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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life Cheats for GC
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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

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Getting married 100%
There are 3 people you can marry. Rock lives at the Inner Inn
and is 22 years old. Gustfa lives in the yurt by the ocean and is 28
years old. Marlin lives on Vesta's farm and is 32 years old.

If you want to marry Marlin give him crops, cook, talk and buy from
him. If you show him the feather he will say "What's this?". However
on Spring 1 of the 2nd year he will come to your house and
propose to you. Your child will have blue clothes, black hair and
will be happy and outgoing, as your husband Marlin will give you
crops tips. If you refuse his proposal the game ends.

If you choose to not marry any of the bachelors, you will
automatically leave the farm with the sad music playing and go to
the mountain where the city is located. The game will end and go to
the title screen. Do not select "Continue" and choose the file you
just ended forever.

Hint: Befriend Gustafa, Rock and Marlin without marrying them:
In Chapter 2 after you get married, return to the valley to befriend
the other 2 (now unavailable) bachelors. Give Gustafa flowers (any
kind) and within 2 or 3 days he will be your friend. Give Rock
flowers (toy flowers or mist moon flowers), any of the old coins
from the dig site, or statues. Within 3 or 4 days he will be
your friend. Give Marlin crops that you grew. He takes any of them,
but will become your friend quicker with "A" crops or higher. Also,
buy seeds from him and he will be your friend in 3 to five days.
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Pets 100%
Lizard: befriend Daryl and Mukamuka (the white monster appears
only in winter and early spring). During winter you will get an
intermission sequence that shows Daryl and Mukamuka talking. You
will follow them. Three days later, walk out of your house at the
same time you got the intermission sequence (usually at night).
You will get the lizard. *** It can only be obtained in Chapter

Raccoon: Befriend Vesta, but you must 1st get the Strange Hoe
from her. Later you will get an intermission sequence where Vesta
tells you that you have been doing a good job. She will give you
the raccoon. *** can only be obtained in Chapter 1.

Chihuahua: Acquire all the stone tablets from the dig site. ***
There is only one per chapter. During the Chapter 6, Carter will
give you the dog.

Cat: Befriend Romana. Some time in the Chapter 2 she will give you
the cat.

At about five hearts your cat will follow you. To do this, lure
the dog far away where he cannot chase you back to the food dish.
Try whistling for him in the field. Once that is done, hold out
any wild plant and go to the food dish. When it says "Put" on A in
the upper right-hand corner, press it. Now, pick the cat up and
set it next to the dish. It will eat it, and show a heart over its

Ducks: In Chapter 2 during summer (you must have already bought
the pond), wake up later than your husband. He will wake you, and
tell you that there are ducks in the pond. You will then go to the
pond with him. He will ask if you want to keep them. Say yes and
you will name them. The ducks will stay in your chicken coop.

Horse: Some time during the Chapter 1 (summer and later), Takakura
will give you a horse, saying that he ordered it for you.

Goat: Can be bought from Van in Chapter 2 or later for 4,000 G.
Small bird: Befriend everyone in town and get every intermission
sequence. You will eventually get the bird.
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Ruby Spice 100%
Become friends with Ruby.
Hint: Seed Maker:
Become friends with Daryl.
Chat to Takakura when he is not at the farm. He will tell you that
he has heard of the "Seed Maker" in the big city. You will now be
able to buy the Seed Maker by ordering it in the food storage
without befriending Daryl.
Hint: Sheet Music:
Become friends with Lumina in Chapter 3 or later.
Hint: Strange Hoe:
Become friends with Tim.
Hint: Strange Sickle:
Become friends with Cody.
Hint: Watering Can W:
Become friends with Romana.
Hint: Weird Hoe:
Become friends with Vesta.
Hint: Weird Sickle:
Become friends with Dr. Hardy.
Hint: Wool Clippers:
Become friends with Wally.
Hint: Getting a bigger field:
Sometime in Chapter 3, when you chat to Takakura he will say that he
has been thinking about clearing the back area for another field,
and he can do it if you order the materials. Go to the Food Storage
and order a Bigger Field for 20,000 G.

After acquiring Tartan (the talking plant who lives in Takakura's
house) during Chapter 2 (and later Takakura will say he can cut down
all of the trees in the very back of your farm), can buy it from the
Order Form in the Food Storage.
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Glitch: Wrong gender 100%
If you marry sum1 Gustafa, when your son is a young boy in
Chapter 2 he says, "Dad is really nice, but she chews me out like a
woman possessed!"

