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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Cheats for GBA
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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones GBA Cheats

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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Cheats


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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Unlockable: Extra Secret Characters 100%
After completing the game normally, play Ex. Map in Extra mode and fulfill
the following requirements to unlock the characters
Caellach: Complete the 3F Tower.
Fado: Complete the Ruins.
Glen: Complete the Round 5 Ruins.
Hayden: Complete the Round 5 Ruins.
Ismaire: Complete the Tower.
Lyon: Complete the Ruins 3 times.
Orson: Complete the 6F Tower.
Riev: Complete the 7F Tower.
Selena: Complete the Tower 3 times.
Valter: Complete the Round 7 Ruins.
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Chapter 5 Farm 100%
hen you have started a new game, get to chapter 5(keep Natasha or Moulder
alive for this chapter) . Once you are there, defeat everyone (after
getting Natasha to chat to Joshua) except for the boss. Because the
boss(Saar)does not move, you may do whatever you please. I suggest to go
to the arena with Ross, Joshua, or other characters that need exp. Whilst
you are at the arena, your players may get damaged, which is where Natasha
and Moulder come in. Keep fighting over and over again in the arena, even
when your characters are all lvl 20.
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Amelia beasting 100%
When you get Amelia DON'T I repeat DON'T train her until after level fifteen. why level fifteen? that's where Eirika and Eprhaim meet up and it has a treasure trove of items including the highly mysterious Metis's tome. Metis's tome increases all growth rates by 5%. now why not train Amelia? if you start training her with a 80% hp growth rate chance are she will finish with 51. I know 51 is a great amount of hp. but she is guaranteed to finish maxed out at 60 if you use Metis's tome on her. she usually maxes strength, luck, and skill but she will max defense and as mentioned before hp and resistance will be grazing the cap but I have yet to get it to hit. this saved me on average for creature campaign while trying to max her stats about $20000 to $30000.
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Unlockable: Secret Characters 98%
Fulfill the following requirements to get the characters to join your
Garcia: Chapter 2 -- Have Ross chat to him.
Ross: Chapter 2 -- Have Eirika chat to him.
Colm: Chapter 3 -- Have Neimi chat to him on Turn 2.
Lute: Chapter 4 -- Visit lower-left house.
Joshua: Chapter 5 -- Have Natasha chat to him.
Amelia: Chapter 9 -- Have Eirika or Franz chat to her on Turn 5.
Gerrick: Chapter 10 -- Have Innes chat to him.
Innes: Chapter 10 -- Have Tana or Eirika chat to him.
Marisa: Chapter 10 -- Have Gerik chat to her.
Tethys: Chapter 10 -- Have Gerik chat to her.
L'Archel: Chapter 11 -- Have Eirika chat to her.
Dozla: Chapter 11 -- Have L'Arachel chat to him.
Ewan: Chapter 12 -- Visit the small house on Turn 5.
Comrag: Chapter 13 -- Have Eirika chat to him.
Rennac: Chapter 14 -- Have Eirika or L'Arachel chat to him.
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Easy Experience 98%
An easy way to get xp it to go to the tower of valni, obviously. But the
trick is to pick 3 of your units that have the most defense, line them
up on the fist set of stairs, without any weapons, have the one in the
middle one space up ahead of the other two. Pick a unit that is really low
level and set him up behind the middle person make sure that they can
attack 2 spaces away and have a healer behind that guy, lure them ine
with a strong character with no weapons and kill them to gain easy
experience. This trick works best onthe 1st floor, just dont go to the
next floor and repeat the trick. I got all characters to level 20 by the
10th chapter on both campaigns!
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Unlockable: View Support Conversations 98%
Once you beating the game, choose extras at the main menu. You can now
view all of the support conversations that you got throughout the game.
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Unlockable Mode 96%
Map Mode: Beat the Game.
Support Conversation Veiwer: Beat the Game.
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Unlockable: Secret Shop Pass 95%
In Ephraim's mission where you are to capture Grado Keep, you can find a
rogue with a secret pass. You can steal the secret shop pass with a thief
or chat to the rogue with your Lord to buy the secret pass for 10,000
gold. In the area below the treasure cheats to the upper-left is a secret
shop to which the secret pass will give you access.
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Teach dark magic, unlimited spells and, control chapter 18 monsters. 62%
Hey there,

Go to chapter 18 (Neleras Peak), doesn't matter if your actually doing the chapter or just a skirmish.
go to Neleras Peak, select whichever Lord that can access your supply, I reccomend you also have tethys, a summoner (2 would be best), and a healer, along with a flier.
first, clear the area of any monsters that will get in your way, now find a gorgon close to a one of the fire traps (can not be done otherwise) make sure the gorgon has Stone, use a phantom, get 1 or 2 characters to block the gorgons path, make sure the gorgon can use stone on the phantom, adjust the gorgon's reach with stone so that you can get it just right, make the gorgon go on a trap and use stone on the phantom, as the gorgon is using stone, get ready to restart your GBA (a + b + select + start, or the power switch).
as soon as the gorgon turns gray after using stone on the phantom, quickly restart your GBA, once you resume battle, you will be able to control ALL the monsters on that map for 1 turn, use another gorgon, and move it near Erika or Ephraim (whichever can access the supply), as you control the monsters, you can also force them to access your supply, and take ANY items the monsters have.

