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Insaniquarium Deluxe! Cheats for PC
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Insaniquarium Deluxe! PC Cheats

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Insaniquarium Deluxe! Cheats

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Insaniquarium Deluxe!

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Santa Fish 90%
If you go in the virtual tank and buy a normal guppie, nothing special, just a normal guppie, name it Santa with nothing else added that means no Clause at the end.
The Santa fish will sing Christmas songs and drop bags worth 20 shells each!
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Cheat List 85%
Type the following at any tank screen:

zombieall fish "look" dead
spacebackround is now "space"
voidbackround is now a blank white screen
welovebetatesterschanges Breeder fish's birth noise
supermegaultrachanges preggo's birth noise
timedisplays time on tank
wavytank backround waves
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Faster Growing fish 83%
You go to your calender and change it to the next day then go back to your fish in your aquarium. They will be hungry, so feed them. Keep repeating it and your fish will get bigger faster.
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Santa 74%
Buy a normal $25 guppy from VT store & name it Santa, it will sing Christmas songs & give bags of shells.
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Read! 69%
Buy a regular guppy and name it Santa in the Virtual Tank. Santa will grow into a big fish, turn red and white, and drop twenty shells.

When you get the Silver Trophy, go to the main menu and press the arrow keys, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a. (make sure CAPs LOCK is OFF)
then you are in sandbox mode.
Press these keys to get certain fish into your tank!
Amp: J
Angie: L
Beetlemuncher: 6
Blip: F
Breeder: 7
Brinkley: [Shift] + A
Carnivore: 2
Clyde: Y
Destructor: V
First alien: Z
Gash: K
Gumbo: D
Guppy : 1
Guppycruncher: 5
Gus: C
Itchy: E
Lion alien: X
Meryl: O
Niko: W
Nimbus: H
Nostradamus: [Shift] + S
Prego: R
Psychosquid: N
Rhubarb: G
Rufus: I
Seymore: A
Shrapnel: S
Stanley: [Shift] + F
Starcatcher: 4
Starfish: 3
Stinky: Q
Type II: M
Ultravore: 8
Ulysses: B
Vert: U
Wadsworth: P
Walter: [Shift] + D
Zorf: T
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Press : GIVE in main menu
*Note: You must have 2 or more user and beat tank 1
By: Klasz(269)
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Press B in VirtualTank
By: Klasz(269)
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Amp and the breeder is a money team too! 68%
Breeder keep giving baby guppies and amp will shock them and turn into a diamonds
(if you want alots of diamonds you must have from 4 to 6 breeders)
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Backround cheats 63%
At VT type in "space" the backround will be space.type in "void" backround will be blank.
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To get loads of shell in tank 4-2 to 4-5 62%
To pass the fourth tank

level # of ultravores
4-2 5 ultravores
4-3 6 ultravores
4-4 7 ultravores
4-5 10-12 ultravores

I passed tank four in one hour or so no cheats just hints
pls rate this hint. I worked hard to find this plus the santa
fish is helpful.

by Tomer Chason
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Santa he also rocks 61%
Santa dum dum dum he gives you 20 shells how do you get him you say tipe in a guppes name as santa then hope you have a cool year
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Fast Shells Mode 56%
Go to the virtual tank and select walter,amp,and merryl for your at least 5 carnivore.drop all the feed guppies and make walter punch three times on amp and you will get 25 until 40 shells.if meryl sing,it will be a little help to get many shells.
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"Angie" the fast-swimng resurector 56%
If you wish to get her faster, just click at her when there is a large quantity of dead fishes.(this cheat effects when 10 or more fishes have died)
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Less fish decaying when using Amp's shock powers 55%
When you are at any tank, two of your pets need to be Amp and Angie for this cheat to work. When you use Amp's powers to electrocute the fish, Angie will swim to the dead fish and resurrect some of the fish.
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Hint for beat an aliens 54%
Sylvester & balrog: shoot it
Gus:feed it
Robot:shoot the missile
Octopus:shoot only in red
Cyclops: shoot the beam
Bilaterus(skeleton snake):shoot the chatting head
Octopus robot:shoot it
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Sandbox Mode 47%
First you must have a silver or gold trophy go to main menu and type:
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Enslaved Aliens 46%
To enslave An Alien, just type their names.And see that if they kill or eat your fish,they are damaging themselves.
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Infinite Money! 45%
Note: This requires you to mess with a game file, so making a copy is recommended.
Create two profiles. go to the directory from which your game came from (for example, mine came from wildtangent), then go to insaniquarium deluxe, and userdata. open user 1 and open user 2 using a wordpad or notepad or other simple writing app. delete all the symbols and stuff off of it, and copy the second data to the first. For some strange reason, you will have infinite money, shells, gold trophie, and have the gold cup! enjoy!
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Warning! 45%
DO NOT! mess with the fishinator if you do make a back up copy first I learned that the hard way *sniff* my poor fishies so be careful okay
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Ultravore In Virtual tank 44%
OK First Off You NEED The Alien Attractor Then Wait For An Alien To Come Then Press FEED You Will See A Guppy Carnivore And An Ultravore Click On The Ultravore
By: Epiccheats(13)
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Unlockable 40%
When you buy an ultravore in virtual tank name it shark then when you already had it you
will see that your ultravore is coloured red
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Presto's Transfiguration ( without recharging) 39%
First, in "Virtual Tank". Set all your "Fish" and "Items" hidden. Then set "Presto" in your tank alone, but, in his original tadpole body. Transform him from "Stinky" to "Walter" . Now you can access him or set him in other "Game Modes" without recharging. But when you "Quit" the game, this cheat will be disabled. But when you open or enter the game again, you can repeat this cheat as long as you want.
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Aesy money 35%
Go to your virtual tank select pets then select amp and hide all your fish. when you return to your virtual tank you should be able to click feed and it will drop one fish in there that amp can shock when he signals he is ready.
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Just type alt+F4 while playing.. and the game will end..
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Mars guppy 27%
Just like the santa guppie, name a regular guppie '' Fury'' and it'll be ALL red, and if you go to the '' my fish'' sign , click on '' Fury'' , and it'll show it's home, witch is on Mars! [Note: this can be done only once, and I think it was a carnivor, not a guppie this can only be done in vitual tank.] Fury will drop bags of coins.
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Just type alt+F4 while playing.. and the game will end..
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How to get new pets in insaniquarium 25%
First you have to defeat boss in 100x (but I think that 60 or 70). then go to the virtual tank buy all in the store then choose 3 pets then type "insaniquarium new version" then sell all fish in store then go to your pet selection you will see a arrow I right click it then you will see 5 new pets: golden the golden duck,x the eye ball,hipo the hippopotamus,dragoo the dragon fish and ultra the queen ultravore (she's giving emerald,ruby ,platinum and heart of a shark, they cost 10,000 )
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Unlimited shells 22%
All you do is beat tank 2 and get at least 100 shells on the bounus round
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Super shells 21%
You get unlimited shells for virtual tank by beating tank 2 and scoring at least 150 on the bonus round
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Uang 21%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheats 19%
Go to main menu and write the alphabet backword you get all the aliens in your virtual tank and they dont hurt your fish
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Fish never die from aliens or from starvation 18%
Hold space and enter no die
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Unlock all pets! 15%
You unlock all pets by buying a carnivore in your virtual tank.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Fich 14%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Esey bones pets 13%
Get the monny for the bones pets in your verchoowal tank and play 1 level and you will get the bones pet
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