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NCAA Football 06 Cheats for PS2
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NCAA Football 06 PS2 Cheats

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NCAA Football 06

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Cheat mode 100%
Press Select at the Pennant Collection screen, then enter one of the
following codes to activate the listed cheat function.

Cuffed modeEA Sports
QB Dud modeElite 11
What a Hit modeBlitz
1st and 15 mode; force opponent to gain 15 yards for 1st
down Thanks
Thread The Needle mode2006
2003 All-AmericansFumble
Baylor power-upSic Em
Blink mode; ref spots ball short for opponent For
Boing mode; increase opponent's chance of dropping passes
Crossed The Line modeTiburon
Jumbalaya modeHike
Molasses modeHome Field
Stiffed modeNCAA
Take Your Time modeFootball
NC State mascot Go Pack
All-Time AlabamaRoll Tide
All-Time MiamiRaising Cane
All-Time MichiganGo Blue
All-Time Mississippi StateHail State
All-Time NebraskaGo Big Red
All-Time Sooners Boomer
All Time TennesseeBig Orange
All-Time Texas LonghornsHook Em
All-Time UNC Rah Rah
All-Time USCFight On
All-Time AuburnWar Eagle
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Unlock Pennants 100%
Enter these codes at the Pennant Collection screen.
1st and 15 Pennant; opponent gains 15 yards for 1st down: THANKS
2004 Alabama All-time team: ROLL TIDE
2004 All-Americans pennant: FUMBLE
Arkansas All-time team: WOOPIGSOOIE
Arkansas Mascot team: BEAR DOWN
Auburn All-time team: WAR EAGLE
Baylor ratings boost: SIC EM
Blink Pennant; ref spots ball short for opponent: FOR
Boing Pennant; opponent drops passes more: REGISTERING
Clemson All-time team: DEATH VALLEY
Colorado All-time team: GLORY
Crossed The Line card: TIBURON
Cuffed card: EA SPORTS
Florida All-time team: GREAT TO BE
FSU All-time team: UPRISING
Georgia All-time team: HUNKER DOWN
Georgia Tech Mascot team: RAMBLINWREC
Illinois ratings boost: OSKEE WOW
Iowa All-time team: On Iowa
Iowa State mascot team: RED AND GOLD
Kansas mascot team: ROCK CHALK
Kansas State All-time team: VICTORY
LSU All-time team: GEAUX TIGERS
Miami All-time team: GREAT TO BE
Michigan All-time team: GO BLUE
Michigan State mascot team: GO GREEN
Minnesota mascot team: RAH RAH RAH
Mississippi State All-time team: HAIL STATE
Miss Mascot team: HOTTY TOTTY
Mizzou mascot team: MIZZOU RAH
NC State mascot team: GO PACK
Nebraska All-time team: GO BIG RED
Notre Dame All-time team: GOLDEN DOMER
NU mascot team: GO CATS
Oklahoma All-time team: BOOMER
Ohio State All-time team: KILLER NUTS
Oklahoma All-time team: BOOMER
Ole Miss Mascot team: HOTTY TOTTY
Oregon All-time team: QUACK ATTACK
OSU All-time team: GO POKES
Penn State All-time team: WE ARE
Pittsburgh All-time team: LETS GO PITT
Purdue All-time team: BOILER UP
Quarterback Dud pennant: ELITE 11
South Carolina Mascot team: GO CAROLINA
Stiffed pennant: NCAA
Syracuse All-time team: ORANGE CRUSH
Take Your Time pennant: FOOTBALL
Tennessee All-time team: BIG ORANGE
Texas AM All-time team: GIG EM
Texas All-time team: HOOK EM
Texas Tech ratings boost: FIGHT
UCLA All-time team: MIGHTY
UGA All-time team: HUNKER DOWN
UK Mascot team: ON ON UK
UNC All-time team: RAH RAH
USC All-time team: FIGHT ON
UVA All-time team: WAHOOS
VT All-time team: TECH TRIUMPH
Wake Forest Mascot team: GO DEACS GO
Washington All-time team: BOW DOWN
What A Hit pennant: BLITZ
Wisconsin All-time team: U RAH RAH
WSU mascot team: ALL HAIL
WVU mascot team: HAIL WV
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Hidden pictures in dorm 98%
While in Race For The Heisman mode in Year 1, go to the computer
area. While highlighting the computer, press Down. A caption will
come up as "Picture". Press X and you will see a picture of a girl.

While in Race for The Heisman mode in Year 2, go to the schedule
area. While highlighting the schedule, press Down. A caption will
come up as "Picture", press X and you will see a picture of a girl.
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Infinite timeouts 17%
R1 L1 circle square circle triangle left down right up left down down
By: blackboy54(2)
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