Controlling monsters on Neleras Peak, lure a gorgon onto a fire trap, make sure the gorgon uses stone on someone, once the gorgon turns grey, quickly restart the GBA, resume battle and then you can control all the monsters for one turn, using them you can take their items by putting them in the supply, you can move them wherever they can go, you can get rid of the items if you want easy kills. And you can do it more then once.

Dark Magic: use the same strategy for controlling the monsters, get a gorgon with stone to access your supply, and put the stone in, grab as many stones as you can. now give the stone to a character that you want to learn it, make sure the character can't up a class anymore otherwise once you change class, you'll probably lose the dark magic skill.
Give the stone to a character, use it, the first time you use it, it'll say "Dark magic lvl has increased", after that keep using more stones until dark magic lvl is at "D" Then the character can use Flux, keep boosting the lvl for more dark magic spells.

unlimited spells: again, using the same strategy as the control monsters, get the monsters into supply and give the items away, with this you can get crimson eye, evil eye, demon surge, shadow shot, stone and more (I got a toxin lance from a gargoyle).
all the spells, demon surge, crimson eye, etc, have unlimited uses,I suggest you get the demon surge or crimson eye, evil eye is weak and the fierce fang that you get from those dog like monsters, only Myyrh can use those.

Got any questions about Fire emblem sacred stones, SSBM or Maple Story?
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All the classes in the game and upgrade lines, as well as enemies 60%
dancers and manekete as well as all level 2 charecters (SOON TO BE LISTED)

thiefs, fighters, mercenarys, myrmidons, archers, mages, shamans, pupils, caviliers, knights, pegisi knights, journeymen, wyvern riders, lords, priests, clerics, dancers, manakete, monks, rider healers and pirates

generals, beserkers, rouges, heroes, warriors, palidins, great knights, assassins, druids, summoners, wyvern lords, wyvern knights, falco knights, rangers, snipers, swordsmasters, bishops, sages, valkires, mage knights, rouges and great lords

all of the normal people/// except lords, great lords, dancers, clerics, manekete, journeyman, pupils and -
necromancers (One only),recruits (One only) and brigands///
monsters-revenants, entombed, baels, elder baels, moggal, arch moggal, gorgon, skelotons, wights, gargoyales, arch gargoyeles and dragon corpses

Lords to great lords
thieves to rouges or assassins
mercenaries to heros or rangers
myrmidons to swordsmasters or assassins
pupil to mages or shamans
mage to sages or mage knights
shamans to druids or summoners
journeyman to pirates or fighters
fighters to heroes or warriors
pirates to warriors or beserkers
recruits to caviliers or knights
caviliers to palidins or great knights
knights to generals or great knights
archers to snipers or rangers
monks to bishops or sages
pegisi knights to wyvern knights or falco knights
wyvern riders to wyvern knights or wyvern lords
rider healers to valkires or mage knights
clerics to bishops or valkires
priests to bishops or sages

(Like rider healers)
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Wind sword 58%
To get the wind sword, (the one that caryle had) finish the game, then go to map mode on the extras and go to the tower. beat the tower. on the way you will get extra secret characters. complete the tower and then start the tower again. you will get ismaire (the queen of Jehanna) she will have a shamshir, a master seal and a WIND SWORD!
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Digging up items 55%
After the chapter, queen of white sand dunes, you will appear in a desert with a large army and 2 Grado generals.

the sand makes it difficult to move around and fight but you can find rare items there, look around where that little castle is up be the Jehhena palace and you might get a Swift Sole, boosts movement by 2 points, you can also find a 1-of-a-kind item called Metis's Tome.

If anyone can tell me what this Tome does, please do, i've found it a number of times and I dunno what to do with it.