In any chapter, go to Wally's house. Now, chat to Hugh. Take a
Mama's Butter or Mama's Cheese and show it to Hugh. He will call you
a "Mister".
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Alarm click 100%
Insert a controller into port three. Press Up on controller 3
during game play. An alarm clock will appear in your cooking menu.
Move the extra hand to set a wake up time, then use the switch to
turn on the alarm to make it active.

Hint: Gray:
Gray likes sticks.
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Mariln 100%
Marlin likes certain types of flowers (experiment with them),
curries, and soups.

Marlin's diary is in the bushy plants in the house. He wakes up at

You may think Marlin is just a grumpy person but that is just his
way of hiding his shyness. Because Marlin worked on Vesta's farm, it
will probably have an influence on your son's interests when he
grows up.
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Glitch: Chicken and egg 100%
When you are able to get the chicken fence somewhere around the end
of Chapter 1, buy it. Leave your chickens in the chicken fence. Make
sure there is at least one female out there. You can put a male in
there too, but it is not necessary. Let the chicken lay an egg, but
do not take the egg out. After a few days, chat to sum1 after
positioning yourself to where when you do a close up on the person
to chat to them, you can see the chicken fence. When you chat to
that person, where the chicken should be instead will be an egg.
When you stop talking to that person, the chicken will be in the
location where the egg was. When you pick up the chicken, the egg
will be there.
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Gustafa 100%
Gustafa likes statues and moon ores. You find them in the ruin. Do
not give him fossils or any flowers.

Gustafa likes human statues, milk, any kind of flowers.

Gustafa's diary is on the couch. He wakes up at 10:00.

When your relationship is heating up he will sing a song he has been
working on for you. You will hear 2 parts. The 1st one is held
at the tree by his yurt. The 2nd one is by the waterfall. If you
propose to him and he accepts he will sing you the entire song.

If you want Gustafa to love you (which takes awhile), go to his
house everyday at 10:00 a.m. Give him flowers then chat to him
awhile. Keep doing this and he will write a love song for you and
give you a flower. Do not give up on him -- he is the best one.

Gustafa will play songs for you. He will then ask you if you like
it. Say "Yes" and he will like you more.
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Fishing 100%
Go to the pond by Cody's house or where the turtle is found. Fish
there during the winter and you will find big and rare fish. Some
fish you will find are big and huge Colombo.

Hint: Stop rain:
Go into the Dig Site. Dig up at least one item and go outside. It
will no longer be raining.
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Easy friendship and hearts 100%
Use the following trick to make friends easily and get 3 hearts
in one season. Usually when you are trying to make friends, you just
give them a gift a day. However, each villager will take more than
one gift per day. When you have your rucksack up, you have a lot of
categories. Each villager will take one item from each category per
day. For example, you could give Gustafa a flower from the other
category, then some milk from the dairy category, then something you
cooked from the food category, and then a crop from your crop
category. All these gifts in one day will make the heart rate go up
very fast. Some of the villagers will not take things from different
categories. For example, Chris will not eat your cooking. However,
this trick works on most of the villagers.*** This is not
recommended for players that are poor, as this method gains hearts
fast but depletes your items and money.
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Recipes 100%
*** #RT stands for 2nd generation hybrid.

