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We _ Katamari Cheats for PS2
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Unlockables 100%
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Katamari MemorialWin the game
Roll Up The Cousins LevelRoll up all the Cousins hidden throughout
the game, then chat to the boy in the meadow.
Save the Earth MissionWin the game, then chat to the astronaut.
Special Title Screen MessageWin the game, then go to the title
The Rose LevelCompleting every other stage in the game, including
the cousin-roll-up stage unlocked by talking to the boy after
finding all of the cousins.
View The CosmosHave a planet/star created, then walk into the
background in the meadow
View the Ending CreditsWin the game, then chat to the schoolgirl in
the meadow.
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Bonus movie 100%
Complete the Cousin Collecting level to unlock a 2nd
bonus movie.
Comet show:
Complete levels in the game with a good time until all the comets
are unlocked. When a comet is unlocked, it will streak through the
sky and a button will be listed. Fly into the sky from the hub
screens to reach the Cosmos screen. Press the button shown earlier
to see that comet again.
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Million Roses level 100%
Complete the cousin collecting level, then chat to the
red rose in the back of the meadow.
After collecting one million roses, you will unlock alternate
begining text, have roses appear at the level selection screen, get
an alternate loading screen, and another Dokaka song.
Staff Credits level:
Win the game, then chat to the girl with the
yellow shirt in the meadow. You can now replay the level that
featured the game's credits.
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Unlock The Memorial Option 100%
Finish the game (by successfully completing the dog's solar system stage).
This option includes a movie viewer and a music player.
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Unlock Comet Stage 100%
Finish the game, and then chat to the astronaut to play this stage.
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Save The Earth level 100%
Win the game, then chat to the astronaut.
Cousin Collecting level:
Find all the cousins, and then chat to the boy with the yellow
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Original Katamari Damacy constellations 100%
Have a saved game file Katamari Damacy on your memory card to unlock
an option at the data screen that will allow you to import your
constellations from the original game.
Comet storm/alternate cosmos perspective:
Earn all the comets then visit the Cosmos screen. Press the
listed buttons to "shoot" all the comets (the order does not
matter). You will see a comet storm followed by a shift in
perspective. This new perspective displays the cosmos as 2
perpendicular orbits.
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Unlock Staff Credits Stage 100%
Finish the game, and then chat to the girl with the yellow shirt to play
this stage again.
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Unlock Million Roses Stage 100%
Complete the cousin-collecting stage, and then chat to the rose to play
this stage.

Hint: View Comets & Shooting Stars
After completing a standard stage with a high score, a comet will fly
across the sky, and a button will be displayed. On the Cosmos Screen
(which can be accessed by flying up into the sky from the hub screens),
press the listed button to see the comet fly across in the background.
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View Katamari Damacy Constellations 100%
If you've played the original Katamari Damacy, chances are you can view
the constellations (Cygnus, Ursa Major, etc.) that you've previously made.
If you have your Katamari Damacy data saved on the same Memory Card as
your We Love Katamari data, an option will come up on the data screen for
you to upload the constellations from the previous game.
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Secrets 100%
Million Roses Respawn
While trying to accumulate 1,000,000 roses, pause and select "retry" to
instantly respawn the stage's roses without losing the ones you have
collected so far.
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Alternate title screen 100%
Win the game.
Alternate start up sounds:
Depending on which file you choose at the load screen, "Na", "M" or
"Co", you will get a different start up sound. They are cats meowing
for the 1st file, cows mooing for the second, and chickens
clucking for the third.
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Unlock Cousin Collecting Stage 100%
Find all the cousins, and then chat to the boy with the yellow shirt to
play this stage.
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Unlockables 100%
Rose Rewards
Collect 1 million roses in the rose level to have the following things
happen.UnlockableHow to Unlock
Altered loading screenCollect 1,000,000 Roses
Cover Level Select screen with rosesCollect 1,000,000 Roses
Extra Dokaka songCollect 1,000,000 Roses
New start-up textCollect 1,000,000 Roses
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Easter Eggs 100%
Comet shower
To use the Comet Shower you must unlock all of the comets by completing
levels in the game, by a certain amount of time. After unlocking all of
the comets go to the planet viewer and use every comet by pushing a
certain button. The Comet Shower should begin.
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Memorial option 100%
Win the game to unlock the "Memorial" option.
Select it to access the game's music and movies.
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Unlock Second Bonus Movie 100%
To unlock the 2nd bonus movie, complete the cousin collecting stage.
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How to get that cousin that looks like the Prince but flat! 100%
If you can only find 39/40 players (including The Prince) then chances are you are probably missing Slip. He is in the tutorial level, flying about.

By: Happiny(176)
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How to get that cousin that looks like a mountain! 100%
If you can't find Fujio, no matter how hard you try, I'll help you. He is in the cloud level, on one of the rotating clouds in the center.
By: Happiny(176)
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