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Power of the Demon King 53%
In the final chapter, use a rogue to steal the Demon Kings weapons(Demon Light, Ravager, and Nightmare). These are really items like elixer but can be used by Myrrh as weapons.
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Experience farm 2 50%
Okay this goes along with the chapter 18 cheat. once you've done that and gotten coontrol of your enemy, discard all un wanted items. I suggest that for the eyes get rid of everything. now go to a low level character who fights. and attack the unarmed monster with them. they can't fight back!
By: deadpool(51)
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Okay if you wanna know the best character for the game it is not any of the flyers, or seth, it is probably the last thing that you would think of, (im not talking about myrrh, the manakete), it's COLM!!!!TRUST ME, dont just read this far and lol, okay im really telling the truth, get colm (the thief) to level 20, then use ether masters seal or the seal that gets thiefs or pirates to level up. TURN COLM INTO AN ASSASSIN NOT A ROUGE, YOU'LL GET ONE LATER!!!!!His speed, and accuracy, and strength will sky rocket, so practically nothing can touch him, i beat the 1st 3 levels of (Lagdou Ruins), with just him, of course i used strickly silvers, and other powerful weapons, (such as Audhulma), its a twin blade that owns, no lie, even if you use normal cheap iron blades, he still powns his liitle noobish opponents, cyclopses are the hardest things to kill cause they have at least 50-68 life, but there speed is unbarably slow, dont believe me...?go into the ruins and lok for yourself. or get the the top floor of the tower on the west (Tower of Valvi), and watch the truth seap in...wonce you notice that im not lieing, you'll thank me later, I am about to go to the Black Temple with just him 3 silver swords and 2 elixers. I'll tell you later on if i make it or if its to much for him....PEACE!!!!
From: Reaper
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Easy way to defeat caellech and valter 41%
Ok on chapter 15 you should upgrade knoll to a summoner so he can summon. when you kill everyone besides caellech and valter use knoll to summon and the summons should kill them for you. it might take awhile but it works and while your doing that knoll levels up and you can search for the treasures in the sand also, so its really good if you do this. oh and the sommons do get stronger when knoll is a higher level but they will always have 1 hp.
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CORMAG DIFFFFFrent way 36%
Talk to him w/ tana
By: windadam(208)
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Jimmy 33%
89AF4335 5E99F387 65 hers a cheat for fire emblem the SS .
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1.Gilliam-General-Battle Axe
3.Cormag-Wyvern Lord-Vidofnir
7.L'Arachel-Mage Knight-Latona
8.Kyle-Great Knight-Garm
9.Amelia-General-Brave Lance
10.Duessel-Great Knight-Dragonspear
11.Ephraim-Great Lord-Siegmund
12.Erika-Great Lord-Sieglinde
Extra Unit After Game
1.Ismaire-Swordmaster-Wind Sword
2.Caellach-Hero-Brave Axe
3.Orson-Paladin-Silver Blade
5.Hayden-Ranger-Silver Bow
6.Selena-Mage Knight-Bolting
8.Glen-Wyvern Lord-Heavy Spear
9.Valter-Wyvern Knight-Silver Lance
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Classes 24%
Recommended Changes for the strongest people in the game.

Neimi: Sniper
Ross: Warrior
Ewan: Mage Knight
L'arachel Mage Knight
Natasha Bishop
Moulder Bishop
Lute Mage Knight
Artur Bishop
Vanessa and Tana: Wyvern Knights
Amelia : Cavalier. Paladin
I compared them all, and these classes are stronger than the other choices you have
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Secret Items 24%
JUNA FRUIT-Lowers a characters level if they are over Lv.10 This helps you increase their weapon class level. This item only lowers their level.
SILVER CARD- allows you to buy weapons and items at half price

Weapons of Old-Powerful against demons, with 60 durability
Lance-Bright Lance
Bow-Beacon Bow
These have the same power as the Sacred Twins, but can be used at a Class E
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Secret Shops 15%
In Eirika's Campaign you also have secret shops.
I found them in Jehanna, and Rausten. But there are more.
In Jehanna, It is next to the Throne room. You know, when you get to the throne room, there is a small path on the left next to it (NOT ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT). Walk this small path all to the end, and go to the right. Make sure your person has Member Card. Then you will have the option Secret! select it and voila!

Rausten: When your standing next to Pontifex Mansel, go to the right, in the direction of the treasure chests (NOT standing next to them) When you are at the wall, go up. Now you can go left or forward. Go to the dead-end path (Forward) and go all the way to the end, (Make sure your person has Membercard ............) etc.
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The best units 14%
Look alot of people think the best person is Seth or Dozla or someone that you GET strong, but its not
lvl 10 and turn him into a shaman than turn him into a summoner he will be 2-4x better than knoll!
he is so far my best unit and his phantoms(when hes lvl 20) can even kill the undead dragons on
chapter 21 on their own Note: they only have 1hp
Train Ross to lvl 10 and make him a PIRATE than turn him into a BESERKER he will be 3x better
than Dozla if you can do this by chapter.9
Train Amelie to lvl 10 and turn her into either a knight or a cavalier it doesnt matter but its easyer to
train knights due to their defense. then turn her into a great knight NOT a general(knight only) or a
paladin) cavalry only. she will be amzingly strong maybe 2x seth if shes level 20 gr8 knight.
Now Colm well be up the food chain right behind Ewan. Turn him into a ASSASIN and thats it
Note: he will only be strong when he becomes an assasin around lvl 15-20 preferably 20
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