Earth Soup: Potato and Carrot
Fish Stew: Carrot/Turnip, Potato, and Fish
Stew: Potato, Carrot, and Milk
Yam Soup: Sweet Potato
Tomatoma Soup: Carrot and Tomato
Good Soup: Turnip and Bashota and Fish
Light Pickles: Turnip
Tomamelo: Tomato and Melon
Marinade: Turnip, Mugwort, and Fish
Tomacarro: Carrot and Tomato
Fruit Salad: Tomato, any fruit, and any other fruit
Good Pickles: Trady and Cady
Pickles: Cabber
Red Salad: Tomato, Trady, and Tomaca
Potemelo: Potemelo and Fish
Mellow Salad: Melotoma, Dhilon, and RT #2
Hors d'oeuvres
Melon Pie: Melon, Egg, and Butter
Strawberry Pie: Strawberry, Egg, and Butter
Grape Pie: Grape, Egg, and Butter
Sashimi: Fish
Sashimi S: Fish and a different fish
Fried Mushrooms: Tomato, Mushroom, and Butter
Smooth Veggies: Turnip, Carrot, and Potato
Tempura: Sweet Potato, Mushroom, and any herb
Red Hot Pie: Butter, Egg, and RT #6
Strawberry Cake: Strawberry, Egg, and Butter
Fruit Punch: Any fruit, any other 2nd fruit, and any other
3rd fruit
Ice Cream: Brown Milk and Star Milk
Pound Cake: Milk, Egg, and Butter
Carrot Cake: Carrot, Milk, and Egg
Rich Juice: Strawberry, Banana, and Star Milk
Kashry Ice Cream: Kashry, Brown Milk, and Star Milk
Veggie Cake: Tomato, Egg, and Milk
Cocktail: Berrytoma and Phuju
Sweet Cocktail: Oraphu and Gehju
Love Cocktail: Watermelon and Grapes
Phurum Jam: Phurum
Magenge Jam: Magenge
Peach Tart: Peach, Butter, and Egg
Dhibe Cake: Dhibe, Milk, and Egg
Grilled Yam: Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato: Sweet Potato, Butter, and Egg
Good Juice 1: Carrot/Tomato, any vegetable, and
Good Juice 2: 2 Different fruits and RT#5/RT#7
Pulp Tart: Butter, Egg, and RT#1
Sour Cocktail: Grapes, and RT#9
Tropical Punch: RT#4, RT#5, and RT#7
Curry: Carrot, Potato, and Ruby Spice
Mushroom Curry: Carrot, any mushroom, and Ruby Spice
Mushroom Gratin: Any mushroom, Milk, and Butter/Cheese
Omelet: Egg and Butter
Gratin: Milk, Butter, and Cheese
Meuniere Set: Butter and Fish
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Sell items faster 100%
If you have an item you want to sell and you have a lot of them,
instead of holding Analog-stick Up and waiting for it to reach that
number, hold it to the side and it will go up by tens.
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Glitch: Misspelling 100%
When you go to Nami's house after proposing and offer her the Blue
Feather, she will say "oky" instead of "okay".
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Rock: Heart events 100%
The 1st one is triggered by walking outside the Inner Inn when
Lumina is outside. The 2nd one is triggered by walking outside of
your home at about 4:00 p.m. The 3rd one is triggered by walking
to the corner of the Inner Inn (the side with the kiln). It is
triggered easiest by leaving the Inner Inn, then walking left until
you get to the corner.
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Rock 100%
Rock likes coins, human statues, toy flowers, and mist moons.

Rock's diary is on the table. He wakes up at 12:00.

Rock is not much of a farm person. He is also not much of a money
person. He is completely broke. When you marry him he will say that
he will not work. When you propose to him and he accepts, you will
have a short talk with his parents and Nami.

If you are cooking for Rock, he likes food with mushrooms in it.
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Money $$$ Money 100%
Enable the "Free items" code. When Van arrives, sell all your
fishing poles (not rods) to him. Each one is worth 1,000 G. Repeat
this process several times to get money quickly.
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Glitch: Missing space 100%
Show any fruit or rare item to Nak and Flak, the Harvest Sprites.
Before talking to Nik, he will say the name of your farm then "did
you grow that at Farm? Good Job!!" For example, it will
appear as "MatrixDid you grow that at Matrix Farm? Good Job!!".
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Alarm Clock 100%
Become friends with Grant in Chapter 2 or later.
Hint: Artwork:
Become friends with Cody in Chapter 4 or later.
Hint: Chicken fence:
During any chapter, if you have five or 6 chickens in your chicken
coop, chat to Takakura. He will say "My, you are getting a lot of
chickens, I can make you a chicken fence". You may then order a
chicken fence from the Order Form in the Food Storage for 10,000 G.
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Son's jobs 100%
Artist: Cody
Farmer: You
Musician: Gustafa
Athlete: Wally
Archeologist: Carter
Scientist: Daryl
Breeder: You
Spy: When you reach the 3rd time around to spring your son will
grow a bit, becoming around the age of 7 to 10. After the short
intermission sequence of him you will return to game mode. Go to
the newly added room. It is your son's room. After you go in you
will find your son laying on the floor looking at a box. When you
ask him what it is. he tells you that he found it on the shore and
it must be a treasure of some sort. However, he tells that he will
not open it until he is older. You have an option of what to say.
If you ask him to open it, he will yell at you and rush to the
bathroom. About a month later if you check his diary (on the
bookshelf). he states that he will become a spy and protect his

