
minikit radar-LD116B

I used em and they worked so happy cheating!
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Cheats: Character Codes 88%
Enter the following codes in Dexter's Shop.

987UYR = Battle Droid
EN11K5 = Battle Droid (Commander)
LK42U6 = Battle Droid (Geonosis)
KF999A = Battle Droid (Security)
LA811Y = Boba Fett
F8B4L6 = Clone
ER33JN = Clone (Episode III)
BHU72T = Clone (Episode III Pilot)
N3T6P8 = Clone (Episode III Swamp)
RS6E25 = Clone (Episode III Walker)
14PGMN = Count Dooku
H35TUX = Darth Maul
A32CAM = Darth Sidious
VR832U = Disguised Clone
DH382U = Droideka
SF321Y = General Grievous
19D7NB = Geonosian
ZTY392 = Grievous' Bodyguard
U63B2A = Gonk Droid
PL47NH = Jango Fett
DP55MV = Ki-Adi Hundi
CBR954 = Kit Fisto
A725X4 = Luminara
MS952L = Mace Windu (Episode III)
92UJ7D = Padme
R840JU = PK Droid
BEQ82H = Princess Leia
L54YUK = Rebel Trooper
PP43JX = Royal Guard
EUW862 = Shaak Ti
XZNR21 = Super Battle Droid
Submitted by balkk_raider
Cheats: Extras (Cheat) Codes
Enter these codes while in Dexter's Shop:

NR37W1 = Silly Blasters
L449HD = Classic Blasters
IG72X4 = Big Blasters
SHRUB1 = Brushes
PUCEAT = Tea Cups
LD116B = Minikit Detector
RP924W = Moustaches
YD77GC = Purple
MS999Q = Silhouettes
4PR28U = Invincible
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Switch Hitting 84%
Freeplay (or Free Mode) is best for exploring previously cleared stages for
studs and minikit parts. A preset "cast" is selected for a particular stage or
mission which allows a player to access all the doors previously missed in Story
Mode. Use the L or R keys to cycle through the cast while playing on free mode.
Hint: Begging At Dexters
Dexter's Diner, where you select your stage/missions is a veritable loot heaven.
Your characters never lose money if they die at Dexter's Diner, so each time you
complete a stage, walk around the place with any Jedi character and force pull
studs from all the objects around the hub level.
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Cheese-Kill Anakin Skywalker 81%
In stage 3-6, have a 2nd player take control of the boss and force the
character to jump over the lava pit. Just before Anakin Skywalker hits the lava,
have the 2nd player hit pause and drop out of the game, resulting in the AI
taking a hit. Keep repeating the process and you can force an easy win. Pun
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Helpfull hints 81%
Lots of studs
Outside Dexters diner, ther are things against the wall. Hit these and you will get 1,000 bell each. Notice thats not all go into any level and quit out. when you begin to play it, go outside again and you will see those things there again. Hit them for more bells

How to command the driods
During free play mode, select one of the driods (commander driod orange) press circle and it will say ''roger roger''. After that, shoot a driod.
notice they must be in large numbers like 4 and 5 and if that driod dies, they'll all follow like its a war
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Unlock Superkit And Mystery Diner Door 79%
Unlock the superkit (the Tantive IV model outside Dexter's Diner) by filling the
Jedi bar while playing. This incidentally unlocks access to the mystery door.
Filling the Jedi bar is not a simple function of money, but also in grabbing all
the pre-staged LEGO studs in each mission. Dying in a stage will reduce the Jedi
bar (although once the bar is at maximum and pulsing, it cannot diminish).
In vehicular missions (particularly the pod race), the player needs to smash and
destroy all the destructable objects to gain money. The invulnerability cheat
($1,000,000 in the shop) can help you get a full Jedi bar in most of the
non-vehicular stages.
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Blaster Talkie 67%
If you have the battle droid commander you can press the "O" button than quickly press the square button and there's your blaster talkie.
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Creative hints/cheats 63%
How to unlock Darth Vader
When you get all the 17 mini-kits, unlock the door with the''?'' on it then you'll play episode 4 {A new hope} You'll be allowed to use Darth Vader and a stormtrooper seeking for princess leia.
Notice When you finish the level you'll unlock both of them

Quick studs
In the diner force, chairs and saltshakers and the stoplights to get quick and easy studs.

Bonus studs
After you've finished the iv {A new hope}, play it again in in free mode play mode.
Go into every room.
Notice one room has 4 fans, one has blocks to spell [lego] and one with c3-po. Finish each challenge and get a bunch of blue coloured studs
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Your droid army 62%
When you see a group of battle droids (free play) turn into a commander droid kill their commander hit circle for the
"Rodger Rodger" then the droids will be your minions
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How To Get Boba Fett. 57%
Go to Dexter's Diner and go to the Bar Stand. Select Codes and enter LA911Y to unlock Boba Fett. To buy Boba Fett, go to the Characters section and look for his name, Boba Fett costs 800 Lego Studs. When you have bought Boba Fett, he will become a playable character.
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Saving Life!!!!!!!!!! 52%
First you need 2 go 2 dexters diner n buy any battle droid(don't buy super battle droids, droideka etc)then go 2 a lvl that you have unlocked n go 2 "FreePlay" mode then keep on pressing L1 until you get 2 the battle droid you bought n other droids won't attack u.

Warning:Super Battle Droids,Droidekas and Genosians are the only ones who attack you)

Code for droids:
Battle Droid:987UYR
Battle Droid (Commander):EN11K5
Battle Droid (Genosis):LK42U6
Battle Droid (Security):KF999A
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Your Clone Army 50%
In free play, make sure your partner is R2-D2, (or the other version of him) and turn into him yourself. Then wait until you meet a group of Clones (any type will work) move around now and they will follow you. Great if you have lots of Clones attacking because you can switch character and assasinate them all quickly and easily!

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Secret codes 48%
Theres some mystry codes you should try in the codes section of dexters diner ................ ig72x4 a32cam sf32iy all the codes exept for the top one unlock something that you still have to buy in charecters
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Over head jump 47%
Square then X
By: AGDecker(23)
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How to build things up 39%
When you've reached a place where you can't make progress again just press and hold the o button at all the directions. Surely one of the directions you face, there would be some things there that will build up automatically when you press and hold the o button
By: kwasia(1357)
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Great hints/cheats 37%
Beat burning laps
The only way to beat that stage is to pass the shortcuts but not all of them

boost start
When you start from a stopped position, press the left and right buttons just before the countdown reaches go. If it is done right, you'll get boost to use right from the start

Crash junction hints
Whenever doing any kind of crash junction, when jmping always aim a bus. When you hit it you'll explode and if the bus lands in the centre of the road you'll hit all the traffic ahead of you
By: kwasia(1357)
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The o button 37%
Any time you are stuck just press and hold the o button and face every direction with it.
you will see that something will be vibrating just focus on that and it will break you will now find the way to progress
By: kwasia(1357)
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Jump Higher 27%
Jump higher: press square butten three times
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Sbd 25%
If you want the sbd cheat press these buttons start,start,left,down,down,down,down,right
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1b3d5f 21%
Gives you everything in the shop.
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5000,000,000 studs cheat 20%
At dexters diner at the code place put: s 9 n n 5 0 and shizam lotsastuds!
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Get the Republic cruiser 17%
While playing type in this code 1ewha2
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Empire 14%
Empior code please!
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