Farmer: If your son is into farming, every morning when he gets
bigger he will water the crops for you
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Rock: Child type 100%
If you marry Rock your child will have blonde hair and brown hair.
He will wear blue overalls and a plaid hat. Your son will be outside
most of the time, but if it is raining he will stay inside. He will
also only like running at first, but later will begin to like other
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The strange shed 100%
I know all of you want to see what is in the shed on the farm so let me tell you how to get into it on the 4th,5th,or 6th chapter save on the 9th day of winter then the 10th day go to it and you can go in just to find a letter from you're dad
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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The missing toys 100%
This is what happens to the toys in the toy box.I am married to marlin and he went into our sons room at 10:25 pm and he said that if I look in my son's toy box that I might find out what he is into well I looked and there was no toys so I went to my assets(right next to the diary but at the end of the list)and found out that he liked farming and plants
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Dresses 98%
During Chapter 2, Van will sell a goat, medicine, toys, and dresses.
One of the 1st dresses is Moomoo Summer and Loves Bears.

You can buy dresses in Chapter 1 and later in the game. The dresses
are Moomoo Summer, I Love Bears, Five Of Four,Check Girl, and some
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Free items 98%
Insert a controller into port three. Press Z on controller 3
during game play. You will have 99 of all tools and records, most
seeds, and random items will appear in your backpack. *** Do not
use this code if you have your feather in your inventory or it will
be lost. You cannot propose, but still can get proposed to.
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Drum Set 98%
Become friends with Gustafa in Chapter 3 or later.
Hint: Fishing Rod G:
Become friends with Galen.
Hint: Flora's Necklace:
Become friends with Flora in Chapter 3 or later.
Hint: Goat Milker:
Buy a goat.
Hint: Gold Medal:
Become friends with Wally in Chapter 3 or later.
Hint: Grade A Milk:
Wait until your cow is a sleep (both a.m. and p.m. Push the cow's
head so that it will wake up and turn around. Go to the dispenser
and take out one Fodder and feed it to the cow. When the cow is
finished, milk it with your hands to get 4 Grade A Milk bottles.
They sell for 115 G each, while B Milk sells for only 75 G each.
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Sending your child out 98%
In Year 4, Farm Life, Spring day 1, your child will be a teen. Go
into your house about 7:30 a.m. Your child will be mad at his dad
because his dad does not have a job. When your son goes to leave,
you will block him. A message with "Comfort him" or "Punish" options
will appear. Choose "Punish", and you will hit him and he will
realize that it is tough love. He will thank you and walk out.
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Free milk 98%
When your are outside. stop what you are doing and press Z, L, R, B,
A, Y on controller three.
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Intermission sequences 98%
Turtle races: Triggered by exiting Gustafa's hut on a sunny day
(possibly only in the fall). When you come out of Gustafa's hut,
you will see Nina, the older lady, talking to the giant turtle
near Turtle Swamp. She says "A turtle vs. a human?! Hahaha!", then
they start the race. Nina, although she is old, can race a turtle
quite well and wins.
In Need of a Friend Part 1: Triggered by attempting to leave the
farm. When you walk out of your farm's property, you will see
Muffy standing on the bridge. She looks sad and you will walk to
her. She says hello and then asks if she can chat to you, woman to
woman. You will automatically nod and she starts telling a story
about her ex-boyfriend in the city. After she is done, she thanks
you for listening and hopes she can call on you when she needs you
Blue Feather Proposal with Gustafa: Triggered when Gustafa has
4 red hearts in his diary and you give him the Blue Feather.
Gustafa asks if he can have the Blue Feather when you offer it to
him. The screen turns black and returns. Both of 2 are at
Gustafa's Yurt. Gustafa says that he has heard about these Blue
Feathers but has not actually seen one before. He thinks he
understands what they are for though. He takes it and says, "Thank
you. I feel kind of strange...". He then says that he would like
to keep his Yurt up where it stands so that he can visit his
instruments anytime, but you are welcome to come and see him when
he is there. (*** Gustafa does live with you on the farm, but he
will venture out to his Yurt on occasion; do not be alarmed if he
is not home all of the time) He then says he has a gift for you.
He tells you that he has been writing a song for you and that he
has just finished it today. He wants to know if you will listen to
it. You should say yes because he will tell you how he feels about
you in the song.
Nina's Second Race: Walk out of the Blue Bar. If you are lucky,
this event will trigger. Nina is feeling lucky when she agrees to
race with Hugh. However, poor Nina gets tired quickly. Soon the
Harvest Sprites arrive and offer to help her for giving all her
"nices". Hugh is almost at the finishing point and is a sure win.
However the Sprite's magic will make Nina appear at the finish
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Glitch: Strange view 98%
This glitch involves waiting for Van to arrive in town. When he
does, follow him to where he sets up his shop. When he is just about
ready to set everything up, quickly switch to 1st person view and
wait. It should go into a scene of him saying "OK everyone, I'm open
for business". After it zooms back out, you will be in 3rd person
view, with the camera angle on a tilt and invisible. To return to
normal, go in and then back out of 1st person view very fast.
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10,000 gold 98%
Insert a controller into port three. Press Start on controller 3
during game play (except in the menu where you can see your money or
during a scene). 10,000 gold will be added to your current total.
*** If you get too much money the game will register as you having
no money at all.
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Glitch: Wrong description 98%
A mushroom known a Trumpet is called a Matsutake in the game.
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Plug your controller into the slot 3 and follow:

(Do this when Van comes because you get 99 of everything so when you take out a tool you cannot put away ever so when van is there just sell 98 of your stuff and keep one of each or so)

Keep tapping start button until your tired and you get INSTANT moola
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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How to get Van to sel clothes 100%
A very simple hint that takes little to no effort, simply look into your mirror a few times before van comes with his shop and when you ask what he's selling clothes will be among them. Good Luck. ~Teris
By: madibug1999(522)
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50-99 cheat 86%
The 50- 99 cheat: you get your game on the playing screen, (do not pause or be anywhere you can see your items or money, just stand there) you insert a second controller into the third controller slot, ( if you do not own a second controller you can remove the one from the first slot) then you press the Z button. if you have done this correctly you should have 50-99 of every item available in the game. you can also press the START button for 10000G. (these both can be done numerous times, but only use when necessary)
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How to get lots and lots of Moo-Laa! 80%
Ok so what you do is you have 1 controler in slot 1 and 1 controler in slot 3 so what you do this works I think everywere so what you do is you turn on the controler in slot 3 and have the controler in slot 1 turned on to and while you are walking around with the controler that is in slot 3 keep on pressing the start button then press start once you think you have enough money or your hand hurts then you press start with the controler in slot 1 and then you have lots of moo-laa!
By: horsegirl90(7)
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Who to Marry and how... 75%
When you start wait until mid summer and you'll get the blue feather...
By time you do you should have already picked your dream man, AND have found his diary..
Who you can marry:
Gustafa &

Diaries are hidden:
Marlin: Second house facing green house, on the desk with pots(Flower shrubs)
Gustafa: On his couch
Rock: On his yellow dresser

What they do:
Marlin: Helps with farming in your farm and his sisters, Your kid will have farming experience. Kid: Black hair, Outgoing and happy
Gustafa: Visits Hut mostly but helps out, Your kid will like to be a musician more. Kid: Brown hair, Happy and calm more hippi like
Rock: Does NOT help cause he's a lazy city boy, I prefer you not to marry him unless if you want a cute baby. Kid: Blonde, explores EVERYWHERE! and is troublemaker
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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You Can Choose Your Son's Career! 69%
After you get married you will have a baby boy. You son has a choice of 6 careers he will have when he is grown up. By befriending certain people and taking your son certain places and giving him certain gifts, you can choose what you want him to be.
First off, if you want your son to be a musican or artist you should marry Gustafa. If you marry him, your son will naturally have an interest in those subjects. If you want your son to be a farmer or breeder or a scholar, you should marry Marlin. Your son will naturally be very smart in crops. If you want your son to be an athlet or an artist then marry Rock. Both Rock and Gustafa's kids have interests in art. But if your already married and your son has interests in things you don't want him to be, here is what you can do to pick your son's career.

MUSICIAN: If you want your son to be a musician, give him the music sheet you get from Lumina. Take him to Gustafa's house and the villa and befriend lumina, romana, sebastian, and Gustafa. (if your not married to him)

ARTIST: If you want your Son to be an artist, only keep toy car in toy box, take all other toys out. Take him to Cody's house and befriend Cody.

SCHOLAR: If you want your son to be a scholar, Only keep toy car in toy box, take all the other toys out. Take your son to Daryl's lab and Carter's dig site. Befriend Daryl, Carter, and Flora.

ATHLET: If you want your son to be an athlet, only keep the toy ball in his toy box, take his other toys out. Take him to wally's house, and befriend wally and hugh. Try not to ride your horse too much and walk as much as possible.

BREEDER: If you want your son to be a breeder, Always have him on the farm with you. Take good care of your animals then leave them in the pasture and show the animals to your kid. Milk your cows and goats by hand.

FARMER: If you want your son to be a farmer, take him to vesta's farm and befriend Vesta and Ceila. Plant seed as muc as possible and show your son your seeds, crops, and trees.

You can see your son's skills and likes by going to your diary and clicking 'assets' then 'family' and then click on your son.
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Gold wool fast! 67%
Ok so I only tried this twice but I think that it works well when your sheep can be sheered before you sheer it put your sheep in the pasture then wash it love it then talk to it then sheer it then you should have gold wool but remember it may not work!
By: horsegirl90(7)
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A clock glitch 67%
Here's a glitch for you when you put a controller in the third slot of you're gamecube or wii depends and then pressed up on the thing under the movement stick then you should get a alarm clock but somtimes it won't appear I did his step 2 times and then went to my bed and notice the alarm clock setting was there
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Best get rich hint ever. 56%
This hint is great when you use the rich in a minute cheat too much vesta and van won,t will say you do not have enough money and will not sell you anything so you just ship all your dairy and as much crops as you like and in a day wen the shipping comes back you will hav lots of money each day then just reload by using the tons of items cheats above.
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Mining 50%
Mining is easy when you first mine the not the very first time but any day you mine just when you get to the new patch square when you click to dig you click the a button 3 more times and you may or may not get get something but most of the timethis works ppl I am serious if this helped you at all or was total bogas plz tell me thx
By: Gamer159(22)
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Rock glitch 50%
When you have the animal medicine show it to rock (p.s make shure that you are married to marlin of gustafa) he will say do you like fishing babe he said that to me and I am married to marlin
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You have to read this about my cow 50%
One of my cows got pregnant while another cow was pregnant and I went back to my profile went back to the cow that was pregnant and the came told me this "carly nothing in particular seems wrong,btu there's somthing strange about her..."
my grown bull got her pregnant when I didn't know it
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Dissapearing murrey 43%
First go to the blue bar at like 6:30pm. you will see murrey. when he walks out follow him. he will eventulley maybe go to the springs. he stops there and might say something to you.(follow him to the end until he stops walking) whait till 8:00. then go to the the wooden steps. turn around look for him he is not there!

(ps this might not work but keep trying and he will dissapeer)
By: raph(59)
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Glitch!!!! 41%
OK in another wonderful life go to the dig site and get a skull fossil the go to the blue bar and show Griffin the fossil and he will say Griffin
What a cute kid
looks alot like Celia

the funny part is that you play a girl and it says o never mind but it is a total glitch!!!!!!!:)
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Get 99 of everything easy 40%
All you do is put your 1st player controller into the 3rd slot and press z. to get 100000 do the same except push stat a few times. It works I tried it!
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Marrige(celia) 32%

Good person to marry everry1 wants to marry celia seems to be it is POSSIBLE to give her the BLUE FEATHER in summer of the first year and she will say and talk about how her mother recived a BLUE FEATHER a long time ago and that it was to marry you or do an arranged marrige

when you r married to celia your baby will wear green clothes and such and ppl will say he takes after celia heavly he loves to be snugled ALOT.
He is very afraid of animals if you want him to love animals when he grows up just try and milk by hand and leave your animals out A LOT but not in stormy weather

email me for more info on my email adress
By: Gamer159(22)
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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life 20%
When anyone goes into the Blue Bar and disappears there is a door on the right hand side, this goes into Griffins room that is where they will usually be. Most of the time you can find Muffy in there too. They get a little upset if your not careful when your in there. If they ask questions be careful what you answer, or just see who's there and walk back out.
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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life 548141I'm in the "Twilight" chapter and I have 5 tablets but I can't find the sixth one. I've heard that you get the chihuahua in the sixth chapter but I have also heard that its in the fourth chapter? 1. any tips on finding the tablet? 2. is it too late to get the chihuahua? Answers: 1
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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life 286648Hi, I'm playing Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, And I used the 50-99 of everything cheat, and never grew crops or anything cause I figured I didn't need to.. and now its Chapter 2, and I'm married to Gustafa, and I still don't have a horse. Is there any way I could still get one from Takakura? Do I have to be-friend him? Answers: 10
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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life 475909I cannot save my game everytime it tells me corrupt dat please can somebody help and tell me how to get game to save Answers: 3
Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life 517633I bought a ball and Car from Van and put it in my Son's toy box then the next day when I looked in his toy box they weren't there... So I did everything over again and they weren't in there. Does this mean my son doesn't like those or something. I'm in chapter 2 " A new Family " And I married Rock. Can someone help please! >: O Answers: 4
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